IBG – Wounded, Perhaps Angry Birds Edition

manti teo full
If Manti Te'o is back at 100% this weekend, he should play as much as needed to get back to full speed in time for next weekend's trip to Stanford. (Photo - Robin Alam/Icon SMI)

This week’s Irish Blog Gathering is brought to us by the guys over at Her Loyal Sons.

Having actually seen the uniforms in the wild on Saturday night, what are your final thoughts regarding them? Does Ronald Darby stating that he liked them change your views on trying out the different uniforms for the “Shamrock Series”?

I said in my post game thoughts that individually I didn’t have a problem at all either either the helmets or the uniforms, but I didn’t like them together because the gold in the helmet and the gold in pants/numerals didn’t match at all.  If Notre Dame had the pants and the numerals on the jerseys match the gold in the helmets, I think they would have looked much, much better.  All that said, I still thought the helmets looked great.

The fact that Ronald Darby stated he liked the uniforms didn’t surprise me at all.  All week long I mentioned in posts about the helmets and jerseys that these are precisely the kinds of things that recruits take notice to.  I still don’t think the jerseys/helmets alone will get Notre Dame any recruits but they are just one small part of the larger equation when it comes to recruiting.

If Notre Dame is going to wear these jerseys once a year as they mentioned last week, I just hope they do a better job coordinating them and match them look a little sharper.  If you are going to do something outside of your normal comfort zone, then go all out and do it right.

Manti is clearly hobbled right now. Re-watching the game on Sunday, I barely noticed him on the field and I rarely remember Mayock or Hammonds calling his name. I believe Kelly stated in his Sunday teleconference that Manti was did not play most of the 3rd or 4th quarters. If you are BK, do you sit Manti on Saturday?

Te’o simply wasn’t on the field much last week so I think his lack of big plays a week ago was more from a lack of playing time instead of a lack of effectiveness when he was on the field.  Once Notre Dame built the big lead, he was on the sidelines.

As for this weekend, it all really depends on how healthy Manti actually is.  If he is indeed close to 100% as Kelly said this week, then I wouldn’t mind him playing him more this week to get him back to full speed for the Stanford game.  It has been a while since Te’o played a full game at full speed so playing this week could actually help him prepare for next week.

Now, if he isn’t 10% and Kelly is just being a little liberal with his injury report since college coaches don’t need to be as forth coming with injuries as NFL coaches because of privacy laws, well then I’d prefer to see Te’o on the sidelines as much as possible given the circumstances.   Te’o himself said he has practice much more this week than he has in recent weeks so I tend to side with playing him more this week than a week ago.

We’ve seen Tommy Rees play deep into blowouts against Navy, Air Force and Maryland with Hendrix only getting a significant number of snaps in the Air Force game. Rees is only a sophomore but it seems most Irish fans take it as a foregone conclusion that Golson or Hendrix will pass Tommy going into the 2012 season. So do you agree with the use, or lack thereof, of Hendrix so far this season? Do you accept the thought that this is Rees’ last year as starter?

I’ve written quite a bit about whether or not Rees is the long term answer for Notre Dame at quarterback this season and I still think the jury is still out.  Because of that, I think that is why we are seeing Kelly play Rees deeper into games than he maybe needs to.  Kelly wants to see exactly all he has with Rees and wants to see just how far he can develop him this season.

It’s taken this long for Kelly to trust Rees running the offense close to the pace he wants it run so I think we’ll see Rees on the field deep into the game this weekend again, even if Notre Dame has the game in control.

I think Golson has the chance to unseat Rees in the off-season but it’s far from a given right now.  Golson is really going to have to earn it because while Rees certainly has his limitations and has had his problems with turnovers, he still has a 11-2 records as a starting quarterback for Notre Dame.  It is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out over the course of the next nine months.

Tommy Rees needs 608 yards for 3000 passing yards on the season. Cierre Wood is 93 yards short while Jonas Gray is 270 yards short of 1000 rushing yards. Michael Floyd is 78 yards shy of 1000 receiving yards for the season. Despite SubwayDomer’s insistence that bowl stats count, predict final numbers for all 4 players before the bowl. Do they all hit the milestones?

  • Tommy Rees 2,900 yards passing
  • Cierre Wood  1,050 yards rushing
  • Jonas Gray 950 yards rushing
  • Michael Floyd 1,100 yards receiving

I think Rees will come up short because I think Notre Dame will run the ball a lot this weekend and don’t think he’ll be able to put up enough yards against Stanford to get to 3,000 before the bowl game.  I think Wood will get to 1,000 or at least very close to it this weekend while Gray will have a big senior day but still come up a little short.  Gray has only had one 100 yard performance in his career (this past weekend) so it’s tough to see him putting up 270 in two weeks even with his increase production.  I certainly would love to see him reach 1,000 yards before the bowl game because if he does that means Notre Dame is running the ball very well. As for Floyd, I think he’ll put up over 1,000 yards this weekend to pass 1,000.

Notre Dame opens up as a 24.5 favorite for Saturday’s game and this is clearly the worst Boston College team in recent memory. That said, BC absolutely loves to play spoiler when it comes to Notre Dame and this game will be the last chance for something good to happen this season. Given those two thoughts, does the margin of victory matter to you on Saturday?

Nope.  Notre Dame needs to keep winning and any win this weekend gives Notre Dame at least 8 regular season wins for just the third time in third time in the last 10 years – yikes is that a pretty depressing stat.  Even though Boston College is having a down year, I fully expect them to come out fired up and treat this game like their bowl game since they won’t be bowling this season.

No matter what the scenario, Boston College always plays Notre Dame tough and in recent years almost always takes the game more seriously than Notre Dame.  For that reason, this game will actually be a really good test for how far along the mental development of this team is.  The Notre Dame teams of the last five or so years would play down to the competition and make this game more competitive than it needs to be.  The Notre Dame team from the last couple weeks will come out and make a statement early before coasting to an easy victory.  A blowout win this weekend would be another step in the right direction for this team.

I’ll be nice and leave the bonus question off of my sets of questions.  Be sure to check out Her Loyal Sons for their response though.

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  1. It’s official Gunner to LSU. I believe it is a major mistake, but good luck to you Gunner; truly even if we had you I still believe that Golson is the future. But if we had received a committment from Gunner I beleive that it would have helped recruiting. It is unfortunate but this kid and many others believe that there is no teams outside of the SEC that can win championships. Times are changing, look at the recruits that we are bringing in, we are building a championship defensive unit, and a stout offensive line. ND is on the march and will be winning championships soon.

    1. Les Miles was 28-21 before he went to LSU as a head coach. Kelly was 69-22 in division 1
      before he came to ND.
      Les won his first National Championship at LSU in his third year while having losses against, Arkansas and Kentucky. Next year is Kelly’s third year with the program. I know what all you haters will say, but building a program back to prominence doesn’t happen over night. And in case you haven’t seen it, the right chips are falling in the right places with this coach.

