5 Things I Didn’t Like: Purdue ’13

Notre Dame @ Purdue 2013
Purdue Boilermakers running back Akeem Hunt reacts to scoring a touchdown against Notre Dame Fighting Irish safety Anthony Brown (9) at Ross Ade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame improved to 2-1 on the season this past weekend in an unnecessarily hard fought win over a hapless Purdue team that was a 20 point underdog.  While there were some positives in the Irish victory, there are still plenty of areas of concerns as the Irish hit the quarter point in the 2013 season.

Notre Dame’s first half offense

Despite losing to Michigan two weeks ago, the Notre Dame offense moved the ball throughout the game on the Wolverines before settling for field goals, turning the ball over, etc.  Against Purdue though, the Notre Dame offense was down right anemic in the first half.  Against a defense that allowed 42 points to Cincinnati a few weeks ago, Notre Dame managed just three points in the first half and converted just 4 of 9 third down attempts.

Notre Dame’s first three drives on Saturday night all ended in punts.  Their fourth drive ended on downs after they managed to gain just 29 yards on 10 plays.  Notre Dame finally got on the scoreboard with their fifth drive of the game, but had to settle for a field goal after marching 80 yards down the field on 11 plays.

By the time the Irish went into the locker room at half time, they ran just 33 plays and had all of the three points on the scoreboard.  That kind of production is not going to result in a whole lot of victories this year with the way the defense is playing.  Last year Notre Dame could get away with performances like that a little bit easier, but this year it’s not going to cut it.

Another subpar defensive performance

Speaking of the defense, Notre Dame gave up 24 points to an offense that managed just 7 points in their season opener against Cincinnati and just 30 points against FCS Indiana State in week two.  Against Notre Dame, Purdue took the opening kick-off and then marched 75 yards down the field on 12 plays to jump out to a 7-0 lead.

After Notre Dame tied the game at 10 at the start of the third quarter, the defense allowed Purdue to immediately take the lead by allowing a 8 play, 54 yard touchdown drive.  Purdue was also 3 of 4 in the redzone with those three scores all being touchdowns and the lone failed attempt being a missed chip shot field.

Last year Notre Dame thrived in the red-zone, this year the Irish are allowing teams to score at an alarming rate.  Opposing offenses have had 11 trips to the red-zone with 8 of those trips ending in touchdowns and the other three ending in missed field goals.    That is a touchdown rate of 73%.  Compare that just a 45% touchdown rate for the Notre Dame offense and it’s not hard to see why the Irish are sitting at 2-1.

Lacking of running game until the final 7 minutes

Notre Dame ran the ball 37 times on Saturday – a much stronger commitment to the run than we’ve seen all season.  Unfortunately, the Irish gained just 91 yards on those 37 attempts for an average of 2.5 yards per carry.  Take away the 42 yards Cam McDaniel picked up on 10 carries on Notre Dame’s final drive and the Irish gained 49 yards on their first 27 attempts.

Last year Notre Dame was able to run the ball against every defense they faced outside of Alabama’s.  This year the Irish haven’t been able to get the same production out of the ground game.  Notre Dame averaged 189.4 yards a game running the ball.  Through three games this year that average is down to 125 a game.  That needs to change for Notre Dame to even think about another BCS bowl run.

Making another quarterback look like an All-American

Connor Reilly made his first career start against Notre Dame in the season opener.  Against the Irish he threw for 228 yards and ran for 65 without turning the ball over.  The next week against Houston to threw for 200, ran for -7 and threw two interceptions.

Two weeks ago Devin Gardner looked like a Heisman contender with 294 yards passing, 82 rushing, and 5 combined touchdowns with 1 interception.  This past weekend against Akron, Gardner had 248 yards passing, 103 on the ground, and three touchdowns with 3 interceptions.  Overall this season, Gardner has thrown 5 interceptions to Central Michigan and Akron compared to just 1 to Notre Dame.

Heading into this past weekend, Rob Henry had not thrown a single touchdown pass against Cincinnati and Indiana State.  Against Notre Dame, Henry torched the Notre Dame secondary for three touchdowns and 256 yards.

Notre Dame cannot keep making opposing quarterbacks look like All Americans and turn in their best performance of the season if they have any thoughts on playing in a meaningful bowl game this season.

Purdue’s last touchdown drive

After it looked like Notre Dame had Purdue on the ropes and was ready to deliver the knockout blow following Bennett Jackson’s pick 6 that ended a span of 3:29 where the Irish scored 21 points, the defense allowed Purdue to get right back into the game by allowing a 7 play 75 yard touchdown drive.  On the drive, Purdue gained a first down on 3rd down thanks to a pass interference penalty on Keivarae Russell and then gave up the touchdown on 4th and goal.

