Initial Impressions Notre Dame 17, USC 31

164102211167 USC at Notre Dame

A weekend with such potential for a classic Notre Dame moment turned into a weekend that has become all too familiar and more typical of many recent Notre Dame moments.  Notre Dame stared a golden opportunity in the face and literally fumbled it away.

Here are some initial thoughts from the game.


  • Brian Kelly out thought himself with his offensive game plan.  My guess is he saw USC’s shaky secondary play so far this year and figured he would just attack it even though he knows he has a team with a great ground game and a inconsistent quarterback who has a tendency to turn the ball over.
  • Notre Dame attempted 43 passes while handing the ball off to a running back just 9 times.  One of those 9 times resulted in a Jonas Gray touchdown.   None of the 43 pass attempts resulted in a touchdown.
  • I don’t even really know what to say about the speed option play called with Rees in the game.
  • Notre Dame finally has two really good backs and we wasted their talents last night.  With 5-star running back recruit Keith Marshall in attendance for the game I’m sure that made a great impression.
  • I felt really bad for Dayne Crist after the fumble.  Not making any excuses for the play or trying to rationalize it.  After such an up and down career though, it would have been a really nice to see Crist lead the Irish to the tying score right there though.   Unfortunately though, that fumble might be the last snap we see Crist take.
  • Even after the disastrous fumble by Crist, Notre Dame still had a chance to tie the game late, but handed the ball over to USC yet again on an unforced turnover.
  • USC stole a page from Pitt’s playbook in shutting down Michael Floyd, but there were still opportunities where #3 had one on one coverage and Rees just didn’t pull the trigger.
  • Rees doesn’t throw a good fade route in the end zone and Kelly needs to stop calling it in the red zone.
  • Theo Riddick made some nice plays in the open field, but the staff still needs to do a better job of getting him the ball in space.
  • Notre Dame needs a receiver that can really stretch the field.  Floyd is a beast, but Notre Dame needs another receiver who can get behind a defense and open things up a bit underneath.
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Andrew Hendrix get a few more reps next week to see what the kid has.    Rees limitations were on full display again last night and any team with an athletic defense will try to do the same thing USC and Pitt have now done to slow down the Irish offense.
  • Tyler Eifert turned in another solid game and continues to improve.
  • I think Brian Kelly just called another pass.


  • The performance of the defensive line was disappointing.  Ethan Johnson being out really hurt the Irish as USC was able to gash Notre Dame on the ground from start to finish.
  • Stephon Tuitt made a few nice plays, but he had a tough time going up against the much more experienced Matt Kalil.  Tuitt showed some glimpses of the talent that made him a 5-star recruit last year though.
  • Defensive game plan was much too conservative.  I think Bob Diaco went conservative thinking the Irish offense would put up a lot of points but when they didn’t the defense played too much bend don’t break.
  • While the defensive game plan was too conservative, the defense did a half decent job keeping USC off the scored board after the first quarter.   USC got 14 points off of turnovers, take those away and the defense played well enough to win.
  • The taunting call on Carlo Calabrese may have been a borderline call, but a junior, 2 year starter has to know better.   Plays like that are a sign of an undisciplined team.
  • Very little pass rush was generated by the Irish defensive front and even when they did get pressure on Barkley, he was able to avoid it – most notably on 4th and 1 when he gave Prince Shembo a little pump fake and got him to leave his feet.
  • Tackling was very sloppy – especially early in the game.  It got a little better as the game wore on, but overall it was poor.
  • USC had almost 40 minutes of time of possession.  That is simply the case of one team imposing their will on the other and owning the line of scrimmage.  After the way Notre Dame ran on USC last year, that is very disappointing to see.

Special Teams

  • George Atkinson is going to be fun to watch.  The last freshman to return two kickoffs for a touchdown in one season at Notre Dame was some guy name Raghib.
  • Ben Turk had one of his better days punting with an average of 42 yards on 4 kicks.


  • Loved the new helmets.  They looked awesome from the stands under the lights.
  • Also loved the music being played over the speakers.  It made timeouts and breaks in the action much more bearable and did get people up and cheering.  That being said, Crazy Train should be removed from the playlist for next week and they need to add some more choices as well.  Loved Dropkick Murphys and Metallica being played though.

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    1. I knew ND was up there but that’s really impressive!

      No Alabama’s or LSU’s on the football list that for sure!

      1. It’s something to be very proud of and no joke. ND is always in the top 5, no matter how they want to measure it.

  1. I think that we need to give BK a little bit of time to get rid of that loosing attitude that ND is used to. After loosing for so long and being questioned at every turn, it begins to take a toll on a person and they start believing what is being said. I will tell you that having great athletes is very important to a team. But from experience, having confidence, pride, unity, and a winning attitude will outweigh great talent any day. BK is heading ND in that direction; and the third year when BK has his people in his system it will be a thing of beauty. Mark my words.

  2. Shaz,


    I think ND football is at a crossroads as a program as a whole, and not just for this season. If BK fails, then I think the questions will arise whether or not ND football is a viable product. So, like you say, let’s hope he succeeds.

    If the team can at least finish 8-4 and win a bowl game, then as fans we can at least point to a one game improvement in the overall team record. Plus that should allow the Irish to keep together a top-10 recruiting class.

    Thanks for staying classy, Shaz!

    Go Irish!

    1. I agree Steelfan and Shazam. I think at this point that’s all we can do. We look for improvement in any/all the areas we’ve discussed. How will the coaches and players react to what happened Saturday? We will have a one game improvement at year-end? And another bowl win? Or will the team implode and lose 2 or 3 more games? Crossroads indeed!

  3. Let’s hope they’re preparing. Did ND look prepared to you on Sat. night, Chuck?

    Last time I checked, many of the posts here were about the present and future of the ND football program, not about its past. In fact, what many of us here are saying is that it’s time to stop living in the past. Nostalgia is OK, but it won’t win you a national title.

    Perhaps you can join another board specializing in the “Queen’s English”. No one is forcing you to read what any of us have to say.

  4. While the players are now preparing for next game, we are here writing about the past and misspelling frequently.

    1. With all due respect, CHUCK, I’m not sure what blogs you’re reading. I’d say most are addressing present & future scenarios and using some examples from the past for comparison purposes. Right now in this present, we are, in the past of our future. I’ll inquire to UHND about getting a spellcheck put on this blog site if that would ease your anxiety about the typo’s or you could go elsewhere to read about the topic of this blog, too.