      1. lets not forget nick saban built les miles program. i believe miles put his footprint in the program, but saban already had it rolling and won a NC. i dont think many irish fans want to here how far away this program really was before kelly got here…but we had so much talent just look at the recruiting rankings,blah blah blah man am i sick of hearing that. how many players have been drafted lately?and of those how many are good? my piont is people think every time ND steps on the field that we are more talented, thats just bs. we had Floyd this year who was great but outside him who really stood out… Cierre Wood? i like him but he is above average. our o line did a nice job. on d we had T eo who i also like unless its a passing down. for ND to be back we need tough players throughout and some studs in there also, we need some more Floyds and at different positions not just one. I think we have some great young players who need some more time to develop and we need to find somebody for Floyd , however with him gone we may finally see a true spread from sideline to sideline and all receivers getting catches. go ND beat those semiholes.

      2. Well said ndforever. We haven’t really matched up as well as we should have. For many reasons; some of the biggest being that Weis only cared about the stars, who he could lure in with the highest stars to make his offense potent. But what he must not have understood, is that championships are won in the trenches and having a stout defense. That is what the SEC thrives on, building the team where it counts. You can have all the five star QB’s and RB’s in the world but if you o-line cant block than its for nothing, or if your defense cant stop anyone than its just up to who can score more. Also there was no player development at all at ND for a long time. Kelly is putting the pieces together, we are recruiting where it counts and for need, we have player development. Winning the battle in the trenches,we are able to run the ball, winning late into the season. We have a greatly inproved defense.
        It is not as fast as we would like it but whenever you want change or progress you often have to go through a lot of adversity to get to the end result. It is just a necessary part of change.

  2. Terry,
    The remark was made becausr the SEC is the problem with college football. Mist of the institutions are syb par academically and the push the conference before the schools. They are thecreason why there won’t be a playoff. most ofvtheir fans arrogant about football prowess but nothing about graduation rates or what their players are doing after football. I would like the NCAA get serious and link scholarships to GPA and graduation rates. It would be interesting to see how they match up as a conference. I made the comments because the University I cheer for has honor and integrity and majesty sure the student is before thw athelete.

  3. I suppose your right, we should probably go back to the ice ages and only recruit people without facebook, because I guarantee that 90 % of the kids we recruit take suggestions from their friends on facebook, it is a new era.
    I do agree with you that LSU degree is not even close to ND, and he would be crazy to pass that up.

    1. B-dub,
      Here is the problem, you build these kids up and they go to school and most of them are bottom on the depth chart. If you don’t perform your forgotten or called a bust. Than you go from millions of hits on Facebook to no ine giving a shit. If Keihl doesn’t produce he needs to think what will better prepare him after football. With going to Facebook he is looking to build his ego rather than making the best choice for him, whether it be ND or LSU.

  4. If he needs suggestions than he can go to LSU. ND doesn’t need a player that goes to Facebook for suggestions. As far as LSU nation is concerned, here is my bite back. You can go to LSU get a shittu education from a horrible State for education, and if you don’t make it in the NFL you can get busted drinking purple cough syrup because your degree is only useful for one thing, wiping your own ass.

      1. Terry,
        To compare the two schools academically is a joke. Also, look at the kids that are playing there, Jamarcus Russell was a joke, your great D player was bust for synthetic pot and the QB was trying to give curbside service at a bar. If you only care about football and nothing else play in the SEC. If you want an education and to play football go to Notre Dame. Atleast when you graduate you’ll have something other than football.

      2. I said what I said because what you said was just plain nasty. I know that a ND degree is money in the bank and that having one will get you in the front door of many employers just by virtue of your having one.

        I remember that draft when Russell was the 1st overall pick. I was out driving and when the pick was made I predicted [to my dog] that he would be the biggest bust in draft history.

        By the same token – a snarky remark such as the one you made does not reflect well on the University.

        FYI – I went to ND for 2 1/2 years, did not graduate.

        If Kiel chooses LSU over ND or anyone I think he will rue the day.

        Go Tide!

      3. Reply #2 is one of my favorite recruiting stories.

        As the story goes;

        (Once upon a time) Lou Holtz was coach at ND and it was crunch time, aka signing day.

        A kicker from Colorado who had whittled his list down to FSU and ND but was widely expected to sign with ND changed his mind at the last second and signed with FSU.

        Lou is reputed to have said “he didn’t make a FOUR year mistake, he made a FORTY year mistake.”

        That’s the story as I heard it.

  5. I truly feel if Hendrix would have stayed in the SC games we may have won. Lack of zip quality playing time for Hendrix – Golson will further handicap the Irish next season. My advice is to start drinking heavily before tonights game. Last year was bad enough getting dominated at home – this game is going to bite big time I fear….desire will definitely help the Irish but after watching the SC game, got to wonder if there is any left in the tank.

  6. A lot has been made out about the disappearance of Andrew Hendrix over the last month, especially since there were games he could have played the whole 4th quarter. Yet, Kelly on more than one occasion has said that Hendrix is getting reps in practice and is making nice progress.

    Do you think Stanford will get a big dose of Andrew on Saturday? You know that Stanford is going to drop 8 or 9 on Tommy, so is this the game we see the change of pace to keep the Cardinal on their toes?

    If he would have played in any of the blowouts, it would give Stanford something to prepare for, but since he hasn’t been in the games lately, how much tme do they spend on him?

    Just a thought to drum up so new conversation before the big game.

  7. If we come out tentative, things may not fare well for ND.
    I’ve watched Stanford off and on all season –and they are beatable.
    They have receivers galore. If Luck is on ( and he usually is) they are awesome. If the defense can penetrate, if we can watch the corners and the offense can use up some clock, we can do this. I just pray that the Cardinal isn’t thinking 57-7 –as we did to them in 03. That was then, this is now–but memories are like elephants for some football fans.
    If we don’t win, I pray we get a bowl that is a W and go 9-4 instead of 8-5. We shall see. Go Irish.

  8. I’m at best, apprehensive about the Stanford game. I’ve said enough previously in other posts, about the QB issue, so I’m not going to waste my breath on that. I hope GA 111 (or even Riddick if healthy) gets some time with Wood and some type of run game can be established. The more ND keeps Luck off the field, the better the probability of keeping their scoring down. I don’t think we win an offensive shootout war with them because I don’t think we could keep up them. Wear the defense down with a running game and play good D, I see a better chance with an upset win.

    Never did I believe Urban was ever coming ND to coach. He can’t operate the way he did at other stints if he came to ND especially regarding in bringing the athletes he could get at a State college versus ND (which is fine by me anyway).