Notre Dame had a chance to get a three and out and get off the field, but instead the Boilers got the first down due to penalty and marched down the field.   That simply would not have happened last year.

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  1. So, hey C-Dog! We are getting old! How do you like our new schizophrenic numerical expert duranko, and now claimed metaphysical expert? Such “mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive” schoolmarm. Not to mention, on more than one event, Duranko has expressed his great disdain for all posters on this site. Plus add in some complete bashing of a couple of up and coming author’s posts’ for great additional discontinuity! Surely, a great conformity and control freak in the mirror he does not see; imagine that! Don’t do as I do, do as I say! Well, it’s as about as innovative as a number cruncher can get. Great people skills indubitably! Ah…yes, I wonder if he has the keys to the gate?

    So, far be it from me to deny Ron Burgundy from our overlordship professor doomko. So Burgundy, feel free to crawl up the good professor’s logic on every one of his post’s! Burgundy, rest assurded on each event I will laugh with you! Now that you have been liberated, show us your superior debate skills we know and love….enjoy!


  2. “Duranko,”

    Dialogue is always welcome. What isn’t is diatribe. If you want to engage in grandstanding diatribes against imaginary foes, a la Don Quixote, while in your face is a real ND hater, namely, “Ron Burgundy” and his alter ego, “Buckeye,” then go ahead tilting at windmills. But don’t get too sanctimonious on us, please. Some of us here can articulate as well as you can and don’t care to be hypocritically lectured to about cutting off discussion by someone who apparently wants to make himself the moral arbiter of this board. If anyone has lectured anyone here about what’s verboten and what’s not, it’s been you at times, “Duranko”.

    I’m always open to constructive dialogue, brother Arrington. You should know that better than anyone else here based on our offsite conversations. You know perfectly well that I respect your ideas and beliefs. But I refuse to be lectured to when I’m trying to stand up for ND against those outsiders and trolls who don’t want genuine debate or discussion. Instead, they want to denigrate Our Lady’s School and its football team.

    If anyone wants to talk honestly about ND football, I’m game. I’ve offered numerous olive branches to “Ron Burgundy”. He’s rejected all of them. So, if you want to sanctimoniously lecture anybody, perhaps the trolls on this board would be more appropriate. (Of course, in a desperate attempt to gain imaginary allies in you joust with imaginary giants, perhaps you’re OK stooping to side with the trolls like “Ron Burgundy”.)

    1. Love your stuff Duranko. Re your comments re “wit”. Just remember “He who thinks himself a wit, is only half right”. Re the whole “Burgundy” thing I am in the camp of “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. For those who take umbrage at both RB’s remarks or any other trolls who infect a website, remember if you choose not to read what they say or respond to their commentary you HOLD THE POWER. Without an audience they soon lose interest and move to another site where their patter invokes commentary. This is what they truly crave. If you deny them their craving you kill the addiction. Cheers

  3. Dag gommit, and I tried very hard at that challenge. Oh well, better luck next time. To my knowledge those classes are not offered at Ohio St. Would there be a lab associated with it, I’m just not sure. I also am not aware if credit is issued for that in the SEC. I’ll go out on a limb and say no, but again I want to be factual so I can’t say for sure.

    How about this, I’ll check into the OSU class offerings and you look into the SEC that way we divide and conquer.

    Can’t wait for Saturday.

    1. Me, too!

      But I’m sure you’ll be watching and rooting for Bama against whatever cream puff team they’ll be playing.

      Roll Tide, right Ron?

      I, on the other hand, will be rooting ND, win or lose.

      1. I believe Bama plays CSU but no I won’t be watching. They have played Va Tech and T A&M. Hardly cream puffs.

    2. Who do you root for, Rhonda Burgundy? And why are you on this website? It’s only a total loser that spends significant time trolling other folks websites just to needle. Total reflection on you. The internet keeps you safe from the Texas size wedgy, you’d get from anyone of us. I can’t understand why you are intruding instead of cheering for your own team. Personally I don’t care whether you like Alabama or Ohio St. I wouldn’t hire anyone from either of those two schools. Totally academically irrelevant. And let’s face it, college football is irrelevant without the connection to the academic side of the institution. So why don’t you go take abuse from the fans of whatever team you do root for. Then you’ll see how pathetic your existence is and perhaps take some sort of boot camp to become a man if that is possible. You aren’t Chaz Bono in real life are you?

      1. Hey Dog, don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure. It’s actually Ron not Rhonda but hey honest mistake. True, a wedgy of that size would be quite unpleasant.