  5. Absolutely Steel. Excuses,excuses,excuses. I thought we had “quality depth” on the defensive line per all the experts before the season started. And yes, we have been living on faith alone too long. Thanks!

  6. jack,

    That’s bad news on the injury front! Certainly won’t make things any easier for BK and Diaco.

    But we should be able to beat Navy with what we got, jack. Like I said, in full agreement with JDH, enough of the excuses and “moral victories”. For instance, jack, AF shredded our starting D for 3 quarters. Let’s not make believe that AF’s yards all came in the 4th against our reserves. That’s not true and you know it! That’s the kind of excuse-making that troubles me. Enough already. There’s no way for the academies to even hang with ND much less beat them on a regular basis.

    I, too, have faith, jack. But at some point our faith needs to be rewarded with some good works from the ND football program. Faith without works is dead, jack. And ND football and its fans have been living on faith alone for too long!

  7. Of course, I meant to say “moral” excellence and not “oral” excellence. Charlie Weis had oral excellence down pat. He had a witty retort to everything, didn’t he? What good was that to the ND football program?

    Getting ahead of myself a bit in a an attempt to put Sat. night behind me, let me say this. Last Sat. afternoon I saw the Hurricanes just about shut out the nation’s top ranked running game against GT. The Yellow Jackets run an option attack (in fact, Paul Johnson took his option game from Navy to GT) and UM shut it down. GT has much better athletes than Navy or AF and still “the U” shut down GT’s option game. I don’t want to hear excuses about how the option game can’t be stopped. I think C-Dog has made some keen observations about what Diaco needs to dial up to stop or at least contain Navy. If ND gets gashed for over 300 yards on Sat. and we lose, the season is officially on life support and I don’t want to hear about how Diaco didn’t “scheme” for the option attack or how option teams can’t be stopped. Enough with the excuses. I trust, however, that Diaco and BK will do better jobs of game planning this week and have the team ready to play on Sat.

    Go Irish!

    1. SteelfanRob,

      I just heard Lewis Moore is out for the year and Johnson won’t play. When ND went to a four man line against Army last year they shut down the option. The fourth quarter against Air Force was a bunch of under classman. The defense will step up, I have all the faith. One thing about a triple option team is they look at it as 4 downs and not three. ND defense needs to keep one of those downs under for no gain. I think they can do it. Rees played a horrible game that was the problem on Saturday night. If he is off again the offense will spudder, but the difference is that even if Navy sells out with 8 in the box ND can still run on them. SC decided that Jonas Grey and Cierra Wood weren’t going to beat them and gave them looks to pass. I don’t give a rats rearend if they have 8 in the box pound the football and the passing game will open up. I have all of the faith.

  8. Dear Shaz and JDH,

    Brothers, I know times are tough right now. We’re all in pain from what happened on Sat. night. I’m as disgusted as anybody by what I saw on the field. And what I saw was a piss-poor excuse of a team (penalties, TOs, etc.) and a coach who seems to out-think himself wat too often. I also saw a gutless and over-rated D get shredded. Does Diaco know how to make adjustments? In short, what we all saw was inexcusable. Let’s not try to justify or make any kind of excuses for what we witnessed Sat. night inside ND Stadium.

    Having said that, my brothers, let’s not fall into the trap of the USC trolls who don’t have anything better to do with their lives than comment on an ND website. Just read the above comments of “Doc”. Need we say more about the moral relativism and Machiavellian ethics this person embodies. Win at all costs. Who cares if you have to cheat to do so. Who cares if you get caught and like a rat (aka. Pete Carroll) abandon ship. I don’t know what “Doc’ does for a living but I hope and pray it doesn’t involve educating children. “What does it profit a man if he win the whole world but lose his soul.”

    Shaz and JDH — You know my deep respect for both of you faithful “regulars” here. I’m always entertained and educated by your points, even when we disagree. Let’s stay focused. JDH is right that enough is enough. Let’s stop the excuse-making for mediocrity. Let’s also stop all the bravado before games only to look like fools (I’m speaking to you “Dr. Lou”; PLEASE SHUT UP!) after losing yet another big game and rightfully being made fun of by the media and fans of other teams. Shaz is right, however, to remind us that ND isn’t SCum or scUM. We all want to win but not like “Doc” at the expense of our souls. Perhaps the time will come when we all have to acknowledge that ND cannot have it both ways, be a city on a hill in the college football landscape and also be relevant. At that time tough decisions will have to be made by better souls than me. Until then, however, let’s keep the faith and continue to demand both athletic and oral excellence at ND.

    Go Irish!

    1. Great points Steelfan and great to hear from you. You know full-well how I feel about ND. I know it’s a special place and I know, for the most part, we are different. We’re not perfect, but usually we do the right thing. And we all know that the USCs of the world have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. I just get tired of the “morally-superior” argument (not pointing at you). And we got our asses beat on Saturday NOT because of anyone having cheated, but because of a systemic breakdown and culture of losing.

      As much as I hate to admit it, some of those USC players and fans have made valid points! But that’s just my opinion bro…

      1. JDH,

        I hear you, brother. You’re preaching to the choir here.

        There is definitely something strange afoot. One, some ND fans can’t seem to stop talking smack. Two, ND football can’t back up their fan’s smack talk. So, three, all ND fans look like fools for talking a big game when the team plays small.

        I, for one, will continue to defend ND against its detractors. But I’ll no longer engage in big talk until such a time as ND football returns to glory. When ND can string together BCS-type winning seasons year after year (and not just a few wins), then I’ll start talking smack to SC or Michigan or other fans. Until then, I think silence becomes a virtue.

        Let’s let ND football do its talking on the field for a change!

      1. storespook,

        As always, thanks for the encouragement! Keep your own keen insights coming.

        ND brethren, it’s so easy to turn on one another when things aren’t going well for our beloved Irish. I know I’ve been guilty of that in the past with some of my spiritual kin here. Mea culpa!

        But I think we have one thing going for us. A common enemy. Who’s that enemy, you ask? Everyone! Everyone hates (or at least envies) ND’s legacy of moral excellence and athletic success. Just look at the SCum trolls that come to our website to blog. That’s probably because, like “Angry Eagle,” not even their fellow fans care for what they have to say about their respective teams, so they have nothing better to do than infest our board. So be it.