    Go Irish

  9. Chi-town,

    I believe it’s come out in the last few years that OSU was always Meyer’s true dream job, not ND. An Ohio boy that got his career started under Earle Bruce there. Apparently, the media was just being the media back in ’04, knowing he had worked under Lou, and that he was a Catholic (I mean, he’s named after a pope, after all!), they added it up to ND being the dream job. (I’m sure Meyer said things about loving the University, but that doesn’t mean it was his dream job. I think in a way, all coaches develop an affinity for the places they coach at.) From what I’ve read, Meyer just allowed the media to run with their presumptions back in ’04.

  10. If I am Stanford I am really looking at how BC defended the Irish. Sometimes they rushed only 2 players. The receivers were covered up and still Tommy could not run the ball. It is not that he isn’t a good runner, he runs like he has cement shoes. I like the kid, I really do, but I think we need some mobility back there sooner or later.Sooner is coming up Saturday. We know we are not going to see any QB changes this year, ain’t happnin’. So BK better have a game plan to compensate for a one dimensional QB, because I think Stanford will run a defense similar to what BC did. Maybe BK can throw in Andrew now and again to keep em honest.

    1. Without a turnover or GA III breaking one, it is hard to imagine us putting up anything beyond 13 – 17 points. I was surprised to read on one of the sites that we are 1 -8 under BK when the opponent scores more than 21 points. That win being Air Force, so unless you think we are keeping Stanford under 21 it does not look good. Puts Diaco under a lot of pressure when you think about that.

  11. if this ohio state deal plays out and urban meyer goes there, is he just a jag-bag that didnt want to coach ND or what? Is it ND’s fault other than the first time? It will really piss me off if i have to watch OSU start running the table immediately like USC has been able to bounce back

  12. I think what the announcers said about TR is very accurate, he forgets quickly about his mistakes and bounces back. If TR makes these same errors as a junior then my judgements might be different. Bottom line…I can’t find fault with the win/loss record.

    1. He’s making the same mistakes 14 games in as a starter. He locks on receivers, can’t run and can’t throw a deep ball. I don’t see change in anything he is doing. I just think that with better QB play this team has a better record. You can’t depend on Tommy like the two previous QBs to win the game. BK’s offense is predicated on great QB play. The reason for inconsistency at a team level is the QB position. Correct that problem and this team will be better.

  13. The negativity towards TR and BK while understandable is getting OLD! With where this program has been and where it is now, 8-3, it’s hard to rationalize. You can’t pin one loss on TR. He has intangibles that freshman and sophmores do not have. Oh, and stop the BS about his arm. Dayne Crist does not have it. If Hendricks had them he would be starting. Yes, BK has made mistakes. I have not liked his manner on the sidelines, but, like it or not, he is winning the games we have lost the last few years. GO IRISH!!!

    1. Castine83d,

      I completely disagree. When Reese starts hot this team dominates. Look at Purdue, Air Force, Navy, and Maryland. He started the games off hot and played well and the team dominated. When he has been missing passes throwing into the double coverage the team has struggled. Look at the Pitt, BC and USC. He also made a couple of key errors to change momentum. His pick in the first quarter against Michigan set up their first TD. His fumble on the 10 set up another TD. His horrible backwards pass against USC killed any chance of a comeback. Also on Saturday he almost threw two picks, thank God the BC defensive backs can’t catch. I don’t have faith in Reese against Stanford. Don’t get me wrong I like the kid and think he has guts, but ND needs a running QB to open up the play book. I don’t want to sound like I don’t like him, but if Dayne got that much of a leash would he still be starting? Tommy Reese reminds me of Matt Lovechio. He just won for one season and what happened the next. Also what happened to Lovechio in the bowl game against Oregon State.

      1. I just don’t understand how a 19 year old kid can’t run!? I don’t give a shit if you’re slow, you have to at least try to run forward once in a while Tommy! How many 19 year old qb’s in college can’t run? This is driving me insane.

  14. Shaz – I would be shocked if the Irish win that game. I cant remember when we last had a real signature win. Next years schedule is brutal – they needed to be way up to speed this year and they under achieved in my opinion. No real leader at QB – secondary is basically gutted after this year, holes in the O line next year and no real go to wide out AND a frappin scary schedule. Defense is getting shored up but it will be rebulding at QB and on offense all over again as Rees failed to grow into the position and he is tremendously handicapped being unable to run and throw deep. Stanford will be teeing off on Saturday night in light of that and the future aint much brighter for 2012. Trying to fill the void with Jumbotrons – rock music and other oddities only serve to highlight the programs failure to launch.

    1. Chris,

      I agree and BK’s illogical exuberance over TR won’t matter if we end up 8-5. At this point I don’t really care who the QB is.

      My main concern is the “TEAM” as C-Dog pointed out. The recent My guys vs CW guys BS extolled in the media by BK demonstrated amazingly poor judgement.

      If you intentionally belittle a specific group of players in the National Media, then what kind of HC do we really have?

      I remember how upset an undefeated Cincy team was when BK bolted early for ND?

      Shameless self promotion can indeed destroy a “TEAM.” At this point, I think we have far greater concerns than TR.

      1. I don’t think he intentionally belittled anyone. It has to be tough having everything you say analyzed and scrutinized everyday. I heard the interview live when he said it and I didn’t think anything of it until I heard ESPN making a big deal out of it. There are stories everywhere.

        Also, just about every coach that takes a job leaves before the bowl game. Nothing new there. Mark Richt left for Georgia and didn’t coach FSU in the National Championship game when he was the OC. There are countless other examples. Once you take a job it is time to move on and go start your career there. If he would have stayed some on here would have been made that he could have been recruiting instead of coaching Cincy in the bowl game. When people leave jobs for better opportunities they don’t stick around until the end of the quarter to help the company finish up strong.

        I’m with you with Rees, I don’t get it. But the guy apparently can get a lot of QB’s. Rees at times doesn’t look like a BCS QB at all but we have won 8 of 9. How about what he did with those QB’s at Cincy. Imagine what he’ll do with a true big time QB.

      2. Irish,

        I understand your view point, however, loose lips indeed sink ships. When you are paid millions you bet your scrutinized and every word analyzed. One would only have to sit through a few Presidential debates to witness critical review at it’s finest or this site. LOL! And by the way, he is paid more than the President! So he is fair game!

        BK’s reference was not a gaff nor did he display any remorse
        for his national statement when confronted by a reporter at the USC game half time.

        To further exacerbate the problem, BK replied with a smirk and snide tone: “We’re a family and it stays in the family!”
        Interesting, since he’s the one who breeched the mantra 1st he is now advocating?

        Sorry, creating team divisiveness is a morale buster. Especially in public vs the locker room. And he certainly knows better.

        Point #2: You are certainly correct most employees don’t stick around to finish up, however, the exceptional ones do out of respect to their employer.

  15. Hey by the way, does anyone know where that John guy went? His comments above prove that he offered to fly my wife and me to Palo Alto in his private jet for the game! I think he was bluffing because, when I told him I’m in his gridsquare, he seemingly bailed.