        Sorry to hear you wouldn’t hire folks from those fine institutions, hope that’s not viewed as discrimination.

        Since you asked I root for the Irish.

        Finally, no I am not Mr(s) Bono.

        Nice to meet you. Stay classy.

      2. So Rhonda, why do you root for the Irish? You wouldn’t last 15 seconds with any of the honored Irish alums from Boston, NY, Philly, or Chicago. The Boston Irish especially would string you up by your drawers. I picture you as a fat sweaty kid named Melvin Jerkstein who gets his kicks downing Twinkies by the gross and taking his issues out others by just annoying everyone. Or maybe you really are Ms. Bono.

        Either way, I don’t care, just go bother someone else.

      3. For the record I’ve had a lot of traffic with Ohio State grads in one particular traunch of my professional career. They were fine. But even as a Notre Dame fan, I never, Ever, NEVER, gainsay the function of public education, where the compact is to offer an easier avenue to admission, and a broader curriculum than private schools do.

        Further, I have had a lot of interaction with graduates of the SEC universities, and understand their pride in their institutions.

        Further, Ron, please research your leather bound books, and do me a solid and never conflate discrimination and plain stupidity.

        I leave you with this description of Eleanor Roosevelt:

        “She afflicted the comfortable and comforted the afflicted.”

        Hmmmmmmmmmm-sound familiar?

      4. Good to hear back from you dog. That auto correct keeps getting you with spelling “Ron”. Those apple products drive me crazy.

        Haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Melvin but like all of us sure am happy they are still making Twinkies. Can’t beat yellow dye #5. Thanks for the advice about not wearing drawers to Boston. Great city though.

        Grew up in the shadow of the dome, thanks for asking.

        Good talk. Although I’m sensing you don’t like me.

        Enjoy the game.

      5. Mr Duranko. I must admit, I need google to understand half of what you say. I wouldn’t know if you were making of fun of me or agreeing with me.

        Thanks for contributing to this site.

      6. well, Ron, I am not making fun of you. But it is hilarious that you are misperceived, mislabelled, misnomered, and have the ability to bring out a lynch mob mentality with the most
        innocent of comments.

        There are two things that don’t play well around here.

        Wit, true wit. Expecially if it is in a tone too high for some of the ears here.

        The second is tolerance, and non-vitriol. Civility? Banter?
        tolerant exchange?

        tsk, tsk……

        What really mystifies me overall is that Notre Dame football has always been a joy to me. And it baffles me that it is so painful, such a stressful undertaking for so many here.

        Oh, well, beat the Spartans!!

  4. How utterly predictable Ron Burgundy is!

    And Burgundy is a troll, and the troll is Burgundy, I guess.

    You lose the challenge, Ron. Nice try, though.

    I have to admit I admire the way Ron Burgundy can repeatedly get his a$$ handed to him and come back for more. He’s either an eager little beaver or just a masochist. My guess is he likes to be ruffed up. Guess he can’t get that at home so he looks for his humiliations elsewhere.

    Can’t wait to see what “Gimp” comes up with next! It won’t be very clever, but it will give me at least a good laugh at Burgundy’s expense.

    Whoring out any women lately, Ron Burgundy? Do you get credit for that in the SEC now? I’m pretty sure you can major in “Whoring” at Ohio St. WHO 101, M-W, “Buckeye Bumhole Building,” Prof. Retardus Ron Burgundy. No pre-requisites. Practicum at Prof. Burgundy’s personal residence. S & M attire a must.

  5. JC,

    You’re right. I didn’t pick it up at first, but I give you total props for calling these imposters out. See my post above where I write “Buckeye”=”Ron Burgundy”=troll=loser. I should’ve given you credit for that one. So, sir, I duff my cap to you!

    Shaz, I’m sure “Sad Warrior” as a soldier appreciates sticking up for your comrades when attacked by a hostile outsider.

    1. The only thing “I’m” sure about is that Sad Warrior would rather face the Taliban than come on this site and converse with some of the people here.

      For someone with enough on his mind already, and just looking to relax, I can’t say I blame him for that!

      All the guy did was say “hi” and for that he gets dragged into the mud.

      Nice job!

  6. Steelfan,

    I share your concerns, however, I don’t share your confidence of who’s who?
    If you remember a few months ago, I called-out Burgundy as obvious Buckeye narrative. The new handle name game charade is rather easy since personalities don’t change. I’ve been on here long before these guys’ have made an appearence. Making fun of Te’o is the lowest ilk. Furthermore, Shaz, endorsing Burgundy as “better than” Angry Eagle, well Mr. “your blocking” here is my answer to you! Burguny, Buckeye and your personal misery index is of no value to me. Get use to me “blocking,” the highway runs both ways! It’s unfortunate Shaz wants it both ways or should I say three ways?