        Rather than get too caught up in our non-football internal divisions (it’s OK in my estimation to disagree on football matters, however), let’s make sure we let these interlopers on our site know how we feel about their SCumbag program(s).

        For the sake of argument, even if it’s true that BK and his players quit, sportsmanship and athletic solidarity dictates that you keep that between the lines and among the players. But the classless Kiffin proteges and the equally tasteless SC fans obviously don’t know the first thing about class and common courtesy!

        Having said that, it’s high time the ND players take the envy and hate that comes their way and channel it and put it to good use on the field. Focus on the fact the world thinks you’re quitters and prove them wrong. Leave no doubts and destroy every opponent you face. Damn it, play angry! Do something! Put the fight back in the Fighting Irish!

    2. SFR,

      ND can never sell it’s soul.
      If they do that, they no longer are ND.

      I keep going back to Stanford.

      They play smart, physical football.
      Have done so for a number of years now.

      Their addmissions and standards are very much like ND.

      I think we have out recruited them 4 of the last 5 years.
      If they can do it, we should be able to do it.

      Even when Harbaugh was in his second year he had some big wins.

      Good kids, smart kids, can win with regularity. We have seen it. Stanford has proven it.

      That’s what keeps my faith in ND.

      1. Shaz,

        Of course, but this begs the question why can Stanford win and ND can’t?

        Part of the answer is “smart, physical football.” ND hasn’t played like that in years. BK’s style of O isn’t my cup of tea precisely because I don’t think it breeds toughness. I just heard CBS college football analyst Gary Danielson say that the hay day of the spread O has come and gone. But I think we should give BK’s system a shot nonetheless.

        I agree that as of now ND fans don’t need to compromise. We can strive for both moral and athletic excellence. We don’t need to sell our souls to the devil like USC fan “Doc”.

        However, JDH is right, enough of the self-righteousness and moral grandstanding. Enough of the excuses and waiting for the next year that doesn’t seem to come. Enough of the settling for the mediocre! Our Lady’s school should demand more rather than less!

      2. Why can Stanford win and ND can’t? We have no heart, we have no pride. You can talk all the x’s and o’s you want. Former Navy QB Ricky Dobbs said “ND can talk about it’s five star talent but we’ve got five star heart”. How true.

      3. I think ND football has reached a cross roads. At least for the remainder of this season.

        If the players want the home crowd rockin, then they are goning to have to jump start it. They will have to start winning at home all the time.
        I think the blind faith among the masses has worn thin.

        I also wonder about scheduling.
        If ND lines up a bunch of cupcakes to open the season to put us on par with so many of the other programs, we never get the respect from the polsters.
        If we over schedule, the guys can’t aford even one bad game, to work out the kinks.

        And who really wants to see ND as just another member of the Big Ten Legends division?

        I don’t think there is really any choice but to support Brian Kelly and hope he gets the program headed in the right direction.

        What are we playing for (besides pride) now?
        Another Sun bowl, or Humanitarian bowl and the extra 10 practices?

        While wins and losses are still important to me, right now I want to see the team play with that ND sprit that I grew up watching.
        That much, at the very least, they can do in every remaining game.

  9. Your points per Hendrix are valid and let me start there. I don’t know if Hendrix is ready or not and it is fair to bring up that he might be as ready to go as Crist, that could absolutely be true. The fact that Kelly brought Crist out vs. USC points me to think that Hendrix still isn’t ready yet, but that is in Kelly’s estimation which has been wrong before.

    I would be OK with letting Hendrix get a start instead of Rees. And I know that I said that I would like for Hendrix to continue to be brought along slowly but looking at our upcoming schedule now just might be that time as it was for Tommy last year.

    I worry about Hendrix if he is a run-first guy, of course that is also probably a product of the package Kelly put in for him. He will need to transition to a pass-first mentality especially with Floyd here this year. Next year this could change, but I could get on board the play Hendrix now bandwagon.

    As per Crist, if you go back and look at the fumble, which I have too many times, you will see that the fumble had everything to do with fundamentals and nothing to do with nerves. I played a little quarterback in high school which doesn’t qualify me for most discussions but I know how to take a snap. Your throwing hand goes under the center and your fingers extend outward and upward so you don’t get a jammed finger. Your bottom hand connects with the top at the base on the palm and it is the bottom hand that you use to exert pressure upward to take the snap.

    If you look at the replay, Crist’s top hand was where it should be but his bottom hand is not even making contact with the top hand. WTH?? The snap comes up just as it should as squirts right past Crist who is trying to snatch the snap. Not even a case of nerves is going to cause that mistake, it is just piss poor fundamentals unless the fundamentals have changed in 20 years which is entirely possible. If you look at the picture at the head of this article you see the ball three yards behind the kid. After the ball squirted through his hands, it went down and point first and hit his foot and squirted between his legs as he tried to catch up to it with his hands. He didn’t snap the ball backwards like a schoolgirl, Floyd and two USC defenders trying to cover it is what shot it back 15 yards.

    Regardless the mistake was physical and not mental. Mental problems are tough to deal with but physical problems can be corrected.

    Rees fumbled the ball out of the back of his hand vs. Michigan and later threw an INT on the Michigan two yard line. Does that make Rees a headcase or does Rees’ demeanor vs. Crist’s after the interception tell the story? I think people are down on Crist because the kid shows his pain on his face where as Rees appears to have a shooter’s mentality and can quickly turn the page.

    Now to your point and despite what I just brought up, I do think that Crist definitely struggles with pressure situations more than Rees. But isn’t that why we have coaches? I mean hells bells do something to help the kid out instead of saying that “It is Dayne’s problem to work on.”

    People are acting like Dayne striped the ball from Jonas vs. USF and ran the ball in for USC in this game. I don’t know the solution to the Crist situation, if there is one, but he doesn’t deserve to be given up on, especially since he has a year of eligibility left. And I sure as heck am not a believer that Tommy Rees is the answer. So whatever move needs to be made it needs to be made soon or the next few games against crappy opponents will just continue to prop up the “Tommy Rees is a winner” myth.

    By the way, at work and don’t have time to reread this so it might sound like Tarzan wrote it at times.

    1. a guy-
      I think you have made quite a few very salient points. I wish like HELL Crist would play to his abilities and not scare me like he does. Crist is a far better athlete than Tommy- no doubt. I don’t want to ever give the impression that I am a “Rees is the man” guy- I’m not. I just think he has continued to be the best option among no options.

      But again, you’ve made great points- hats off.