    John, where are ya man?! 🙂

      1. Yeah I was just joking around. It’s a nice offer but I don’t think I’d travel w/ my wife and folks I’ve never met.

    1. It isn’t anything yet. They haven’t even played.

      I do know, (with the excepton of LSU and Houston) that anyone can get beat.
      That was proven just this past week.

      I know you can have a Heisman winning , Hall of Fame QB, but if you can get pressure on him, he becomes very average. And beatable.

      I know ND plays well on the road.

      I know the field that Stanford plays on is slippery as duck shit. If the weather is bad (like wind and rain) the team that can run between the tackles has an advantage.
      Cerre Wood runs pretty well between the tackles.

      I know Stanford had trouble with the speed players of Oregon.

      I exspect George Atkinson to take over for Jonas Gray.
      Atkinson has some pretty amazing speed.

      I know our defense is a hell of a lot better than the one Stanford saw last year and has been getting better with each game.

      I know Stanford has a lot of pressure on them to stay in the BCS hunt and MUST win.

      ND already has their bowl game in their back pocket. Even if they lose to the number 6 team in the nation, they will still most likely go to the Champs Bowl in Florida. There is a lot less pressure on ND for once.

      When you have very little to lose and a whole lot to gain, you can become a very dangerous team.

      And I know when a team loses a great team player like a Jonas Gray, it often brings the team closer together.

      1. Shazamrock,

        I usually agree with your posts, but this time I have to disagree. The QB play is either lights out or horrendous. I can tell you that it will take me one series to tell if ND is going to win the game. If Reese misses a wide open receiver, overthrows or Stanford drops eight it will be a long night. He is streaky and I am hoping and praying he is hot for this game. If not the Irish get beat and beat bad. Stanford will put at least 24 on the board maybe even more.

  16. All I know is Saturday is gonna be damn ugly. After struggling and going into the typical conservative play calling with 8 minutes to go against BC last week, it isnt a game I am looking forward to seeing or witnessing is more like it. ND is still not really in the mix with most top 25 teams. It is a shame especially after waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for something to truly change. Maybe next year but then again maybe not.

    1. Well, thank you so much for sharing your many years of college football expertise and all you know!

      Maybe instead of watching the game, you should just attend a Justin Bieber concert.

      1. Been a fan for life… good for you.
        I wasn’t even talking to you.
        I was talking to “Chris” so stick your head between your legs and kiss your own dumbass.

        And btw, don’t you think you should get back on your meds before trying to converse with people in public?

    2. Chris,
      I agree that if ND comes out flat the game will get ugly. But the difference with this ND team is that they have legitimate talent. The loss of Gray is huge, but as others pointed out, alot of guys were sick last week. That I did not know until Monday so I have changed my tune a bit from some of my postgame thinking on Saturday.

      When we saw 4 top ten teams fall last week, I would be careful about making that prediction.

      If we are healthy and can do a reasonable job of “replacing” Gray with some production, I think it will be a good game.

  17. We live in an age of instant gratification.

    Whether its food from a resturant, or Championships on a football field.
    We all want it, we want it all, and we want it NOW.

    So many say TR is not the answer at QB because we didn’t contend for a BCS title, or go 11-1 or 10-2. this year.
    TR has started 14 games.(about 1 full seasons worth)He is 11-3 as a starter. He wins games. Unfortunetly for Tommy, based on many of the fans here on this site, he just doesn’t win them the way THEY would like.

    You know how absurd that sounds? These people, to me , come off sounding like spoiled little children.

    Yeah, Tommy can’t run, Tommy can’t throw the deep ball, Tommy turns the ball over too much. Tommy locks on to Micheal Floyd too much.

    Then agian, TR didn’t benefit from red-shirting as a freshmen. He got thrown into battle when Dayne Crist went down late last year and won the final 4 games to get ND to a bowl game… which he also won.

    TR WILL benefit from another year in the weight room. I doubt it will help his srambling ability, but it should help with throwing the deep ball better.

    Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen rarly ran the football. They had the “threat” to run, which TR doesn’t, and I guess that’s a really big deal for some folks.

    Some may say this is excuse making. I say it’s the natural evolution of the college QB process.

    I see a QB that wins games. Who has earned the trust of his team mates. Who has helped build chemistry. Who has compiled a remarkable amont of experience in a very short time. And who will only get better with time (if allowed)

    I just wish others saw it that way too.

    I suggest before ripping into TR, one should first go to the official ND Football Web site and read his BIO to date.

    1. You have painted a complete picture of TR, which I agree with. He can’t run, he can’t throw a deep ball much, he tends to turn the ball over alot and throw into double coverage (still). However, with the help of the team around him, he usually finds a way to win. He is calm and doesn’t get rattled. Most of the time he manages his games effectively.

      So why can’t it be BOTH? He has strengths AND weaknesses. I don’t fault Tommy for not taking us to a BCS game. That’s not his fault. But I will say that, to be an elite team, you need a QB who can throw a deep ball and doesn’t turn the ball over.

      For the time being, TR is the only answer we have. But, in the future, I am hoping a more dynamic QB emerges. I don’t think that’s being “spoiled”, but hoping for marked improvement.

      1. JDH,

        Really can’t say if TR will is, or isn’t the answer.

        At this point I don’t think anyone can. That’s my point.

        He has been a “Starter” for all of 14 games. That’s like him just now completing his freshmen season.

        Barring injury, he will have a full 16 games under his belt when next season rolls around.

        With another year of review, work, and weight room time, I exspect much, much better from him next year.

        I know people really hate the whole “next year” thing, but like it or not, that’s college football.
        Developing 18,19,& 20 year olds doesn’t happen overnight.

        Heck, it took Jonas Gray 4 years of practice, work on his fundimentals, and time in the weight room, to get where he did this year… his senior year.

        I really don’t think Tommy has done all that bad, for what I consider a “Freshmen”
        I’m willing to give him one more off-season to take his game to the next level.

      2. Givent that it’s a team game, I tend not to like when one player is singled out as the hero or the goat.

        Frankly I am more concerned that this team get over the leadership barrier and learn how to take the fight themselves to their opponent. I still don’t feel like Kelly and staff trust the players. I also feel like the players sometimes feel suffocated. Not in terms of discipline because I think that is the one area in which a coach is justified having a heavy hand. I am talking about playing field decision making. They can be more effective if it’s their game not just the coach’s. And that might be the next step.