  7. @ Shaz-We can not explain our absence for AO reasons. Will be back inside the wire for the MSU game-Finally! Missed the first three games. We see the controversies are still alive and well! People need to support Tommy Rees. He is the ‘Field General’ as it stands; belittling him only abets the opponents.

    Will contact you after the MSU game and Irish victory! One of my Unit members saw your post and told me about it. Good to hear from you.

    Stay safe. Go Irish! Hoooooooah!


    1. Warrior,

      There are some thing more important than Football.

      Really glad to hear from you and know that everything is cool.

      Enjoy the game!

      Best wishes, Stay lucky! Hooooooooah!

      1. Notre Dame has failed miserably if its alums are invested in stamping out dialogue, disagreement and criticism. The Notre Dame classes I attended encouraged vibrant interaction and airing of opinions and views. Notre Dame, the University, would have quickly expectorated, tamquam a watermelon seed, any one who was ill-equipped, exercised, or pharasaically phony about entertaining and welcoming dialogue, disagreement and exchange of opinions.

        There’s a civilization going on here, and it involves public discourse. The thin-skinned of course, merely pose as Notre Dame people.

        But, as some dude said the sun shines on them too!

  8. BTW: Can Frank or someone who runs this site do a search of some kind by “Ron Burgundy” at the end of last season and before the NC game? I’m sure this Ron Burgundy is the same troll who first came on to our site and talked smack against ND and said he was a Bama supporter. I’m almost 100% sure it’s him. Now he says he’s a ND man through and through and that should allow him to belittle those who are honestly critical of BK or his team. I’d almost agree with him if he could prove that he’s really a ND man. But I doubt it. I’m sure if someone had the time and skill to do so, he or she could prove that Ron Burgundy is a troll on our site and in fact first came on here to stir up trouble and talk crap against ND football prior ro the NC game.

  9. What we all get, Shaz, is an end to the snide remarks from crypto-ND hater Ron Burgundy and benefit from more football talk from him. He does, after all, seem to know something about the game.

    Ron Burgundy complains about some comments he doesn’t like. I guess he’s the only one who gets to decide what’s appropriate and what’s not, and if he doesn’t agree with you, well, rather than an honest exchange of opinions, he’ll hide behind some droll comeback that he thinks is just brilliant. BTW: most of us get what he’s trying to do, just think it’s sophmoric and would appreciate more candid commentary and less irony. Now, many of us here can match sarcastic remarks with the best of them.

    I agree with Ron that some of the “fire BK” talk is over the top. My qualified support of BK is well-documented on this site. However, at the other extreme are the apologists that believe any constructive criticism of BK or ND football is tantamount to treason. I challenge all of us to move beyond the extremes of “BK sucks” and “BK is infallible”. There’s a broad middle ground here that allows for people of good will to openly exchange ideas in a positive and non-sarcastic manner. Of course, this all presumes that one is a true ND fan to begin with and not some troll, outsider, agent provacateur who wants to play at amateur sociologist or stand-up comedian and see what buttons he can push. That is not respectful of us and should not expect to go unchallenged. We’ve vanquished many a troll on this site and will continue to honestly defend ND football, win or lose, against all outsiders. It’s our small and insignificant contribution to the (in our opinions) greatest college football program ever.

    So, Shaz, yes, I believe you are one of us. However, if you want to coddle up to this BS artist and closet ND hater, Ron Burgundy, that’s up to you. But as for me and my house, I’ll defend ND football against these trolls and losers. I’d rather be on your side, but if you want to condone the snide insults and put-downs of Ron Burgundy directed at your ND brethren, then I guess we’ll have to pick different sides.

    Peace to the ND Nation!

    1. I’m not picking sides nor do I think it’s acceptable to be exspected to do so.

      (No disrespect intended)

      But I just happen to prefer some individuality.

      You could see how someone could value that, right?

      I try to give everyone a fair shake.

      Now, I don’t always succeed but I try to at least start with the right intentions.

      Ron Burgundy is nice to me, so I’m nice back. That’s it.

      I’m sorry you two have a difference of opinion because I think you both are very intellingent, football savvy people.

      I enjoy reading what you both have to say,and will continue to do so.

      If that puts me on the wrong side then that’s a shame, it really is.

      1. Shaz,

        I totally respect your opinion. You’re entitled to them, of course.

