Notre Dame – Syracuse Kick-Off Set for Prime Time

Notre Dame - Syracuse 2014
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Notre Dame fans hoping the Irish’s next game would end well before midnight on the east coast will be disappointed today after the kick-off time for the September 27th game against Syracuse in MetLife Stadium was announced for 8PM ET on Monday.   The prime time kick off will be the third consecutive prime time kick-off for the Irish already this season.

The game will be nationally televised by ABC Sports marking the fourth consecutive game of the year for Notre Dame to be nationally televised.  The first three games of the year of course were broadcast as part of Notre Dame’s exclusive deal with NBC.

With the Irish sitting at 3-0 and quarterback Everett Golson gaining Heisman buzz from major publications already, it should hardly be any surprise that ABC decided to go with the Irish in prime time – especially since they weren’t faced with too many marquee matchups in two weeks as an alternative.

The game will be played in MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey – home of the NFL’s New York Giants and Jets.  The Jets will play in MetLife at 1:00 the following Sunday which will make for a late night for the workers at MetLife Stadium as they clean up from a day of college football tailgating and prepare for early morning NFL tailgaters who will be lining up as the sun rises no doubt.

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For Notre Dame fans visiting New York City for the weekend, they will really have to take advantage of the city’s 4:00 AM last call if they want a night out on the town following the game since the game likely won’t wrap up until after 11:00 ET.

Notre Dame will not have any more prime time home games this year but with the kick-off times for USC, Arizona State, and Florida State still unannounced, it’s a good bet that all of Notre Dame’s 2014 road games will be prime time affairs.  Notre Dame’s trip to Maryland to face Navy has already been announced as an 8:00 PM ET kick-off.

Should that happen, Notre Dame will end up playing seven prime time games as part of their 2014 schedule.  Last year Notre Dame played all but one road game in prime time with the lone exception being their trip to Colorado Springs to face Air Force for a late afternoon tilt.


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  1. Archangel, you are probably right about Turner’s hit on Forystek. And I think it was Lisch who was the starter. That was such an unusual year.

    It is hard to believe that the team that played the first four games
    was the team that ripped through the rest of the schedule, including that game at Clemson when two “phantom” penalties on the Irish force them to drive for 120 yards for the clinching touchdown.

    To give you some comfort on mercy and compassion please note that Golson
    and Jerian Grant are back after their prodigal moments.

    1. re: Golson and Grant . . . Yes, but . . .

      They both had eligibility left. Ishaq Williams and Moore don’t.
      Each game that passes gives each, especially Ishaq, the opportunity to make his case for drafted value.

  2. Toulmin, it is classic for another reason.

    And a nice omen from the ’77 season. People forget, but that was a weird September. We struggled against Pitt, and were able to take advantage of their starter being knocked out. Then there was a vile loss to
    Mississippi in Jackson. We escaped Purdue, and beat Michigan 16-6 in South Bend. There was a lot to worry about, though in that time, the internet
    did not provide a wailing wall for the bedwetters and sky-is-fallingers.

    We played our first game in the Meadowlands after an off week.

    As our entourage walked the game from the upper deck of the stadium, we all agreed that something had changed and that the Irish looked completely different. Even though the score was 24-0, the Irish were dominant on both sides of the ball. The rest of ’77 was pretty much fun.

    So here we are, some issues (OL) in the first few weeks, after an off week.
    And we are playing our FIRST game at MetLife.

    I just wonder……

    1. Love your history posts, duranko.

      And finally bringing in a third-string QB named Montana, who wasn’t inserted in THAT Purdue game by Dandy Dan Devine until after even back-up QB Gary Forystek was injured, who’d replaced starter(was it Rusty Lisch) did we also have the QB to lead. I’ve often said Kenna Turner’s hit on Forystek that cracked his collarbone, leading to Montana, earned him an honorable mention MVP as key in turning around the season and fortunes of ND that championship season and saving Devine’s reputation.

      We may be underdogs in a game or two this season, but with EG, we are capable of defeating anyone. I’ll leave the OL adjustments in the very capable hands of Harry H. and his unit that’s “first on the practice field, and the last ones off.”

      NBC and ND featured the ‘homecomings” of captains Day and Martin back to Indianapolis. Sure would be fitting to watch Ishaq return home to play at MetLife.
      A “speedy and public trial” and “no cruel and unusual punishment” are Constitutional rights – obviously not binding at ND for its student-athletes.
      But I’d expect “Christian” advocacy at ND regarding its actions as well as its mission would reflect mercy and compassion as well as judgment and retributive consequences.
      That would be welcome.
      And sooner than later . . .

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