    2. Shaz ( btw cool name for this site )
      Shaz: I’m NOT -MOST are not spoiled children who “want it now” as you say. I just keep hoping for the next year and the next and SOMETHING major other than the “moral victory” over USC ( or under ) as we lost courtesy of the Bush Push. The “almosts” and “yeah but” and “wait til this guy gets in” has been honestly since the latter part of the Lou Holtz era. (I LOVE LOU AND MISS HIM A LOT-HE WAS ENTITLED TO A MEDIUM YEAR OR SO AFTER ALL HE HAD DONE FOR ND) That said, I’m still “waiting” –that’s hardly instant gratification when a program has not not made something marquee since the gut wrenching last second field goal from Boston College on the last play of the last game of 93. Rees has his moments. I wish success to him—but we at ND need to get off the toilet or do something to play or even THINK of being on the field with Bama or LSU or Oklahoma or whoever. We COULD–but I pray we don’t continue this snail pace at finding “someone” to do “something” –18 years is a long time for a program like this. Again, Shaz, that is not demanding instant gratification. Hardly at all.
      Think about it.

      1. Irisheye62,

        20 + years is a long time.
        Too long for a program like ND.

        One would think that ND learned its lesson when it hired Jerry Faust. A guy with no college head coaching experience.

        But then you have Bob Davie, and Charlie Weis.

        Ty Willingham was a head coach and really not that bad.
        He just couldn’t recruit.

        I think Brian Kelly has the best resume’ of anyone since Holtz.

        Hey, even Willingham got 3 years, isn’t BK at least worth twice that much?

  18. I love the moxie that Rees brings. His reads are pretty good and he makes some tight throws.

    I also believe we will not get to the next level with the LSU’s and Bama’s if he remains the QB. BC showed glaring weakness in his lack of ability to run the ball. He can’t make the deep throw either and misses on passes he should not. I would love to see the kid prove me wrong. But sometimes heart will not trump talent. He has more than half the TO’s. That has to stop especially going in to the farm.

    Golson is the type QB that Kelly needs in his system. I think he gives Tommy competition in the spring.

    1. Rees does not prevent ND from being on the elite level. A.J. McCarron is not an elite QB; McElroy was a good QB, but he wasn’t the reason Bama went 14-0. Alabama and LSU are the best teams because of their line play and defensive speed and playmaking ability.

      If ND goes 8-5 this year, it would be a failure and a step back (especially with the opportunistic schedule). I was hoping Hendrix would be able to get some valuable PT this year because I think he’s the 2nd best option and possibly the starter next year. It’s too bad that this team didn’t either get big enough leads to get him in the game, or that Kelly didn’t play him when the lead was big.

      Next year could be brutal with that schedule. Hopefully the Irish can whoop the tree this weekend.

  19. We will never know what Crist could have done for us on a good day. I think it was too easy of a decision, for BK to leave TR as the starting QB based on his previous starts. So, I really believe BK was never 100% all in with Dayne as a starter. Especially, by allowing TR excessive continuous turnovers and poor play certainly confirm this on going saga.

    I remember BK stating he could coach players on their turnovers; “that is fixable.” I also think BK thought he could coach TR past his shortcomings to achieve elite QB status. I also remember BK getting very defensive about TR’s record when one of the SB reporters simply asked: “What did you think of TR’s play today?”

    BK has all his eggs in one QB for this year and next as he is entitled to. However, I think irisheye62 has certainly identified a nervous agitated look on BK’s face. I think BK is a bright guy and now cleary understands the magnitude of his decision. The only salient feature of this offense is the obvious 100% shot-gun approach?? Not sure this is going to get us into a BSC bowl? Ever.

  20. They are million dollar questions.
    And–I did not take it to be sarcasm whatsoever.
    You are spot on.
    Turnovers have absolutley killed us this year.
    With half of the turnovers gone, we are 10-1 –maybe —11-0 even though USC ( and it kills me to say this) ran through our defensive line big time like holes in swiss chesse.
    I sometimes wonder if ND needs the intensity of a Spurrier combined with the passion of a Woody Hayes or Bo. Are those kind of folks gone?
    I ‘m not so sure Ohio State North High Street Institution will get Meyer.
    Rumor is that he “bought a place” in Arlington–that’s the elite spot of Columbus nearest to the campus, but real estate deals do not show it nor do very fine friends of mine in real esate say it or know.
    Would Meyer be a fit here?
    He doesn’t stay in one place for very long.
    NOt sure.
    As for BK, I just see more agitated gut wrenching looks on his face than any other. We are not the disciplined team we could be with late hits, turnovers and a few other penalties which have cost us some valueable points, yards, field position or all three.
    I just don’t know.
    If we lose to Stanford and a bowl game, we are 8-5 –again.
    Here is hoping—but I hope it’s not smoke and mirrors.
    We had enough of that with Ty and prior to that the most vanilla, mediocre way too long era of Bob spineless, two faced Davie that should NOT have existed at all at ND. Thanks for nothing Mr. Wadsworth ( I know he’s not with us anymore, but he spun this in the first place and the chasm it has placed on ND was a mess and I just HOPE and pray BK can fix it)
    We cannot play the way we do and expect to be BCS, much less win BCS and heaven help us, National Titles. The potential is there;it just has to be brought out and maximized. THAT is what a teacher/Coach does. Am I right?
    I guess I’m tired of “waiting” until “that year” or “that portion of the schedule” will tell us. Is that too much to ask? With the exception of a few games -five at the most, It has been since Lou Holtz in late 96 that I’ve seen electric. I bleed Blue and Gold and Green and breathe ND football. Anybody else? BK -beam us up!!!!!
    GO ND!!!

  21. To those who may know more about the game than myself, does anyone think that TR is staying in to build up for a very tough schedule next year?
    Do you think BK is doing trial and error things including some bad calls while looking ahead? I’m just wondering if he is not doing some experimenting. Seriously–looking at times where we have choked and could potentially be 10-1 ( maybe even 11-0)
    does anyone think that he is arranging the furniture so to speak for the purpose of looking ahead? I honestly think ND should go MORE -MUCH more ground game. However, we don’t have the speed we need to be dynamite. I think ND COULD–but it’s just not top tier–yet.. Will it be?? anyone?
    I would respectfully listen to all comments ( minus sarcasm) LOve the Irish, but we need to REALLY win a BIG game for the sake of the Program. As you all know, we HAVE big games next year! What is BK thinking. I honestly think he looks constipated half of the time with a demeanor of a bulldog. Maybe he is thinking–his record speaks well of him. I hope he can lead us with GOOD decisions to greater heights!

    1. Irisheye62- I think those are million dollar questions. I personally think BK looks constipated because he knows the qb he has in Rees, a pretty good game manager whose weaknesses are very clear and very well-documented. And I think it worries and frustrates him to no end. Tommy has a great offensive line and great receivers. And granted, he’s used them effectively for short/medium passes this year. But you cannot be an elite team without an elite QB. Almost never happens.

      I LIKE Tommy Rees alot. I think he has done a great job with the abilities that he has! He has had moments of greatness, such as the Michigan comeback drive. No doubt. But we need him, or someone, to throw an accurate deep ball and not be so apt to throw INTs. But again, maybe he had the flu too, and I’m not being sarcastic with that comment.