        It’s not personal with me and Burgundy. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about what he says or thinks. However, it’s about showing respect on our ND site. Just because he’s nice to you doesn’t give him license to disrespect others by coming on here pretending he cares about ND football.

        Also, individuality isn’t a cover-all excuse for bad behavior. I’m sure racists think they’re just being individuals, too. No. You can be an individual and still have a modicum of decency and respect. This con-man comes on here with his snide remarks and he wants a free pass. You’re entitled to give him one if you’d like. Not me. But I guess perhaps my individuality should be sacrificed for the sake of Ron Burgundy’s.

        Stay out of the fray if you like, Shaz. But so long as Ron Burgundy tries to belittle one of my ND brethren, then I don’t care about whether he’s nice to me or not. My individuality says stick up for my own. You could see how someone could value that, right?!

  10. I kind of feel like this isn’t my place, and it clearly states a direct challenge from SFR, but then again, the word “us” was used several times which I myself would interpet to mean…. “the rest of us” ?? Maybe?

    So “if” I’m allowed to ask a question it would be:

    Q: In the ND tradition of fairness and sportsmenship, I’m interested in what exactly Ron Burgundy gets if he succeeds in this challenge?
    (I mean, what’s the pay-off or incentive for him to accept?)

  11. I love the self-righteousness of Ron Burgundy. He cries foul although he’s the one that first committed the infraction. He desperately wants us to appreciate him and respect him but of course he’s hardly ever contributed a substantive comment on this site. I challenge Ron Burgundy to talk about football and only football for just one week. No sarcastic aphorisms from him. No snide remarks. If he goes along, he’ll notice a change in many of us here. So, Ron, that’s the challenge. Your next response should be about Xs and Os with no additional editorializing from you. Up for the challenge?

    1. I love you too man of Steel and I do like a challenge. Shaz does bring up a good point, what’s in it for me? My guess is nothing.

      It is just so darn difficult not to comment when people post things such as, Kelly is in idiot and has no game plan, Hendrix should start, Fire Diaco, the admin is terrible, this team is pathetic, the SEC is a bunch of criminals, nobody goes to class, we should use more zone blitzes and mix up the coverages, Lou would never allow this, what would Coley O’Brien say. I honestly just can’t help myself.

      I just love this board and can’t wait to read what’s next. The humor is incredible. Most have gotten the Ron Burgundy joke but that too is what keeps me coming back for more.

      In any event, here are my football thoughts. I’m not a Bama, Ohio St or any other SEC team fan although for some reason you all think so. I can however plainly see that the SEC is the best conference and until somebody beats them they maintain the top spot. Saban is great and so is Meyer. Kids at SEC schools and OSU go to class and 99% are good kids. ALL coaches still recruit kids who are committed. That’s their job. I do agree that once the LOI is signed it should stop but it will never happen. Not when millions of dollars are at stake.

      I believe BK to be one of the top 6-7 coaches in America. He has forgotten more in 20 minutes about football than we all know combined. If he thinks TR should start then he is the best guy. He has spent 4 years with AH and obviously has no confidence in him. Do you really think he would risk his multi million dollar a year job because he “likes” TR better?

      I actually believe TR has played really well this year. Let’s face it, the minute Golson was gone this teams title hopes vanished. No team in America, college of pro, can lose its number 1 QB and win. Take away Manziel, Brady, Brees, McCarron etc. and all those teams take a step back. The kid is trying hard, he cares and is playing well. He just doesn’t have the skills to get it done. But he is all you have. So realistically, 10 wins is a miracle, 9 about right and 8 provided the D doesn’t get it turned around.

      The comments on here during a game are truly mesmerizing stuff. It’s as if a referendum on the staff is made for every 3rd down conversion or lack there of. The guy went 12-0 last year! Bobby Bowden went undefeated exactly 1 time in his career. BK has done it 2x in the last 5. Once at Cincy for crying out loud. The dude can coach.

      Another one of my favorites is listening to the complaining about the announcers each week. Do you really think Musburger wakes up on Saturday morning and thinks, boy I hope ND loses tonight? He and the NBC guys just call the game. I’ve never listened to game anywhere and thought, wow that guy really is biased towards my team. Check that, maybe Dicky V calling a Duke game but that is cliche.

      This is probably the most of typed since filling out my application at the news station so I’m getting tired. I should probably get back to living in the greatest city in the world.

      Where do you live Ron? Well, thanks for asking. I live in San Diego, the greatest city in the world. Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina.

      So go on about your day and into the vast wildnerness that is our lives. I look forward to your responses. My favorites include Atheist and village idiot.

      You stay classy!

