Notre Dame Unveils Yankee Inspired Uniforms for Shamrock Series

Notre Dame released their uniforms for the 2018 Shamrock Series in Yankee Stadium on Thursday and the unis pay homage to the house they will be playing in.  Notre Dame and Under Armour went full Yankee on the design for this years alternate uniforms featuring pinstripe pants, a Yankee navy matte helmet, and pinstripes on the arms of the jerseys.

You can see the full uniform for the game pretty well in this tweet.

Now, not all Notre Dame fans are going to be a fan of these. In fact, the immediate reaction on Twitter was not positive at all.  To be honest, when I first saw the jerseys alone I wasn’t a fan, but the entire uniform together, I started to warm up to them a lot more.

Mind you, I am NOT a Yankees fan.  In fact, I pretty much despite the Yankees as a Philadelphia sports fan.  So me liking the overall look has nothing to do with any sort of Yankees allegiance.  When looking at it all together, it just looks pretty unique.  Under Armour also went to great lengths to connect the two brands with the helmet, the numerals on the jerseys, and the pinstripes themselves.

My biggest concern with the jerseys is that they will be used on a game that should have been Senior Day until the game was moved to Yankee Stadium to accommodate the Shamrock Series.  I am on record in general about how poor mismanaged the November schedule has been by Jack Swarbrick and the Notre Dame athletic department.

Many purists won’t like any deviation at all from the standard uniform, but the fact that it’ll be used on what should be Senior Day will only ruffle feathers even more.

Some of the other merchandise that Notre Dame and Under Armour released for the Shamrock Series is pretty spectacular though.  The t-shirt on the right (which you can get at Fanatics and help UHND in the process) is a pretty great design for instance.  They have a few really cool t-shirts and hoodies in similar designs as well.

In terms of Shamrock Series uniforms in general, they aren’t as egregious as some in being over the top.  They are still much better than the 2012 edition in my opinion and once we see them in action, I think more people will be fans of them.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts and where you think these rank in terms of past Shamrock Series uniforms for the Irish.

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  1. Question – whose was the final word that authorized these unis? They are hideous, but, sad to say, I’m not really surprised.

  2. I love the Yankees. They would NEVER wear a notre dame themed anything. Noone born in the last 50 years would make a connection between the two. I would suggest letting the cornball shamrock series go as a whole. The future has been here and its not back there. Knute Rockne sounds like a candy bar to kids today or a venerial disease. You need wins and stars not shamrocks… 1988 was 7000 years ago in todays speed of life. Get your chips up deep blue domers.

    1. Dear ND Dep’t. of Money Grubbing:

      There would be a lot more money in copying the English Premier League: Sell your entire jersey to a corporate sponsor.
      And in keeping with ND’s fixation of building up individual games as a special, one-off “event”, you could do single-game contracts.

      One week, Emirates Airlines. The next week, Amazon. Then maybe Mobil1, IKEA, or the next Disney movie.

      You’re welcome.

    2. You know your loser type mentality I’ve heard for well over a half century. Then ol’ Notre Dame reels off a Championship Season. Gone is your end of the Shamrock and you are gone as well. We should have James Cagney do Yankee Doodle Dandy at halftime!

      1. Finally a great halftime show GK!! I can see it now, flags flyin, davey cryin, and all of us smiling as davey hugs BK!! Cmon davey you can do it!! 14 days to santa dopey davey!!

  3. When I was young, people used to say “never bet against Joe Louis, the New York Yankees, or Notre Dame.”
    So the uniform gets two out of three, right?

    BGC ’77 ’82

  4. Like the uniforms, but mixed emotions on breaking with traditional uniform look. If the players like them and the Irish keep winning with them, then count me in – but only for the Shamrock Series.

    1. So…stand for nothing, win at any cost.. Got it.
      The new ND: as money-driven as all the others, and even more desperate.

      1. If it was really “win at any cost” ND would have continued in the bidding war against Texas A&M no matter what the cost.
        But David, it’s not “win at any cost” – at least not here at ND.

        BGC ’77 ’82

  5. This year’s costumes are out!

    Last year it was faux leather helmets… this age of CTE and brain injuries, a pretty insensitive choice by the marketing folks.

    This year? Dressing up like the NY Yankees. Maybe with batting helmets…?
    How great is ND football? Why, it’s American League good!

  6. An old b&w flick “ A Guy named Joe” WWll propaganda flick did it best. There’s a dogfight and the Japanese pilot yells out” got you now Yank” The American pilot comes back with “ I ain’t no yank, I’m a reb” . Great novelty effect this will have.

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