  22. To Shaz and C-Dog:
    I had no idea about the flu situation until you guys mentioned it. That changes my perspective on the “tepid effort” comments above. However, my comments about Rees still stand. He is really worrying me although yes, he does find a way to win. Was Rees sick?

  23. Shaz is right! I was at the game and didn’t know about the flu. It looked pathetic. But then you learn about how many players went down even through Friday night and were on IVs. You then understand. ND needs for the pollsters to get that message loud and clear. Hopefully a good effort this week and they can broadcast it in the post game news conference.

    Rees? Well, he’s still got a long way to go, but I like his effort. I feel a bit bad for both he and Crist because they could flourish with coaching that pushes them but then allows them to take command. Rees sometimes seems like he’s too locked into the formula. And let’s face it, Floyd for the first time since his freshman year looked sloppy. However, he was tough on those short catches and runs with 3 guys trying to tackle him.

    I hate the music in that stadium. Yeah it gets the older but not so old people up on their feet, but it makes us like everywhere else. Like Michigan, and SEC school or Penn State. The half time show was bad too. I hate those super bowl like shows where there is a rock band on the field.

    Well Saturday will be a fun game. And what will be even better is that it will be two teams with real students who have respectable academic credentials. Like it always should be.

    1. C-Dog / JDH

      Heard the wind was real bad too.

      It’s hard to tell when you are watching on TV.

      The field goals looked real good, but the kick-offs looked real bad.

      On the interception that Rees threw that was supposed to be a screen pass, I sure hope that he was sick with Yellow fever, Malaria, Craw-paw, Hammer toes, something… because that is a pick that someone with is experience just isn’t supposed to make any more.
      Can’t blame that one on the wind!

      I was really worried about the onside kick. We have been in those situations so many times before where we screwed the pooch.

      I really think BC did us a BIG favor by kicking it to Toma!

      What were they thinking?

      1. Shaz- Thanks for reminding me about Ruffer. Can’t believe I forgot to give him his props! Without his leg, that game was a loss. Toma has really stepped up too.

      2. The wind was very bad in the stands. It was going south to north. It kind of held up the ball a little going toward the south endzone, but not noticeably. I may have knocked a northerly kicked ball down.

        Kick offs did not appear to be affected for distance. Brindza just messed up going for coffin corner kickoffs.

        And the rugby punts were not required. Instead they could have pooch punted or kicked to the corner.

        On passing, Rees seems to not rifle to ball enough. I can say BC found out we dont cover the out route into the flat for 8 to 12 yards very well. And their QB put just the right zip on the ball on those passes. Rees didn’t read the defense well in on similar out routes. Nor did he get the right touch. He either threw low or weak, or way to hard. I’d like to see how much spin he gets on the ball because something just doesnt look right at times.

        I will say that the recievers seemed to adjust to the ball better going south and into the wind. Perhaps the ball hanging instead of floating away and not looking back into the wind helped.

        On offense, I was more dissapointed that the offensive line wasn’t more effective after the first two series. And I was more upset that the run was abandoned so early. Even with Gray hurt, Atkinson could have come in. Rees plays better when the weght of the team is not on him.

        I hope this offense can find it’s identity because frankly that identity was Jonas Gray.

  24. What a gutty effort by ND.

    We used to lose games like these.

    With half the team down sick with the flu, guys on I.V.’s before the game, players missing practice all week, and then they lose arguably their best running back.

    Give them credit, they found a way to win.

    Rees went 24-39 for 256 yards, no TD.s(although Floyd dropped a wide open deep ball that was an easy 6) and 1 INT. Not great, but also, not that bad.
    Especially when you consider that ND had to start inside their own 10 yard line on 5 different possestions. Always worry about a turn over in that situation, but it never happened, thankfully.

    ND can absolutly beat Stanford. Just one look at any number of games played this past weekend witll tell you that.

    What has happened with our kick off game? We started the season with our kicker booming the ball out of the endzone. Now he can’t even keep the ball in play?

    ND refuses to block for a possible punt return. They refuse to go after a punt, so we got pinned back time after time.

    The only good thing I can say about the kicking game is our field goal kicker seems to be back in his grove, and we did a good job of covering the on-sides kick to end the game.

    Lots of things to work on this week.

  25. Guys, how do we know we know? Here’s the big picture! We lose our last two games heading into next year all bets are off on BK’s job stability; a tip from the last two ND Head Coaches. History tends to repeat itself. ND will give you three years to get into a BCS bowl conversation if not you already know the answer.

    The recent new standard is now looming and I hope we end the season 10-3! Otherwise, make no mistake, we lose to Standford + a bowl game (which could be a ranked team)and the drums begin beating for a new ND HC. 1-3 or possibly 1-4 against ranked teams will be viewed as a failed season regardless the number of trivial wins.

    Seems fair? Well, it certainly is when ND is paying millions for a desired outcome. No pressure just win! Or the revolving door will indeed push you out! Unfortunately, 8-5 head coaches are dime a dozen.

  26. JDH,

    Have you ever played football or wrestled? I betting NOT. I did at the IU under Coach Mallory; furthermore, Reese “MAY” not make it at the next level but he wins. There is nothing better than a winner. Hopefully Grey is healthy for Standford because without him I don’t think the beat the Cardinal in Palo Alto. You come to Indy and I will fly you out on my private jet. our acommodations are supurb. I don’t even know you or your”wife”; however, I will take you with me. Let’s just hope Jonas is healthy. If he is I promise ND beats Standford and move to the final 14, get invited to a BCS and win a narrow victory.


    John D. Ward
    Preferred Planning & Associates
    1075 Broad Ripple Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN

    1. John,
      To answer your questions: Yes to football, no to wrestling. Also, I was a Division 1 scholarship athlete and 4-year letterman as a lacrosse player in college. So, you know what they say about assumptions. Congrats on being a wrestler.

      In regards to Rees, I have stuck with him all along. But I was, as you could see by my post, extremely frustrated by his play on Saturday. Your observations about Rees winning are the same I have made over and over again. But his lack of improvement in throwing the long ball is troubling. His propensity to throw into double/triple coverage is even more troubling. And with the schedule next year, I stand by what I said. I HOPE that Golson or Hedrix beats him out. Just my opinion. Cheers.

      1. John,
        By the way, when I said “Congrats on being a wrestler”, that was not sarcasm. That’s a sport that takes extreme discipline and you have my respect for doing it at the college level. Also, if your offer is sincere, thank you very much. Very nice that you’d invite a complete stranger to Palo Alto. And my wife is a HUGE college football fan.

        P.S. I’m already in your neck of the woods actually.