    2. A nice perspective GUY. However, how the player positions his hands is based upon a mental decision/belief/attitude, so, in reality, it is a mental issue and COACHING. If the coaches aren’t seeing these fundemental errors and calling attention to it at practices, it further goes on the position coaches & head coach as well. You know, especially as a former player of the game (as you indicated), there are tangibles and intangibles regarding teams/players. The intangible aspect on Dayne, for whatever reason, is negative, certainly more than Rees. Call it badluck, inability to deal with pressure, thinking too much to not make a mistake, etc, DC exhibits bad intangibles. I am neither a DC or TR fan. ND continues to run an offensive scheme it is not properly tooling with regarding QB. At this point, I don’t see how we can be any worse off if AH is inserted for extended playing time. The time for “winning now” is translated for 2012 and not 2011. If I’m going to race a corvette, why in the hell would I do it in a Ford Pinto. That’s how I feel when I see TR (or DC) trying to run this offensive scheme, they’re a damn Pinto. Enough of the metaphors. I do think you made some valid observations.

      Go ND

      1. Crist has been taking snaps for probably 10 years plus, he knows how to take a snap, and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t had any real problems in the past. This was absolutely, unequivocaly mental…big moment, big choke. He reminds me of Rex Grossman, looks great for a while, pressure gets applied, he screws up and than can’t get it together.

      2. I can’t crawl inside his brain pan. Any physical error can be traced back to a mental error if you try hard enough. The reason that I said that it was physical is because by this point in his career the action should have been drilled into his head so often that it became almost involuntary. A QB shouldn’t go up to the line thinking, “Okay, now I have to apply pressure with the bottom hand…” It should have been drilled into his head by that point. I think that is might not have due to the high % of reps he has taken in the shotgun in college and in high school.

        I don’t want to really split hairs, just putting out there what I meant.

  10. Its amazing how often the losers stoop to critiquing how the winners won. But then what else can you say? The contest was decided between the lines, you lost. Deal with it!

  11. Frank, congrats on being one of a few bloggers on either side of the USC v ND rivalry capable of honest, objective reporting. I’ve seen 56 or 57 of the last USC v ND games and each one has had its own unique story. Each one a masterpiece.

    I can’t join in on the Pete Carroll bashing, because even with the subsequent sanctions, he is solely responsible for bringing USC’s expectations all the way back to the glory years. Now, the trojan fan base expects, demands success.

    My hope for ND is that you’ll find a guru, a head coach that brings ND back to its glory years, so you’ll believe, you’ll expect each season to be another team contending for a championship. Then USC v ND will once again decide which school is the National champ.

  12. Kelly should not be calling the plays. His ego wont let that go though.
    A friend asked me if I thought the game was fixed as no coach in the
    country would give the ball to our outstanding running backs only 9 time.
    A Pop Warner coach would know better with our offensive line. Kelly is
    terrible at play calling and should hire an offensive coorinator to do

  13. Let’s face it, Crist and Tommy Turnovr both stink. I think they may practice well, but when they get into a game they stink. If they don’t let Hendrix start and stay in for a while I’m giving up on them. They will be lucky if the get any more commits! No less the ones that attended last nights game. I think SC wins that game also! They may win a couple more games but that doesn’t make it for me.

  14. Lets not go “Charlie Weiss” on Coach Kelly. Yes, its been over 16 years since the Irish have been on top of college football, and we shall return to greatness. USC has consistently shown their true colors over the years. The “Great” Coach Carroll ran to the NFL when the NCAA caught up with the program’s lack of institutional control. Cheat On USC. If it was not for Pat Hayden, the NCAA would have put a harsher world of hurt on their program. Now, Lane Kiffin, who made a mokery of the Univ of Tenn job is in charge and keeping the classless stature of the program in tact. Did USC turn their heads to the fact that he had multiple recruiting violations at Tennesee? As I said earlier, Cheat On USC. The University of Notre Dame is one of Intergrity and Excellence. This takes time to build. Its no doubt that Coach Kelly loves Notre Dame and is determined to build a strong BCS program. Unfortunately for him, the AD’s have made some bad hires (Bob Davie, Tyrone Willingham, Charlie Weiss not to mention his contract extension in year 2) which have set us back. Do not doubt that top recruits still want to be apart of this great tradition. We will keep FIGHTING as WE ARE ND FIGHTING IRISH!

  15. I just left the ESPN LA website, and I must say that it is shocking to read what the USC players are stating about the Notre Dame coaches, and players. They are essentially stating that the Notre Dame coaching staff quit on their team by not using their three timeouts to extend the game. The USC players are also saying the Notre Dame players quit on the coaching staff, and just gave up in the last 2 and ½ minutes. Now I was not on the field, but these claims are alarming to say the least. These quotes were written by the ESPN staff not by bloggers. Now I realize that classless comments made by bloggers on ESPN LA will happen, but to read that USC’s players are saying this is disturbing. It appears that Lane Kiffin even confirmed some of these claims. If these claims by USC players are true, then Notre Dame’s football team has troubles that are much deeper than the execution of plays. I am not sure what to make of the USC players comments. I know the Notre Dame administration would never tolerate student athletes making statements such as these in the media. Maybe it is just a reflection of what Notre Dame Coaches talk about when they recruit Notre Dame Type of Kids. Maybe the cultural difference between the West Coast and the Midwest is being demonstrated here. To think that the team and coaches quit is unthinkable. The media was asking Coach Kelly about the comments made by USC’s players and all he said was “to the victors goes the spoils.” The team needs to remember these statements the next time we see USC.

    1. It’s USC and Lane Kiffin, what do you expect. They are classless in winning and losing. As bad as the Irish played they still had a chance to win that game.

      1. Cry all you want about how “classless” USC was, it’s the truth. Your team quit. They lost their will to play after the last turnover, from the coaching staff down to the players. They bought into all the hype on how they are the more dominant team on both sides of the ball. Once the better team established themselves, all that hype came crashing down right back to reality. Notre Dame isn’t as good as all you guys think they are. Justify this loss al you want, but that is the cold hard truth!

