2013 Notre Dame Football Freshman Numbers

Numbers have been assigned for the 2013 Notre Dame football freshmen team members for all but one incoming frosh and as it is every year, it’s fun to run through the numbers and see who got historically significant – and sometimes infamous – numbers.

2013 Notre Dame Freshman Numbers
Num Pos Name
1 RB Greg Bryant
3 CB Cole Luke
8 QB Malik Zaire
9 TE Mike Heuerman
9 LB Jaylon Smith
10 S Max Redfield
15 WR Will Fuller
17 WR James Onwualu
19 LB Doug Randolph
25 RB Tarean Folston
26 CB Rashad Kinlaw
36 CB Devin Butler
42 LB Michael Deeb
54 OL John Montelus
60 OL Hunter Bivin
62 OL Colin McGovern
68 OL Mike McGlunchey
79 OL Steve Elmer
80 TE Durham Smythe
88 WR Corey Robinson
89 DE Jacob Matuska
90 DE Isaac Rochell

All of the numbers that been dealt out, other than Torii Hunter’s which hasn’t been published anywhere yet, can be seen in the table to the right, but here are some notes on the rest.

  • Anytime anyone gets #3 it will draw a lot of attention because of the historical significance of the #3 jersey at Notre Dame.  Originally, Eddie Vanderdoes was set to be one of the first significant defensive players to wear the #3, but that honor now falls to cornerback Cole Luke – that ought to tell everyone a little bit about the staff’s opinion of Luke.
  • After #3, the next number that usually jumps out to me is #25 because my all-time favorite Golden Domer, Rocket Ismail, made the number forever famous in my eyes in the late 80’s.  It’s interesting that Tarean Folston was given the number considering his playmaking skills – hopefully he has close to Ismail’s big play ability.  Jonas Gray most recently wore #25 at running back and made more than his fair share of big plays too.  Of course, Munir Prince wore #25 recently too and despite having “whooooosh” speed, things didn’t work out for him.
  • There hasn’t been a famous #1 at running back like Greg Bryant will be wearing, but he is in good company with the likes of Todd Lyght and Derrick Mayes and of course, current nose tackle Louis Nix who siwtched from #9 to #1 in the off-season.
  • Speaking of Louis Nix’s old #9, super recruit Jaylon Smith will take over the #9 on the defensive side of the ball.  The same #9 that Tommy Zbikowski recently wore as well with great success.  Not a bad recent history of the #9 jersey on the defensive side of the ball developing for Notre Dame.  Jeff Burris wore #9 on defensive as a safety and had himself a heck of a career in the 90’s.
  • With Max Redfield getting #10, I wouldn’t expect to see him get any looks on offense with Davaris Daniels sporting the same #10 at wide receiver
  • Both incoming tight ends will be wearing numbers that recent highly successful tight ends for the Irish wore.  Mike Heuerman will be wearing Kyle Rudolph’s old #9 while Durham Smythe is going to be taking Tyler Eifert’s old #80.
  • Michael Deeb is in very good company with #42 at inside linebacker after Michael Stonebreaker wore #42 to All-American status in the late 80’s/early 90’s.
  • Notre Dame’s two defensive ends in this year’s freshman class will both be wearing numbers of recent Notre Dame defensive ends – Isaac Rochell will be wearing Ethan Johnson’s old #90 and Jacob Matuska will be taking over #89 from a recent fan favorite – Kaprin Lewis Moore.
  • Hopefully Doug Randolph’s career last longer than Notre Dame’s most recent #19 on defense – Aaron Lynch.  If Randolph were to have a similar freshman year impact to Lynch though, I don’t think anyone would complain.
  • Corey Robinson was already one of my favorite incoming freshman for a couple reasons.  First off, I still vividly remember trying to collect his dad’s Skybox rookie card as kid (remember Skybox basketball cards?).  Second, I think Robinson is going to have a hell of a career once Chuck Martin and Mike Denbrock get some work with him.  The fact that he is wearing #88 instead of a trendy wide receiver number makes him all the more likable.
  • Mike Rosenthall wore #79 to All-American status in the mid 90’s.  I don’t think anyone will be surprised if Steve Elmer does the same at tackle before his career is over at Notre Dame.

Any other significant or infamous previous owners of the jersey number dealt out to this year’s frosh?  Fill them out in the comments below.

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  1. I have a Notre Dame (“grideiron classics”) throwback jersy with # 19 on it. I could not find any note worthy ND players who wore # 19 in the past. Is there any signifigance attached to this number?

  2. Astonishing choice duranko,

    How could you be so remiss to pass up your personal (‘rant’) favorite #5 Manti Te’o! Of course, my mistake, his number is not on the list!

    Interestingly enough, now I remember, something about your lips never speaking his name again nor his name never going to be typed again on your keyboard? Hmmm…for the perfect Christian you claim to be, how does forgiveness not enter in to your advertised Bible thumping position? Enlighten me, which Bible do you read that deletes forgiveness?

    Here come our beloved Irish! Foxsports 1 Regis & Lou & Allen Pinkett!

  3. Frank, appreciate your cherishing Rocket.

    But I’ll go with #89 as my favorite, Ross Browner.

    When Browner was being recruited the Irish were also recruiting
    Gary Jeter from Cathedral Latin in Cleveland. When Jeter visited he was a magnificent “specimen” I ran into Greg Blache and asked him what
    he thought our chances were with Jeter (who wound up at USC and in the NFL)
    Greg thought we had a chance,but said he and Yonto were after another Ohio kid. They liked Jeter, but occasionally would take a play off.
    This other kid wasn’t as big, but was a playmaker, tough as nails
    and he NEVER took a play off.

    “Who is he, Greg?”

    His name is Ross Browner, and he plays for the newer school in Warren, Western Reserve.

    And so, ol’89 came to Notre Dame, played on two national championship teams,
    blocked a kick against Northwestern in his first game, and then made that famous deflection and recovery against Texas in the Cotton Bowl, in his final game.

    1. Duranko, that is why I referred to you as Professor Duranko in the preview to your article on the Four Horsemen earlier this week. Great call on Browner wearing #89. He was one of the all-time greats and would most likely be the player Tuitt was chasing for the sack record if they kept track of sacks back then.

  4. Give that they have the same number, hopefully someone on the staff will make sure that Redfield and Daniels aren’t both on the “hands” team for special teams. That mistake unbelievably happened twice last year, and if it had been caught in the Pitt game, would probably have cost us our undefeated season.

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