      1. Nice try, “Buckeye” = “Ron Burgundy” = troll = loser. I guess you needed to bring up your alter ego to feign support. I wonder if “Buckeye” (who appears now, lo and behold) = “Ron Burgundy” is bipolar, schizophrenic, or has multiple personality disorder. Either way, professional help is available, although I don’t know if there’s anything to assist a witless troll. That may in fact be untreatable.

      2. I am not Burgundy and while I like a good cabernet I am more partial to scarlet. I agree with much of what ‘Ron’ says and while I would never think to try and put words in his mouth but I think you should heed what he says.

        You may not like our style but is the message really that far off? When I see that someone tries to tell us that Temple and Purdue are quality football teams that requires some kind of response. It may not be the response that you want but we do not live in a bubble and as college football fans we seek out other forums for information. I may come here with some preconceived ideas but more often than not what I read here only confirms what I already knew.

        I see excuse making made into an art form – refs, announcers, transfers, scheduling etc. – but every team deals with it. Complain about a call after a game if necessary but don’t worry about who is refereeing the game or even more ridiculously, who the announcers are.

        I was ridiculed here for even suggesting that Alabama would beat ND and now I see some here talking like they are in a different league altogether. I understand the emotion of defending your team but you don’t always have to shoot the messenger. My analysis wasn’t anti-ND but what I had seen throughout the season. You guys take it personal, this is business and you are taking it very, very personal.

  12. Say what you will, but I would take Ron Burgundy over Robert G, Angry Eagle, Buckeye, and a few others any day.

    Besides, when it comes to our bloggers I tend to think more about someone like “Sad Warrior” Remember him?

    A military guy, and a great fan that I haven’t heard from since the end of last year.

    If he’s out there I would really like to hear from him.

    Not only did I really dig his war cry, it always seemed to bring us good luck!

  13. It’s so easy humiliating Ron Burgundy. Why, oh why, can’t ND beat up its opponents the way we trash Ron Burgundy every single time. If ND did to its opponents what we do to poor Ron Burgundy, aka, village idiot, we’d be undefeated all the time and win games like by 100 to 0.

    1. SFR,
      He may have many leather-bound books and his house might smell like rich mohogany, but his intellect might not be stellar. His contributions outside of the newsroom, namely on this site, are a wee bit lacking.

      (Insert marginally-witty yet predictable response by Ron Burgundy here, most likely a line from the movie:_______)

      1. Appreciate the compliments. I too enjoy all the witty and informative banter, name calling, hysterical over reactions and religious slurs.

        Now carry on my wayward sons and commence with the fun!

  14. Yes, you are indeed Ron Burgundy. As if we could ever confuse such inane retorts with another person’s. I’ll give you this one, Ron, for stupidity there’s none other.

    Duh, duh, duh, stay cheesy!

  15. Friends,

    Just accept that Ron Burgundy will never make any kind of contribution to humanity. He’s a lost soul who thinks that people need to hear what he has to say. We listen to everyone around here, including morons and losers. So that only feeds Ron Burgundy’s delusions. As for me, I enjoy smacking Ron Burgundy around. Yes, it’s sadistic. Yes, it’s uncharitable. But I can’t help but feel good about myself seeing how utterly pathetic Ron Burgundy is. I mean, after all, even a total moron is a genius compared to Ron Burgundy. So I say let Ron Burgundy be Ron Burgundy. Get a good laugh in at his expense. (No, Ron, we’re not laughing with you; we’re laughing at you!) Just sit back and enjoy the utter stupidity emanating from the delusional mind of Ron Burgundy, our UHND village idiot.

    Duh, duh, duh… stay classy!

  16. why is everyone so down on tommy rees? after three games last year notre dame had scored 90 points and given up 27. 50 of those points came againist navy. after three games this year the offense has scored 89 points the defense has given up 71. notre dame has score 28, 30 and 31 points in the three games, if anything the offense is better so far then they were last year. it certainly is more consistent. maybe all the critics are looking at the wrong side of the ball.

    1. Get back to me on Oct.20th (my birthday actually) and let me know how the Irish did in their 4 games vs MSU, OU,USC, and ASU. By then the season should be more then half-over and we can have a real read of how Kelly’s QB (Turnover) is travelling. If by then we are 5-3 or so I am guessing this site will have dozens if not hundreds of supporters calling for Kelly and Turnovers heads but alas it will be all too late and another season flushed. Talk to you then “tommy651” hope your not Turnover in disguise.

