Notre Dame v. Georgia: College Football’s Toughest Ticket in 2017

Notre Dame might be coming off a disastrous 4-8 campaign, but that doesn’t seem to be hurting the secondary ticket market for Notre Dame football games this fall.  According to, Georgia’s trip to South Bend the second weekend of September is the most expensive ticket in all of college football in 2017 at a ridiculous cost of $499 to get in the door.

While it may surprise some that a Notre Dame game is still the most expensive ticket in college football this fall even after last season’s dumpster fire, it really shouldn’t.

Notre Dame v. Georgia Was Always Going to be an Expensive Ticket

Here are just a few reasons why.

  • Georgia’s 1st ever trip to Notre Dame Stadium
  • General intrigue from Notre Dame fans with offensive and defensive coordinators and a new and exciting starting quarterback
  • A general lack of other compelling home games for Notre Dame in 2017

Georgia fans – like all SEC powerhouse programs’ fans – travel well for big games and for Georgia this is a big game.  The Bulldogs don’t leave the friendly confines of the Southeast Conference footprint very often.  Their fans also probably smell blood in the water with Notre Dame coming off a 4-8 season.  The chance for a blowout likely has a lot of UGA fans willing to make the trip and shell out big bucks for a ticket.

As for Notre Dame fans, there is a lot of interest and intrigue even after last season’s disaster.  Instead of the narrative of having a dead man walking at head coach, Brian Kelly’s total home makeover this offseason has a good number of fans excited again.  That said, we are all still aware that it could all be too little to late.  Still, the changes have Notre Dame fans much more excited this year than we all were in 2008 following Charlie Weis’s 3-9 clunker.

Notre Dame Doesn’t Have A Lot of Great Home Games in 2017

Lastly, Notre Dame doesn’t have a lot of other great home games this year.  There’s USC’s visit in mid October, but other than an opponent that you can see every other year in South Bend what other opponent will get fans outside the area excited? Temple, Miami of Ohio, NC State, Wake Forest, and Navy.  Those are the other home game options on the 2017 Notre Dame football schedule this fall.

Yeah, that ACC schedule this year really didn’t do Notre Dame any favors on the home front this year.

That USC game, by the way, comes in ranked as the #10 most expensive ticket in 2017 too.

Both games, USC and Georgia, will be played under the lights of Notre Dame Stadium in prime time as well.  Hmmm, we don’t know if the football machine will be humming for Notre Dame this fall but that marketing engine sure is finely tuned.

So there you have it.  If you want to see Georgia’s first trip to Notre Dame Stadium, you’re either going to have to bust out your wallet, get lucky enough to get tickets through the lottery, or have a really good friend hook up some tickets.

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  1. I can think of a lot better things to spend $500 on than watching a poorly prepared ND team do their Washington Generals imitation on prime time TV. Again.

    1. Hey, ND almost beat a 5 win Texas team who canned their coach on prime time TV. I’ve never seen the Generals lose by only three points!

  2. The cheapest seats are going over 500 when you add up all the fees. Pure insanity but I’m taking my parents.

  3. Great news about that ND marketing engine. I’ll be sure to inform the UGA fans of this after they blow ND out of the stadium…..should make for one somber bus ride home.

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