      2. As a lifelong ND fan and USC hater, I agree with Eric. While Gallipo arguably went over the top with his “they are nothing like USC” comment, his other observations were fair game. ND was shellshocked from the first drive and not remotely prepared to play USC. USC was all business and was 10 X more disciplined the ND was. Talk all you want about “spoiled children” vs. “the good kids at ND”. Whatever. Deciding to attend Notre Dame vs. attending USC, in and of itself, does not make one morally superior. What I saw on Saturday night was a MUCH more disciplined USC team that was squared away. I saw an ND team that, from coaches to the bench, had no answers and QUIT. This attitude of: “Well yeah we almost always lose to USC but our players, team, university etc. is morally superior to them, so we sort of win the moral victory.” GAY

        Had USC’s receiver not slipped an fallen down on wet grass last year, we would be 0-10 against USC.

        One step forward, 2 steps back.

      3. From a football “only” stand point (as in the NFL) ND played a miserable game.
        Anyone who saw the game can atest to and I’m not about to argue the USC win or the ND loss.

        But college football is not just about football only.
        It is not the NFL.
        You don’t go to college to Play first and learn second.

        For any worth while parent deciding with their son or daughter where to attend college, don’t think for a minute that moral status does not play an important roll in that decision process.

        Having a chance to get a top level education, Play football for D-1 program, and graduate a better person than when you went in isn’t GAY.

        If the USC receiver had made that catch last year, we would be 0-10. That’s true.

        But you know what else is true?

        We aren’t forfitting wins, losing scholarships, giving back Heisman throphys, put on probation,being labeled as cheaters, forcing our fellow and future student athletes to bear the burden, and trying to clean up an image that is now associated with the likes of SMU and the cocaine cowboys of the 1980’s Miami scum.

        There is winning in life and winning on the football field.
        At ND they strive to do both.

        But I don’t have to tell anyone here which is the most important. Or what is and isn’t GAY.

      4. @Shazamrock-
        “Having a chance to get a top level education, Play football for D-1 program, and graduate a better person than when you went in isn’t GAY”

        And? I never said that- you did. Of course that’s not “gay”. Who said it was? You either didn’t read my post well at all or are very good at putting ample words in others’ mouths. Don’t try to “interpret” what I wrote. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

        I’ll go ahead and write it again: What is GAY is continuously looking for “moral victories” after losing again and again and again. And simultaneously ripping on those who have beaten us as morally-inferior, so we’ll get them next time. GAY

      5. JDH

        I have read a number of your posts over the years and find many of them honest and informative, so I know that I am not exaggerating when I say
        this is the second time that I know of that you have used the word “GAY” when refering to the culture, attitude, studens,or fans of ND in some form, and to be honest, I really don’t like it.

        If you go there, with that word, then people are obviously going to “interpet” it in any number of ways, and you leave your self open to such interpetations.
        That is your doing.

        I certainly am not implying that ND is holier than Thou or
        they don’t have their own share of problems and issues.

        I agree that there are those who use the moral standards about ND football as a crutch.
        I always felt that if you win you win with class, and if you lose, you lose with class.

        But if you believe that the moral standards of USC are even romotly close to those at ND, then I have to stronly disagree.

        I agree that just because you attend ND that does not make you morally superior.

        But I do believe that they provide a much better enviorment to become a more morally fullfilled person and activly encourage all their studens to do so.

        In it’s most basic sence, what does “Moral Victory” really mean?

        To some it may mean settling for second best or an excuse for not fullfilling ones’ main objective.

        To others it means not lowering ones moral constitution reguardless of the consequences.

        Maybe that’s a cop-out, an excuse, a crutch, but I do see, and understand their point.

    2. Wow. Shazamrock, you seem like a heckuva nice guy and I know you love ND. But you just don’t seem very capable of (or at least when it concerns my writing and this issue) of reading something and taking it at face value. I’m not really sure how else I can explain this, as now I’m on my third try. You continue to make assumptions, put words in my mouth, and go on unicorn hunts:

      Case in Point: “I have read a number of your posts over the years and find many of them honest and informative, so I know that I am not exaggerating when I say
      this is the second time that I know of that you have used the word “GAY” when refering to the culture, attitude, studens,or fans of ND in some form, and to be honest, I really don’t like it.”

      Really? When? Show me, in black and white, where I referred to the culture, attitude, students or fans of ND IN GENERAL, as gay?

      Your words: “But if you believe that the moral standards of USC are even romotly close to those at ND, then I have to stronly disagree.”

      I’m sorry, what? I said or wrote that when? Can you show me?

      Your words: “I agree that there are those who use the moral standards about ND football as a crutch.” BINGO! YOU NAILED IT! ROUNDS ON TARGET! Gay.

      Your words: “But I do believe that they provide a much better enviorment to become a more morally fullfilled person and activly encourage all their studens to do so.” As do I in comparison to many schools. But that really has no bearing on what I’ve written. Has basically nothing to do with what I’ve said.

      Your words: “To others it means not lowering ones moral constitution reguardless of the consequences.” Again, has nothing to do with what I said. I’m certainly not suggesting anyone lower their moral standards.

      For the third time (and final time), I said that, what is gay, is when CERTAIN (NOT ALL fans, NOT IN GENERAL MIND YOU) CERTAIN Notre Dame fans continually try to find solace in “moral superiority” even in losing. Don’t like the word gay? Ok, fill in the blank: weak, tepid, absurd, ridiculous, pointless.

      Is that better? If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, then don’t. For the record, no I don’t mean anyone is actually a homosexual, and if they are, I really don’t care-good for them. I am using the slang word “gay” like most guys use it, as sort of a non-PC schoolyard taunt.

      For the UHND record, I do NOT think Notre Dame, its fans, its students, its attitude, its culture, its _______ is gay.

      I think fans who HABITUALLY use any of the above to shrug off losing to so-called morally-lesser programs is, yes, GAAAAAAAAAY. (or weak, tepid, absurd, etc.)

      I stand by what I said.

      1. Also, Shazam, I forgot to add this. There is definetly a limit to the written word. Please don’t mistake my SARCASM for disrespect. I am not throwing disrespect your way- not at all. I might be frustrated and sarcastic, but please don’t think that is personal. It’s not.

      2. @JDH

        How’s this…

        Dear jdh,
        Please accept my deepest appologies for misconstruding your remarks.

        If you want to use the word GAY, Fudge Packer, Knob Bobber, salad tosser, pickle kisser, mud dauber, brown eye’d gravey boater, or any other such term in your posts that is entirerly and completely your right, and to which I had no right to take offence.
        (Please feel free to use any of the above mention for any of your future posts)

        I fully admit that when even the slightest chance exsists that a derogatory homosexual remark could even romotly be directed in my, or my fellow ND bloggers direction, I do have the tendancy to overreact. (Or react appropately depending on your poit of view.)