      1. Still 7ft tall and retired so at least not getting injured every week like in his playing days. Cheers

  17. This defense will never be respectable with 44 and 48 starting and/or getting substantial playing minutes. We’re missing Teo big time. And anyone who thinks Purdue is a solid team needs to get their head checked. I’m tired of making such excuses

    1. I hear ya George. Year 4 for BK and he has Weis’ recruits 44 and 48 starting at ILB. Sad thing is J. Grace doesnt appear to be any better. All three look slow to me.

      1. It’s pretty sad if those two are actually the best men for the job. ND has already lost one game with more to come. I say just bench 44, 48 and get some younger guys some real experience.
        Funny you mention Weis. This team actually reminds me of some of those old Weis teams… an offense that can actually move the ball at times, but no defense whatsoever.

  18. Great job by Rees of keeping Hendrix on the bench with NO OFFENSE in first half and the game close for 4 qtrs once again Turnover finds a way to keep his job. Don’t tell me about all his stats eg 300yds per game etc. Bottom line is this guy is KILLING all the running backs at ND with the 8 man fronts we see since he CANNOT RUN. On his one running attempt he turned around “back first” to make the ONE yd we needed to keep a drive alive. I suppose Hendrix has not mastered that part of the unbelievably COMPLEX playbook Kelly brought to the school 4 yrs ago eg Quarterback sneak takes years to master I guess. Receivers continue to bail Rees out 50% of the time catching passes down by their ankles, behind them, over their heads etc. If this guy went down for a month and Hendrix played 4 FULL games you would never hear the name Rees ever again and all of a sudden we would start putting up Oregon/Baylor A&M numbers on offense and running backs would start getting 100yd plus performances EVERY GAME. Cannot wait for 2014 so I will never have to watch Rees stumble through WASTED halves vs MEDIOCRE oppoonents like a Purdue first half. We made their D look like Alabama in NC game for God’s sake. No doubt all our receivers cannot wait for 14′ either only pity is ND supporters at the end of this year will be “lamenting” another What If scenario of what the season could have been with a now EXPERIENCED Everett Golson at QB for the year.

    1. My only problem with this line of critical analysis is the thread includes the absolute conviction that Purdue is a in effect a “bottom dweller” and has nothing to offer CFB. I disagree for their head coach alone I a rising star. They had an excellent game-plan which they executed to a tee.

      1. Yes, but Notre Dame should be moving up from last year. Would Purdue on their best day be able to hang within 21 points of any of the better SEC teams? Doubtful. I give Purdue credit too for whatever improvement they achieved in the past weeks. But ND isn’t supposed to be seriously challenged by even a mid level Big 10 team.

      2. at the risk of confusing you with the facts, the Irish, on the road, actually doubled the margin of victory
        achieved over Purdue in Notre Dame Stadium in 2012. So if Purdue could not hang within 21 points of any of the better SEC teams, as you aver, are you, by implication indicting the 2012 Irish, C-dog?

        My follow up question is as follows:

        Is “being hoist by your own petard” as painful as some suggest?

        just curious

      3. It’s based on being blown out by Cincinnati & squeaking by Indiana St. earlier this year. Can’t really draw any other conclusion.

    2. You wasted a lot of space to say what? That Rees isn’t the greatest qb to ever run out of the ND tunnel. Zaire is not ready to run the offense and Hendrix doesn’t have the coaches confidence to start. Btw, Golson is not enrolled. So, I guess you’ll just have to clinch your butt cheeks and hope this team can win with Rees at the helm. Maybe the defense will show up and the RB’s will learn to run through arm tackles and the receivers won’t drop passes placed in their hands. But by all means let’s bitch about the only person that’s shown any degree of leadership and consistency. Christ.

      1. Hey David judging by all the other remarks on this article it looks like you must be the President of the Tommy Rees fan club because no one else seems to agree with you. Also it would be interesting to see how much CONFIDENCE the “coaches” would have in guys like Hendrix, Bryant, Tolson, McDaniel, Robinson, Owalu etc it any of them ever got a CHANCE. Have a good 2013 season.

      2. Are you a chap ass all the time? You must comment just to stir up emotion and bring much needed attention to yourself.

      3. Thanks for asking John.
        I’m very important. I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

      4. Hey Ron I think your “sense of smell” may be slightly out of tune. I am sure your apartment smells but that is not Mahogany and I didn’t know they bound “comic books” in leather but no doubt they still challenge you academically. Regards the “never play fan club” line, I actually “played” basketball and baseball at University and started on both teams. I went on to play pro basketball in Australia and where I also started. From your comments on this site it would appear the only thing you have ever “started” in life are arguments with your minority opinions. I have not commented on any of your posts to date and will not reply in future to you in hopes all others will follow suit and consequently you may go back to skimming your leather bound comics in your SMELLY apartment.

