Wake Up the Echoes – 2012 Kickoff Edition

wake up echoes
With Notre Dame set to kickoff another season, we bring you this week's edition of Wake up the Echoes. (Photo - Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE)

The dawn of another season is upon us. The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are in Dublin ready to kick off season three of the Brian Kelly Era and for at least one week, all Notre Dame fans can still dream about a season where all of the what ifs work out in Notre Dame’s favor.

With the new season here, we kick off our weekly Wake Up the Echoes column featuring a series of Notre Dame related videos to get you sufficiently pumped up for the weekend’s game.

It’s tough for me to go a single Wake Up the Echoes post without posting this video from the ’93 Florida State game. I love it. It gets me pumped up. You should probably get used to it.


Some highlights from last year when Notre Dame finally got back to beating Navy like, well, Notre Dame should beat Navy.


And a promo for this year’s contest in Dublin.


A great trailer for the 2012 season.


And another one from the same Youtube user. Good work over there koheeler95.


We’re going inside ’em, we’re going outside ’em. Inside ’em and outside ’em.


This has nothing to do with Notre Dame football at all, but it is sports related and is from a movie depicting one of the greatest victories in USA Olympic history and I love America.


Don’t care how inaccurate the movie may actually be… I watch Rudy before the start of every season and am watching it as I prepare this post. Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudy… Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuudy… Gets me every time.


And if you can watch this clip and not get a little choked up… well then you either don’t have a pulse or aren’t a Notre Dame fan.


Get hyyyyyyyped.


Oh yeah, this guy is the quarterback at Notre Dame now.


And is there any other way to close this out for the first Wake up the Echoes of the season. Here Come the Irish!!!


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  1. Haha JC!!!

    That was somethin, wasn’t it?! Nothing like seeing a guy that big motoring down the field!

    GAIII, not much needs to be said here!

    About the secondary, not going to pretend its the most solid unit on the team but i am reserving judgement. Look, the d was sold out on the run today. With an option team like navy your corners are on an island all day long while also having to watch the backfield. Yea navy had success throwin the ball but if you force navy to throw the ball as many times as they did you are going to win. Period. I am in a wait and see mode with the secondary for now until they play a team with a typical offense. We have a while before we see a potent passing attack. MSU’s qb looked atrocious friday night. Hopefully diaco took notes, BRING PRESSURE ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! denard does nothing more than arm punt, purdue is, well, purdue and miami’s offense looked good against a BC team that refused to play defense. We shall see.

  2. What about it JTRAIN!

    Stephon Tuitt! 303lbs 6’6″ of pure muscle locomotion rumbling for a 77 yd. TD! WOW! Them little guys sure scattered the hell out of the way like cock croaches exposed in the light!

    I can’t wait to see him against Purdue.

    WE ARE ND!

  3. Great to be 1-0 and great to start off the year much better than last. Albeit against a very inferior opponent and one of the worst Navy has fielded in years. However, I always admire their kids and truly wish them the best as they play for the most important team of all USA.

    Thoughts on the team:
    RB’s and OL looked real good in a game they had to be. Clearly moving Riddick to wideout was a mistake. When Wood gets back they have a deadly trio of backs. Cam was a nice surprise as well.

    Tough to evaluate EG in this one but he clearly passes the eye test and shows effortless athletic ability. I am excited about seeing him develop.

    WR seems to be a work in progress and we look loaded at TE.

    Front 7 on D dominated as expected. Obviously, the biggest issue is our secondary. WOW, that was not good. Hopefully, that was more a result of game plan and getting caught off guard. Clearly we have work to do to beat some of the teams upcoming.

    All in all the product on the field has improved and I believe we are BCS caliber at OL, RB, DL, TE and LB. However, the secondary is below average to poor. The QB spot definitely shows potential and clearly shows that this is EG’s team.

    On to Purdue. As I stated before, I think this is a classic trap game and hope that we come out with focus.

    Go Irish!

  4. Not pleased with the first half. They better get that secondary fixed or it’s going to be a long year. Another Redzone turnover

    1. Jack,
      Me neither. The offense looks tough but one dimensional. I am not concerned as this is Golson’s 1st start. His passes do look a bit off target. 2nd half is showing some unfortunate relaxation by the Irish.
      My take on positives. Both lines look great. The defensive line does need a step, but against any pro style offenses, look out, they’ll pressure the QB. Linebackers? Teo looks great.

      Cornerbacks stink at this point. They will have major problems unless that unit gets fixed. Poor coverage, and poor tackling.

      Special teams looks sloppy and lackluster.

      They still need much improvement to be ready for the better teams.

      1. C-Dog,
        I think Navy went to that spread and calledt ND off guard. Diaco should have called a time out after the 38 yd reception. I think you’ll see a different defense after this game. However they need to start Atkinson or Brown.

      2. Jack,
        I hope you are correct. Because the corners looked worse that i’ve seen in, well ever at Notre Dame.

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