        Although, for the record you say “I don’t mean anyone is actually a homosexual” but then state numerous times “I mean what I say”

        I guess you are right when you say I’m not very capable of reading your post and being able to take it at face value.

        I don’t even know that the hell the face value of it is!
        (double talk maybe?)

        (Here’s a tip for you,(no pun intended) when you use the slang word gay like most guys use it as a school yard taunt, on an actual school yard. you run the risk of getting your fsce bashed in by the person you are taunting on that school yard.
        Here, you can hid behind a blog. Some might think THAT is GAY, wouldn’t you agree?)

      3. JDH,

        We have butted heads (no pun intended!) before and probably will agian.

        I understand your passion for ND and I think you know mine.

        That’s what we have in common, and it’s that common passion that I will try to see from you in the future.


      4. I’m not asking for an apology nor am I going to offer one for what I’ve written. Not because I hold ill will toward you, because I don’t. It just appears our minds just don’t seem to work the same. “Saying what you mean and meaning what you say” does not mean one cannot use a word (in this case ‘gay’) that has more than one meaning/usage. In that case, “saying what you mean and meaning what you say” would you require every single word one uses to have a singular meaning. I personally don’t think that’s the case, but whatever.

        As far as the ‘getting your face bashed in’, ‘hiding behind a blog’ etc., it appears that you think the word “gay” was thrown in your direction and you seem angry about it. It was not thrown i your direction, but simply an observation about a certain type of fan. But again I say, whatever.

        And I’m not hiding behind a blog but you’re entitled to your opinion. What do you want to do? Go meet for a beer somewhere so I can say in person that I think such behavior is “gay”?

        I’ll be more than happy to tell any ND fan, in person (and have done so numerous times) that the behavior I described above was “gay”. No one has wanted to inflict violence upon me, yet anyways, just because of that opinion. But I suppose it could happen. Probably thought that’s because they’ve understood who it was coming from, it’s actual meaning/intent within context, and then left it at that. If someone tells me, “JDH, c’mon man, that’s gay.” or “Thinking that way is sort of gay, don’t you think?”, it’s never caused me to want to inflict violence on that person. Guys say all sorts of things to eachother. If I can’t say that on this blog, with fellow ND fans, without someone taking it as a personal slight on their character, too bad. I would say get a thicker skin. But oh well, that’s just me. Men throw all kinds of sarcasm, opinions etc. at eachother. The kind I hand out with, virtually or in person, generally can give and take with the best of them.

        As far as everything else, just nevermind. It’s all irrelevant at this point. This is getting kind of silly now, don’t you think?

        I’ll agree to get on with talking about ND football, and will let this issue rest.

        I will say Shazam, that if you thought I was, at any point, calling YOU “gay”, then I apologize. Not the case.

  16. QB…that is our biggest problem. We fix that, we’re undefeated.
    Yes, we have other phases that need work (play calling, Diaco, etc..) But with a decent qb, who DOESN’T COMMIT 10 UNFORCED turnovers….UNFORCED in our 3 losses…………think about that, why are we so quick to look at other stuff, find there are issues, but its out QB, that’s it, fix that and we’re undefeated, I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

  17. Christ has shown that he gets extremely nervous in big situations, that results in lack of confidence and hesitancy, which is the kiss of death in sports. You can see it in the deer in the headlights look, and in his actions: last year throwing the ball out of the endzone against UM, when we just needed him to get it in there for a jump ball. The pick by South Florida. Than last night. He gets nerves! WHy can’t Kelly see that?

    Put in Hendrix NOW. Rees is NOT THE GUY! He never will be , he does not have the tools, period. It is THE MOST IMPORTANT POSITION OUT THERE, and he is extremely mediocre. The ONLY reason he has looked good at times is because Kelly is great with QBs and puts them in a position to be successful. He has a very weak arm, very weak.
    This is our number one problem. Tommy Turnover has been responsible for 10 UNFORCED TURNOVERS…10!! That’s a ton! Hendrix is the guy, I’m tellin ya, he looks the part, energy wise, aggression, arm, legs.

  18. BK has said ad nauseum to win a team MUST HAVE a top defense and BALANCED run/pass play calling formula. 9 running plays for 2 guys with over 1000 yds for the year is NOT BALANCED play calling and that is on Kelly. He is not responsible for the t/overs and neither are the coaches. The dumb penalties/missed tackles etc should be dealt with by coaching staff eg at Wisconsin if a player gets ANY penalty he sits out a series second time he sits out the quarter. Dumb penalties particularly shoud see player sit out remainder of the qtr If he did it again in the season I would sit him for a half 3rd time he is done for the year eg 3strikes your out. If your too dumb to learn from your DUMB mistakes then sit down permanently. Rees will never be the answer. 1)Cannot throw deep=Hamstrings the offense. 2)Cannot keep plays alive by scrambling=Hamstrings the off. 3)Cannot react to changing Defenses with Audibles=Hamstrings the off. Won’t go on any further re his shortcomings. Hendrix starts vs Navy and for remainder of the year. In spring position is between him and Golson and loser is backup. Crist and Rees move on to another program and thanks for your contribution to the program to date. If Diaco will NEVER turn the defense loose and gamble with blitzes more then in 3rd and long situations and if secondary will not play tight and take the chance of getting beat deep then teams will continue to rush for 300plus yds/dominate poss time/ and pickup 10-15 yds over and over with passes vs LOOSE coverage and blown zone coverage responsibilities. Special teams vgood other then continuing “punt return” problem. Can Atkinson handle that as well?????????
    Start playing “smash mouth football guys on defense” no matter what year they are. If a guy has come up short over and over again this year TIME TO MOVE ON to the NEXT GUY IN scenario. If we are going to continue to lose to the Navy’s/South Florida’s etc we might as well find out who can play among the second tier players because we certainly know who CAN’T play among the starters after 7games.

  19. Sean—absolutely agree with you about Lo Wood. He had no business being on the field at all, much less covering Woods. Also agree about Shembo and Dan Fox. Crucial plays, chances to kill drives and switch the momentum, and they are out of position or just flat out perform poorly.