      5. Thanks for your insight and I’m glad you know how to dribble. However, you completely missed my point. You called David the President of the TR club and then quoted all the people you like, of which none play.

        Now I must get back to my salon quality hair and reading the news.

        Stay classy.

    3. Yeah, that quarterback sneak backwards was quite the acrobatic feat wasn’t it? I can honestly say I have never seen it done that way before. I think he might be a little afraid of taking a hit. Just proves how absolutely immobile he is. I always thought Ron Powlus was bad, but he could at least run.

    4. Hendrix sucks. He can’t throw the ball period. He can’t read defenses. He played 3 quarters against Stanford in 2011 against a defense not even in the top 25. Stanford put 8 man in the box and forced him to throw everything was under or over thrown. He ended up with a qb rating of 20 and 20 yards on 17 carries.

      1. Hendrix started second half and completed 11 passes for 192 yds (so if he had played 4 qtrs would he have passed for 400yds not a bad days work. His ONE pick was off the hands of an Irish receiver who was wide open. He rushed for 20 yds and a touchdown and drove the team 70yds ofr a FG and had another long drive stopped on the interception. Turnover completed 6 passes in a half fumbled the ball away once and threw an interception. Hendrix should have started vs FSU in the Bowl game but Kelly went right back to his love child turnover and we all know how that turned out.

    5. Are you watching the same games. I see dropped passes that hit the receivers hands. Anything that hits your hands as a receiver should be caught. Even Eric Hansen has said Hendrix is hit and miss in practice and he’s there everyday.

  19. I think ND’s running game is struggling, in part, due to the fact opposing defenses are loading the box and NOT staying home as they pursue the run. Knowing the QB is no threat to run, in addition to a lack of misdirection, the backside part of the defense pursues immediately cutting off most cutback lanes for the running back. This type of over-pursuit by opposing defensive fronts applies too much pressure on ND’s offensive line. ND must find ways to keep front “eights” at bay.

  20. Running game? What about Greg Bryant? This kid is a beast. He played against Temple and that was all I saw of him. Is he hurt?

      1. (having sent last entry too early) Bryant reminded me of a Jerome Bettis-lite. (very similar, though lacking about 100lb.)

  21. We have been successful running to the perimeter way more than hitting the middle. That’s what you have to do when you have a back like Carlisle…run him to the outside!!! It’s simple stuff. We continue to run Amir right up the gut and he just gets stuffed. I love that pitch play we run out of the shotgun where Rees shovels it to the back who is already getting a break to the outside. With Niklas and Daniels out there blocking, it’s almost always a positive gain of more than 5 yards. They need to let our backs use their athleticism on the outside. There’s nowhere to make moves inside. Again, seems simple…

  22. there is no ground game and the quarterback cant run

    “Notre Dame ran the ball 37 times on Saturday – a much stronger commitment to the run than we’ve seen all season. Unfortunately, the Irish gained just 91 yards on those 37 attempts for an average of 2.5 yards per carry. Take away the 42 yards Cam McDaniel picked up on 10 carries on Notre Dame’s final drive and the Irish gained 49 yards on their first 27 attempts.”

  23. One of the things I didn’t like was our punting.

    It was pretty bad against Temple, but looked improved against Michigan.
    Then, against Purdue, it appears to have reverted bsck to Temple form again.

    I think it should also be noted that out of our first three games of the season, two of them were against BIG10 teams on the road, at night, in primetime. Michigan fans were fired up for it, as were the Purdue fans.

    That’s not the easiest way to start a season.
    (Especially when you look around and see so many top programs who start off with 3 easy home games, or games against vastly weaker opponents.)

    As far as everything else goes, I have seen flashes of a good running game, and some big plays from the passing game mixed in with poor run blocking, bad play calling, and dropped passes.

    The defense steps up at times and makes a few plays then is completly missing at other times.
    The kicking game is erratic but the return game appears improved.

    If the coaches can just get more consistancy and be able to put all 3 phases together during the game, this could be a very good football team.

  24. The offense was bland in the play election, schemes & creativity department in the first half.
    The defense is struggling with opponents in space. Fundamentals such as open field tackling, pass route coverage & containment consistency all appear to require attention.

    Notre Dame showed great yeoman like heart in a big win Saturday. Kurt Herbstreit & Brent Musberger were not giving Notre Dame much praise however after the fourth quarter they became converts.

    Purdue looked talented and well prepared. This 2013 Purdue with a bit of good fortune may enjoy a good season. The skills and talent are there for the Boilermakers.

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