  27. My god what a tepid effort last night. Thank goodness for a stingy, intense ND defense or that was yet another loss at the hands of BC, a 3-7 suckfest of a team. Rees was absolutely horrible last night. He almost had 3 or 4 interceptions, at least one for a pick six. There are times where he looks like he’s shown no improvement whatsoever in 2 years. But somehow he got the W. His overthrow of Floyd was very costly and he was lucky Eifert made such an incredible one-handed grab.

    Grade overall for Saturday was a D+. I have stuck with Rees because I’ve thought he was he best choice. But I pray for Hendrix or Golson to beat him out next year. If they come out against Stanford like they did this week, Stanford will score 40+ points on us, especially without Gray. Speaking of which, all my best to #25. Love that guy. But the 2010 schedule is much too difficult to have Tommy Rees as the C- “game manager”. He makes a long pass play one every 3 or 4 games. He is just so one-dimensional. Sigh. The only positive thing I can say is, yeah it’s a W, barely! And nice job D.

  28. Reese is to streaky and can’t run. If BK hitched his wagon to Reese this team will never be better than 9-3e . He makes to many mistakes and this team needs more e starter. consistent effort from the QB position. I have never been a fan of Reese as a starter and don’t care what his recird is. After they lose to Stanford you will see why he shouldn’t be the starter. I hate to say this but Stanford winning 31-13. With Gray out the offense is in trouble.

  29. There will be no QB competition next year. It is clear that Tommy is the QB at ND. The only competition next year is who will back him up, Hendrix or Golsen.

    When you look at Tommy’s body of work since the Tulsa game, ND is 12-4. The Tulsa games was his first and despite the INT at the end of the game, he did drive them into FG range. I put the INT on Kelly because they should have been playing for the FG. I also think that decision was the turning point for Kelly on how he was going to coach this team. It was no longer about the high-octane offense, it was simply about winning.

    In the S. Florida game, Rees did have some mistakes, but the team looked better with him at QB. Again, I think Kelly learned something about the whole QB competition thing from this game and I think that is why we will not see another QB competition next year.

    Again, Rees made some mistakes in the Michigan loss, but he did lead them to a TD with around a minute to play.

    Finally, their was the USC loss. Rees didn’t fumble the snap and if you remember, he came in right after that and lead them on a TD drive to make it 24-17. The killer play was the fumbled screen after the missed field goal. That could have just as easily been on Wood.

    I would love to see the other QB’s and I’m not on the Tommy bandwagon, it’s just that I’m starting to see the writing on the wall and if this is how it’s going to be, I’m going to start looking at the reality of it. ND has won 75% of the games that Tommy has been involved in and when ND has won about 57% of their games in the last 20 years, I’ll take it. I’m also starting to realize that he is a Sophomore. Quinn and Clausen didn’t win 75% their games in their first two years.

    Rees may never have a cannon for an arm and he may never be able to run like Tebow, but he is a smart kid that is figuring out how to read defenses and he can correct his mistakes. Kelly has been coaching a long time, so if he is cormfortable with Rees, I guess I’ll have to as well because he has 2 more years of eligiblity.

    1. 12-14, which next year and the following year equates to two 9-3 seasons. That is what Rees brings to the table and is all an immobile, weak armed, albeit accurate short passer with moxy can be. So, it is not terrible and won’t get BK fired, but man it is tough on those who have higher aspirations.

    2. 2012 schedule is going to show, I believe, why the fair hair wonder boy has many limitations and then we’ll see if Mr. Kelly is still sold on him. That schedule is a killer and ND needs to be more sharper on all 3 aspects of play (especially offense), far more required than what they’ve shown this year.

  30. I have lost all respect for Tommy the whimp. All he can do is hand the ball off and pass out of the pocket. I have tried to support him but when Floyd was forced to an end around after catching a pass, The Whimp missed a block because he chickened out and Wood picked it up. I don’t care if your the QB or not, you pick up the block. After looking at the recent tapes of Golsens senior year, wow if he can perform that way next year, it will change the entire complexity of the offense. Once again I say can’t wait till next year and were all tired of saying that. If Ohio State gets Meyer, shame on us. Remember the quick exit of Willingham?

  31. I love nd; but brian kelly is the wrong guy. forcing christ on us. cost us two games. no defense in two years. diaco is not the guy. so much poor offensive play calling. this hurry up offense is a joke. it rattles the players more than overcoming any defensive weaknesses. where is the grind it out offensive, with our huge offensive line. so many interceptions, penalties. riddick could care less. kelly has clearly failed to inspire this team. you watch lsu or alabama, those guys want to play football. these guys dont. only the poor quality of our opponents has given us a mediocre season. again swarbrick, like kevin white did five times, picked a guy who failed to inspire. if they have any heart left. let them play the game of their lives next week. then fire swarbrick, kelly and diaco. and start over. urban meyer, bret bielema

    1. You have got to be kidding me. Kelly is not the wrong guy, this team has won 8 out of 9 and are ranked in the top 25. They haven’t lost a game in November since he’s been here. Just because they don’t beat a team by 50 doesn’t make him the wrong guy.

      As far as the defense, they are ranked #22 in total defense and #28 in yards per game. Please explain why Diaco is so bad.

      A hurry-up offense that is averaging almost 450 yards a game is a joke, come on. ND is one of the few teams that play BCS teams each and every week. They are not going to have blow outs every week. Just be excited that they won.

      Kelly may not “inspire” this team, but he has taught them how to win a close game. If you haven’t noticed a change in the way ND competes, you haven’t been paying attention to how the’ve been playing the last 20 years.

      It’s time to stop tearing this team down and start supporting them. Look at the talent that is being developed, the kind of kids being recruited, and please tell me again why we should start over.

      Kelly is building a foundation that I like and while it may not be pretty, it is the best thing that has happened to this team in 20 years.

    2. WHAT are you talking about???? ND is 8-3 at this point and won 8 of 9. Not great, but considering the miserable start to the season it is pretty good. We have to quit comparing everything to LSU and Bama, they are the two best teams this year. Look at Oklahoma, preseason Number #1 and they have two losses. Oregon 2 losses.

      BK is building what looks to be a good program. Only time will tell, but the guy has won everywhere he has been. The comment about no defense is ridiculous. THis is the best D we have had in years. We won at least 3 games this year because of the D. Think about it, no way on earth we beat Pitt and BC in years past. Watching the BC game I kept thinking of years past and knowing we would give up a late score to lose.

      I don’t know if we can beat Stanford, but they have a NFL QB and we don’t so that could be the difference in the game. Looks like a 9-4 season which at the end of the day is not really good but it is progress. The biggest thing BK needs to figure out moving forward is the QB situation. In football these days it is all about the QB and one thing we can all agree on is that Rees is not the long term answer.

      I know all about Rees’ record as a starter but he doesn’t pass the eye test. But hey, I’l be rooting for him next Saturday. It’s another chance for a statement win.