    1. Good Day Jimbo,

      I watched Brian Kelly’s comments in the Post Game interview regarding “why was Lo Wood covering USC’s Woods on that touchdown pass. His comments were that Zeke Motta suffered a concussion and Lo Wood was the next man in. He did not answer the question as to why does Bob Diaco’s defense allow for a Lo Wood to cover Robert Woods. The great teams will have their best Corner Back shadow a guy like Woods all night. Even though they move Woods around a lot, put Blanton on Woods and keep him on Woods. I do not believe for a minute that Zeke Motta would of been a better cover guy on Robert Woods, so it must be a defensive scheme thing and nothing else.

  20. Despite the terrible turnovers by Notre Dame, this game was won and lost by both team’s running games. USC’s offensive line dominated Notre Dame’s defensive line. This is the second straight terrible outing by Notre Dame’s defensive line. Notre Dame’s linebackers were awful as well. The Notre Dame fans are fooling themselves by thinking this is a good run defense. It is not. Air Force rushed for 363 yards against Notre Dame. According to my statistics, Notre Dame’s defense allowed 7 rushing first downs in the 1st half, and 7 rushing first downs in the second half against USC. That is the ball game!

    Over the last four games, I finally thought Brian Kelly learned what Nick Saban and Les Miles already know, effectively rush the football, and win football games. Unfortunately, I was wrong about Brian Kelly. Notre Dame won their four previous games demonstrating a very good rushing offense. Brian Kelly completely abandoned the running game against USC. Notre Dame’s offensive line won the battle with USC’s defensive line, but Brian Kelly’s play calling took the running game completely out of the game plan. That is why the SEC continues to win National Championships. Teams do not win championships with pass happy offenses, they win championships by winning the line of scrimmage, and running the football. Look at what has turned Stanford into a formidable team. They are not loaded with great talent, but they win the line of scrimmage and rush the football. The same formula is winning championships now that won championships 20, 30, 40 years ago, winning the line of scrimmage and rushing the football. This Notre Dame loss is disappointing on so many levels that I just cannot articulate it.

    1. I certainly don’t disagree with you about the rushing element (it’s why Holtz did well). The SEC elite teams also know how to play DEFENSE in addition to running the ball. We have 2 backs that are decent (though not great)that we just abandoned last night. Was not happy about that. I really want to see a tooled QB in this scheme to see if it is the real deal. Rees ain’t it and neither is Crist. It’s time to have Hendrix get INCREASED reps now. Like JACK said earlier, 8-4 or more likely 7-5 with an invite to 2nd rate bowl will most likely happen. How long is it to September 2012?

      1. Good Day Storespook,

        When I state “winning the line of scrimmage” I am speaking of both the defensive line of scrimmage and the offensive line of scrimmage. I have continually debated Notre Dame fans about our run defense this year. I believe the 363 yards of rushing by Air Force, and now USC’s domination by their running game is the real Notre Dame run defense. We are just not very good yet at defending the run. I agree with you that we need a completely “tooled” quarterback in this offensive scheme of Brian Kelly’s. If the quarterback cannot scramble, extend plays with his feet, and run the football, he becomes a liability.

      2. Yep, I’m right with ya on that Michael (like your name because it is mine also, hahaha)

        Go Irish!

  21. They played a bad game period. This is who this team is, they can play with anyone in the nation, if they show up. Rees is very streaky and not consistent and so goes the team. They really missed Ethanol Johnson and the freshman are good but still freshman. This team needs more consistent play from their QB. It should have been 14 – 100 at halftime Rees missed Eifert in the endzone. Rees missed at least three wide open receivers for first downs. He throws a horrible deep ball and his outs lack zip. The doom and gloom needs to end. They will go 8-4:30 and go to some 2nd tier bowl where they will kick the shit out of a middle of the road team.

    1. Rees is not the answer, in fact, I think he’s pretty horrible, but BK’s offense is so QB friendly that he looks good at times.

  22. No mention of Lo Wood covering USC’s best receiver on a huge 3rd down in the 4th quarter? Not sure why he was on the field in that spot. Not sure why he was covering Wood. Not sure why a safety was not providing support…… The 4 & 1 when Shembo bought the pump fake & the 3rd & short when Fox missed the tackle on Barkley are plays that non bcs teams make.

  23. An opportunity that was not taken advantage of, is how last night goes down for me. I agree with other postings how Rees’s shortcomings were quite apparent (a run option attempt with him, are you kidding me-he even ran it wrong)against a quick, athletic defense. A ND defense that played without emotion, where was the running game (was it fumbled away on Crist’s fumble-ok, I jest), 40+ passes (a standard that usually indicates a loss willl be forthcoming), and questionable coaching decisions to add in the mix. I think I became numb when the decision to put in Crist occurred and of course, look what happened. I’m not saying I am Joe-Know-It-All, but, I think since we really have nothing to substantially play for (ohhhhhhh, what about pride, yeah, right)at this point unless you’re booking a ticket to the Jackass Junction bowl, I think you look at playing Hendrix, A LOT MORE, and let’s see what this offensive scheme can do with the right tooling b/c it can’t be any worse than what we’ve been seeing at this point. Kelly should consider making a coaching change for D Coordinator next year. Diaco is not getting it done (and I don’t base this just on last night’s game)Some other coaching changes should also be considered. When a team is consistently making repeated, stupid, mistakes,(like how ND is doing) THAT IS A SIGN OF COACHING (or lack of). If the head coach doesn’t see this, then his high paying job should be replaced also. I am believer a coach should have 3 years to be fully evaluated (unless he really screws up or gets caught cheating). Right now, Kelly, in my book, has many more minuses than pluses based upon my own observations. If this continues into next year, he should be replaced. Lots of recruits in the stands last night. I’d hate to find out what they were thinking. As for prime time games, LOVED IT. I hope the ND admin will do more of this next year. I wish the play on the field would have been different last night.

    Go Notre Dame.

  24. I feel about this season like the players and coaches felt about the game last night, I wish it would end. Going on the game last night they will be .500. But I also said after the air force game if they can play like that and get better each week they could win out. The only thing that is consistent about this team is the turn overs and poor play calls. The entire team should still be running after last nights performance

  25. 1. Game really showed the difference a good QB (Barkeley) against an just average QB (Rees). As for Crist, I don’t even want to mention about him anymore. I have given up on him long ago. I have even said Kelly made his first mistake for 2011 for picking him the starter. I can’t believe Kelly put Crist in again at such a critical point. Enough said and we all know what happened.

