Making Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series Helmet

Notre Dame uniforms for next weekend Shamrock Series showdown with Miami in Chicago caused quite a stir when they were unveiled because of the rather untraditional helmet the Irish will be sporting.  Whatever your feelings may be regarding their design and their departure from tradition, after watching the video of them being made, you have to at least have an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into each one. Troy Lee Designs posted the video below to Facebook yesterday showing the process involved in creating each helmet Notre Dame will be wearing next weekend.

I still am not a big fan of the helmets. The jerseys I actually quite like. The helmets though have yet to grow on me. Still, I do respect the work and level of detail that had to go into creating each one.

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  1. Todd and SteelfanRob,

    I agree with both of your concerning this game. I think the defense will make enough plays to stop Miami and win the game, but I disagree with your offensive anaylsis in some ways. First, if ND is forced to score points BK will have to open up the offense. I also think that Miami is going to stick 8 in the box to make Golson beat them, this will leave the corners on an island and make LB’s cover TE one on one. This will be a problem for Miami as they will not be able to cover Eifert, Niklas or any of ND’s wideouts in man to man coverage. Plus BK I think with an extra week will open up the offense a little more and spread the field. Miami will have to keep LB’s on the field because BK will have two TE’s on the field and can easily switch into a power running offense if Miami goes to a nickle or dime package.

    Finally, BK will have a weeks worth of practice with getting Cierra Wood into the game. Feed this kid the ball, he will make things happen.

    The defensive side of the ball and the secondary scares me, but if the Irish are able to limit the Miami QB to 2-3 seconds to find a receiver the defensive secondary should be able to hold. Also, conditions for the South Florida kids are going to be sloppy and may favor ND.

    I don’t think this is a blow out by any stretch of the imagination and if ND can’t score and the offense we have seen for the past three games shows up I don’t think 17 points gets the victory, but I am hoping the offense takes a step forward which I think they will.

  2. Todd,

    Totally agree with you!

    However, if the ND-Miami game turns into “an offensive slugfest,” the Irish will lose in my opinion. I just don’t think we have the firepower to keep up with Miami or any other high-octane offense.

    That means we need the Irish D to play perhaps it best game of the season thus far at all levels of the D, esp. in the secondary. Ideally, the Irish D sacks Morris 3-5 times, hurries him double that amount, knocks down 2-3 ball at the line, has a few picks, and forces/recovers a fumble or 2. If the D does that, plus throws in a half dozen pass break ups to boot, then I think ND will limit the Cannes to 14-17 points (barring any Canes points on D or Special Teams). That should be enough for ND to win by a couple of scores, say 27-17 or 31-17. Anything more than that would be a most welcome surprise!

  3. Notre Dame starts 4-0 and everyone starts talking about a BCS bowl and possibly playing for the National Championship. I think people need to keep things in perspective, which apparently is impossible for people to do when talking about the Irish. Without a doubt, Notre Dame is vastly improved. I believe this is the best ND team since the early-90’s and its great to see. I also believe they are close to competing for a National Championship, however, they are not there…yet. I don’t say this to be critical, but while the talent level is improving to elite status, they are very inexperienced and their schedule is very, very difficult – and ultimately they are going to lose some games because of this.

    The reality of the situation is this, Notre Dame’s schedule is brutal and this week’s opponent is part of that equation. Miami is a quality team and Notre Dame is going to have to play very well to win. And that seems to be the case almost every week. Stanford, BYU, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, USC… I watched some of the Miami/NC State game this past week and Miami has an explosive offense that can put up a lot of points. I think we may see, perhaps for the first time this year, ND’s inexperienced secondary exposed, unless the front seven can bring a lot of pressure. Miami’s quarterback, the Morris kid, can sling it. In short, Notre Dame is going to have to put up points to win this Saturday. I know Miami’s defense has not been particularly impressive this year, but I don’t believe Notre Dame is going to shut down MIami’s offense. I think this one has the potential to be a bit of an offensive slugfest. Bottom line, Notre Dame’s offense needs to show up this Saturday.

    Go Irish!

  4. I’m just a subway alumni and my opinion doesn’t count but it would seem that Swarbrick would sell the traditon of ND or anything else on campus,if he could make a buck.
    I’ll watch Saturday because I have followed ND since ’64, but not with the enthusiasm of the past- you can be sure that if the price is right-more changes are coming.
    Wait, we could have TD Jesus holding a coporate banner across his chest?