      1. I agree with you about Rees, but I’m getting the feeling BK doesn’t see it that way. He talks all the time about getting guys in because “they are going to have to play a lot for us next year”. He is not doing that with the QB position. I think it’s time we all realize that Tommy is the guy. Kelly doesn’t care about the eye test because when he was asked about Tommy in the press conference after the game he said he is 12-2 as a starter.

        I think what Kelly likes about Rees is his ability to get the team into the right play and if he is this good at it as a Soph, he is only going to get better.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rees for 2 more years, Hendrix for his Senior year, and Golson starting as a Jr.

        I know kids can get injured, but until we start losing consistantly with Rees instead of winning consistantly with him, he’s the guy. Remember, in the Michigan game, he drove them to a lead with 30 seconds left. As much as he doesn’t pass the eye test, Rees is the guy because I think Kelly learned his lesson from the last QB competition.

      2. scav,

        I agree Kelly loves Tommy and Tommy is Kelly’s guy and that is not going to change not now or next year and beyond.

        Kelly’s fate as a coach at ND will rest on TR shoulders, simular to Urban’s investment in Tebow.

        Tommy wins the next two games and it is cast in granite! I don’t like it but hey it is America.

      3. Unfortunately, SCAV, you express something that I have been “dread thinking” more so lately. I think it is getting clear the fair haired wonder boy will not be knocked of his Brian Kelly built pedestal unless he gets hurt, starts losing, or starts to turn the ball over more than even now. I am guessing Golson will surpass Hendrix next year because I believe he is better than AH (if he even stays at ND, he may be a little dismayed that a non-traditional spread QB who can’t run the ball, is trying to run the offense he was specifically recruited/brought in to do, and may be around for another TWO years thereby further limiting his time & he transfers (think Zac Kustok who went to Northwestern and did great there running a spread after leaving ND)-stranger things have happened) or he may win the QB battle come next spring (OH I PRAY FOR THAT). I’m just not a fan of the fair haired wonder boy AKA Tommy Rees.

  32. I wish Kelly would of tried to put Hendrix in to see if he could run through some of those zone defenses. As a fan I get tired of watching turnover Tommy he essentially should of had three INTS. Don’t get me wrong I love ND football, I just don’t see whats so great about him. He’s not the future… I feel so bad for Jonas he will be missed deeply well its time to give Atkinson some reps… Or even a package for Hendrix… I pray that Golson gets a shot he is the future did anyone see what the kid from Baylor did to Oklahoma they are the same player…

  33. Unbelievable misfortune for Jonas. Not the way to end a year considering what happened to him in the first game. The fair hair wonder boy continuing to show how limited he really is (and don’t quote me no win-loss record for the “boy” either, that is quite misleading). It will be a very challenging game next week against the Cardinal.

  34. Certainly a frighting snap shot of things to come. BC a 3-7 team had the perfect defensive storm planned for TR and it almost worked! BC basically said: We’ll give you the 40 “dink” passes to see if you can beat us! BC decided they had no worries on the long ball or TR’s running threat!

    Rest assured, Standford will watch tape all week on TR’s performace against BC! Bad news! Standford has a high probability they can make the same TR defensive plan work even better than BC.

    I hate to say it, all future teams we face will now be jumping on this bandwagon because it is no longer a mystery how one-dimensional TR is.
    Eventually, the loses will start to pile up if BK stays the course. Hopefully, I am wrong! Tommy gets wheels in the off season??

      1. fxm,

        That is a refreshing thought, however, I am not highly optimistic on that happening. Dayne should have went in the 2nd half of the USC game!

  35. As I watch USC make mince meat out of Oregon’s defense, and knowing that USc got 7 on the fumble return and 7 on an 18 yard drive off of Wood’s turnover, I wonder if Diaco maybe gets a bad wrap. We’ve had a lot of injuries on D and that is what saved our butts today.

  36. It seems like jonas is definately done, unfortunately. -is there any chance, if theos good to go, that we move him to 2nd RB and let Toma stay at the wide reciever position?

  37. I have not really been down on Rees as much as some of you out there but this game really showed his limitations – as he tried to scramble and run at all this year? Last few weeks several times when coverage was ther and he made no attempt to pick up yardage. Has to be some mobilty there. If Jonas is out next week and the bowl game will be tough. Rees really showed how to defend him today

    1. I love the team, but I am not sure we score more than 6 points next week. Stanford will defend us like Pittsburgh and BC did with far better athletes.

  38. I can’t ever remember a season where I disliked watching a QB play more than this one. And the thought of him still being behind center next year………

  39. Why doesn’t Tommy get more respect?

    He is 8 and 2 as a starter, about seventh all time.

    He has showed steady improvement and leapt forward last game in an amazing way.

    At this point, he has a good shot at starting the next 28 games


  40. This game reminds me of losses vs. UCONN and Syracuse, but I keep telling myself things are different now. We crushed Utah last year, so hopefully we’ve onto the next chapter…. the Brian Kelly area. The ND nose dives in November under Weis were sickening.

  41. Shaz,

    This game scares me more than most, it almost seems like BC will rip an arm off and beat you with it. So, looking at the polls and reading press clippings won’t get you past these guys. Better bring the lunch pail because we’re going to need it. The Eagles are never short on passion!

  42. I have followed this series for years.

    ND better come ready to play because BC will rub your nose in it if you don’t.

    Some years back, there was the highly rank ND team that went into Chestnut Hill and got upset by the Eagles.
    Their fans stormed the field with the final seconds ticking off the clock.
    There was cursing and spitting by the fans directed at the ND players who were only trying to shake their opponents hands and offer congradulations.
    A show of class and sportsmenship by the ND players if you will. (“Class and Sportsmenship” not two terms often associated with the BC football program back then)

    Then there was the game at ND stadium where the Irish were upset once agian by BC. Winning a hard fought game wasn’t enough for them. One of their, less than intelegent players, had to rip up a piece of ND field turf and wave it around in a show of disrespect.

    And of course, lets not forget the stories of them trashing the locker rooms on more than one occasion.

    Get them down, keep them down, put them away. Do that, and EVERYONE will be better off!

    1. Go to UTUBE: Tim Tebow Kisses Demaryius Thomas. It definately went viro. Pucker up guys! The new standard after making a 52 yard winning field goal! SICK!

    2. Neither side has the monopoly on class or the lack of same in this rivalry.

      In 1993 BC came to ND unranked the week after ND had beaten FSU to take over the #1 spot in the polls. I don’t have to tell anyone what happened.

      An interesting observation was made by Chris Collinsworth, (Austin’s dad) in the 3rd quarter of that game. He pointed out that the previous year (1992) ND had been ahead of BC 37-0 in the 3rd quarter and the ND punter went back to punt and it was a fake punt which he ran for a 1st down. The camera showed the nD players on the sideline having a yuk about it and then the camera showed the BC players on the other sideline watching them.

      There is NOTHING classy about running up the score.

      As I said – neither side has the monopoly on class or the lack of same in this series.

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