Sun Bowl Sells Out in Record Time

Last year the Sun Bowl set a record by selling out with 10 days before kick-off.  This year the Sun Bowl sold out less than 24 hours after officially making their selections to set a new personal record according to the bowl’s official website.

The Sun Bowl sold out in less than 24 hours - shattering the record it set last year when they sold out with 10 days before kickoff.

A pairing of 7-5 teams rarely generates too much buzz, but if Monday’s news is any indication of the excitement level for the first meeting between Notre Dame and Miami in 20 years, it looks like the Sun Bowl could be more of the more talked about non BCS bowl games this year.

As of late Monday, Miami still had 2,500 remaining tickets from its allotment according to the South Bend Tribune.  They can still be purchased through the Miami ticket office.  Notre Dame, however, announced that they have stopped taking public orders for the Sun Bowl ticket lottery.  Alumni, students, faculty, and benefactors, however could still apply for the lottery until Wednesday.  Results will be announced Friday.

The Sun Bowl had been hoping for the chance to host Miami and Notre Dame and it’s easy to see why.  Even they were surprised, however, that the game sold out as fast as it did.

“We knew the matchup would make a huge impact in ticket sales,” said Amen Ayoub, president of the Sun Bowl Association. “But we did not think it would be anything like this.”

While El Paso might not have been as desirable of a destination as San Diego (Holiday Bowl) or Orlando (Champs Sports Bowl), it seems clear that interest in the game is very strong from the Notre Dame fan base.

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