  5. Echoes-Not to be rude but Samardzija will not be taking the field Saturday night. Come to think of it, neither will you or I. Lighten up. The players and recruits get a real kick out this. The only item of consequence is WIN!

    Go Irish! Hooah!

    1. Love the Shark, Great ND football player and outstanding Student Athlete.

      But the message the uniforms make for the Miami game is we are being a little different for one game, and having some fun with it.

      The message you get from the uniform that Samardzija puts on everyday says: “ineptitude”, “wait til next year”, & “Loveable Loser”

      If I were him I would be a bit more careful when it comes to criticizing someone else’s uniform!

      1. Shaz…I wanted to write the same thing!! That Cub uniform is the worst in all of sports. Maybe he should worry more about his 100 loss team, and less about what uniforms are being worn by current college players.

        You know that he would have been the first guy in line to have his picture taken 8 years ago if he had that uniform on.

      2. joey d,

        The uniform shouldn’t make the players look good.

        The players should make the uniform look good!

  6. Face it lads, it’s the times we live in. A little change here and there at times is healthy. Traditional unis will be back, as always. Lighten up. Most of the recruits were dazzled with all of this ‘It’s not your father’s car anymore’ approach. And if you’ve ever been to Oregon and met its citizens you would think you were in a den of paradoxes. One filled with outlandish ideas and yet conservative values. So take heart. Just win the game and keep moving towards the goal.

    Go Irish! Hooah!

  7. Not sure if B/R has changed formats but if so FANTASTIC. Had an email this morning with an attached link and comment reply to my comment re the uniform and helmets for Miami. In past had to try to re-find the original article I had commented on and then sort through a string of comments to MAYBE find the reply to mine made previously. If this is to be an ongoing process I would think it would make people more pro-active in commenting as they find they will see other respondents putting forth their replies to what we have said about a topic. GREAT CHANGE B/R keep up the GREAT WORK.

  8. Swarbrick thankfully said they won’t be getting too creative with the helmets anymore after the feedback he got realizing the single most iconic part of the uniform is the gold helmets that match the dome

  9. I may have the wrong team but didn’t Maryland change uniforms several times last year from their traditional strip?? Following the season after many comments both pro and con the only thing I remember and I am an Irish fan was their team was terrible and their starting QB left for Wisconsin. Seems what a team dresses like means very little if they can’t play. If ND get to a BCS bowl game I am sure what they wear in that game will not be talked about later as much as the outcome of that game and the season in general. Go Irish smash CORRUPTION U.

    1. I liked Maryland’s uniforms. The inability of the avrg sports writer or color anaylist to “get it” regarding taking risks or trying something new? Well that is why they are sports color commentator guys and not something more.

  10. Frank,

    Now that’s a Zorg helment if I ever saw one. I wonder if they have a Samsung Galaxy S-3 or Apple S5 rigged in there. Just think about it JTRAIN, our players could talk to their girl friends while playing football and not get home sick? OH where OH where did my little Lynch go?

    Here come the Battle Star Galactic Irish!

  11. ND’S uniforms for this game ar a work of ART. I mean this sincerely & they reflect the colors (blue n gold) utilized in the famous #1Ohio Scarlett vs The Notre Dame (Terriers) played in Ohio before a crowd of over 80,000 during the great depression / 1935.

    “Even some 70 years later, the Ohio State-Notre Dame game of 1935 is still considered one of the biggest games in not only the history of Ohio Stadium but all of college football.

    In a poll taken in 1950, it was voted by football writers as the Game of the Century.”

  12. Players like them. Recruits like them. I like them. 2 of the 3 matter. Take a guess who doesn’t. It’s not about me or anybody here. End of story. It’s one stinkin game. Our guys work their tails off year around and they want to wear pink uni’s for one game a season so be it. If they win the uni isn’t going to spoil it for me

  13. Both the Jerseys and Helments are both TERRIBLE. If you want to change it up 1 game a year then wear the green. I realize that the green have not worked for us lately, but at least they are not ugly.

  14. CRAPPY HELMETS, CRAPPY UNIFORMS-I CAN NOT STAND IT. I blame Oregon and sport attire companies for this 1000 different type of uniforms that everybody is now adopting. Muniforms suck.

    Go Blue & Gold

    1. Its the world we live in. Kids now a days love being different and they love the latest and the greatest. Regardless of if you like them or not its getting people talking. Go irish beat the canes!!!

  15. Funny, I’m in the opposite camp. I like the helmets, less crazy about the shirts. Not a fan of the shiny numbers. If they were more “flat”, colour-wise, I’d be happier about them.

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