    2. We are just an average team with an very average QB right now. Kelly needs to sit down and think it over for our long-term plan. Rees will always struggle against decent defense. It’s like our offense is been “handicupped” by Rees. By the way, what was the call on speed option by Rees all about ?

    3. Our defense didn’t show up at all. With 2 weeks to prepare, it’s very disappointing. It’s like Diaco went to sleep for 2 weeks or something. I didn’t see any exciting package attacking USC at all. However it’s typical of Diaco’s defense. His defense will play a “clue-less” game every once in a while !

    4. Jonas Gray has been stellar except for the first play of the season. He also had the only rushing touchdown on a beautiful play. I think he has out-played Woods for the game. I can see Woods had some tentative runs and he goes down too easy. Why can’t Kelly see that ? Why didn’t Kelly allow Gray to play more ??

    5. Our outside linebacker play has been bad the whole year. Against USC, they were terrible. There were 2 plays the outside linebackers were clear to attack Barkeley out in the flat. But they felt for the pump fake both times and allowed Barkeley to run for the first down. We have guys that don’t know how to play the position. Shembo should be moved to insde period.

    6. bright spots for the team: Akinson was awesome. Tyler Eifert continues to proof that he’s the best in the nation in his position.

  26. Agreed with most of you comments. I would start Crist next week. I know that isn’t the popular opinion but playing Rees helps nothing and I like the way that Kelly is bringing Hendrix along slowly. It is the one right thing Kelly has done per the QBs this year.

    Rees is great at a presnap read but if you take that away from him he is worse than pedestrian. A couple of balls he threw yesterday looked like he was putting out a fifty-fifty proposition out there. He looked lost.

    Crist has had two bad plays this year, two. And people are ready to put him on ice. I have no idea how that kid is a magnet for everything bad that has happened to Notre Dame the last two years but somehow he has managed to attract all of the vitriol.

    As per the music, I was pissed that they stepped on some of the stadium traditions by pumping in the music. The GoooooooooooooooO Irish on the kick off and the band playing on third down….Notre Dame is Notre Dame because of its brand and selling that out for a cheesy minor league baseball antics is beyond stupid…well that and having navy blue towels to shake during a night game.

    1. Start Crist? That has to be a joke. Wow. What else does he have to do to show you he does not belong on as a starter on a D1 football field? What else does he have to do to prove that he is the classic headcase? Just wow.

      1. Oh yeah, there was that one interception against South Florida and the fumble against USC. What are his other mistakes this year? Was it Crist that stripped the ball against USF to allow them to take it to the house?

        You realize that Rees can’t throw the ball more than 15 yards downfield and has 7 interceptions and about 1/2 that many fumbles this year right? Rees is also excellent against teams who show him a presnap read and sucks against teams that don’t.

        Or maybe you want to throw Hendrix in over his head and drown the kid like we have done every other first year QB since Brady Quinn.

        What does it hurt playing Crist a full game to see what he can do in full game action? When Crist does it in the game it is that he has the ‘yips’ or is a ‘classic headcase’ and when Tommy screws up it is part of his learning process. Do you know that Rees has had more game action than Crist at this point?

        Keep riding your QB with skills of a backup and see what that gets you vs. Stanford. It isn’t going to be pretty. But he will light up Boston College.

      2. Yes, exactly. I would absolutely start Hendrix over Crist. You think Hendrix would be over his head but Crist would not be? Wow.
        Most of your comments about Rees are fair, but he is the lesser of 2 evils. With all his flaws, he has proven, most of the time, that he can win games. Crist has never shown that.

        Again I ask, what exactly does Crist have to do to show you he is a headcase? What is your measure?

    2. Crist just has bad karma. Some guys are winners and some are not. The comments about Rees’s arm/skill are correct but it’s about the W. What is the teams record with Crist at QB compared to Rees at QB?

      Face it the years of glory are history. No more BCS Bowl Victories in the cards.

  27. Where was the running game?
    Where was the Defense?
    Again, knocking on the door and just like Southern Florida fumbled it away and BOOM there go the spoiled kids of troy gone ghetto running the other way for a score and 14 point cushion. EVEN THEN, we had a chance and we beat oursleves.
    To be sure, USC ran the ball down our throats. We had more holes than swiss chesse in the defense. Prime Time was Prime Rib for SC. A win puts both a 5-2 and ND in the top 25. This loss–hurts and if we get to the top 25 it will be because of winning most of the games and getting some kind of bowl bid and win. At this point, I could care less about that. I hope for consistent play with a team that has enough talent but is way too soft. Running game, hello–it has worked quite well. WHERE was it and WHY wan’t it called? Did my eyes decieve me or was Crist pulled out as we were 2nd down or 3rd down only to turn the ball over. Crist’s momentum was taken. Damn it -it should and could have been 7 points for ND.
    Maryland scored a bunch of points on top 10 hot Clemson, Wake is no gimme and Stanford is —-well Stanford. Hope we can do something.
    This is too bad. With even 25% less fumbles ND could still have the most fumbles in the NCAA AND be undefeated. I truly believe that as the stats prove it. Love the Irish, Have my extreme doubts about the play calling last night ( not as bad as Tulsa last year–but still) doubts –BRING BACK THE RUNNING GAME. SERIOUSLY.

  28. Agree with all Except musical selection for time outs was the tune and rant played for the USC Trojans at their home games.almost like the tomahawk chop of FSU. Difficult to see any progress. Where was Mantai? Bob

  29. Some people may hate the music being played but it’s obvious the crowd was way more pumped with the music instead of the band playing the same old stuff. Notre dame needs more energy and that’s what the music should do. But that’s a non factor anyways cuz USC showed all notre dame fans how far away they r from winning any significant bowl game

    1. Coach Kelly’s screaming and condescending attitude toward his players, as viewed on TV and at games, is disturbing.
      Despite their size, strength, and experience, these players are still kids and are learning how to play the game on a higher level.
      Coach needs to treat his players with respect and constructively criticize in private, not in view of millions of TV viewers. Otherwise, he will lose this team as well as prospective recruits.

      1. So when the players make bad and dumb mistakes, he is suppose to pat them on the back and that’s okay? ND has had too many coaches like that. they need someone who is going to finally make the players accountable for their actions. If you don’t like it, go watch the team that Tyrone Willingham is coaching…oh wait, that;s right, he isn’t coaching anymore.

      2. I never saw one instance during the USC game where Kelly was condescending. Ever since the USF game, he has changed his behavior. Did you mind when Lou Holtz ripped his players?

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