Frankie V’s Prediction: Can Notre Dame Exorcise Michigan Demons?

Notre Dame returns to action on Saturday night after a bye last weekend fully rested and ready to take on their nemesis to the north – Michigan.  The Irish come in with their playoff hopes still somewhat intact while the Wolverines limp in after their second loss of the season last weekend at the hands of Penn State.  Fresh off the bye, and with no classes this week, everything should be pointing towards the Irish, right? Then why am I worried about this game more than most? Let’s find out.

What Worries Me This Week

Notre Dame playing in the Big House with Big Ten Officials. Notre Dame has not had luck in the Big House in a long time. Between 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013 the last four trips there have been disasters on different levels.  Whether it was the blowout of 2007 or the excruciating defeat in 2011 when it looked like Notre Dame had it won in the final minute, Notre Dame has not had luck playing here for a long time – especially under the lights.

Add in Big Ten officiating crews that have never been kind to Notre Dame in Ann Arbor, and the setting is not one that has been conducive for victory for Notre Dame.  The Irish have a chance to change all of that obviously, but as a Notre Dame fan still in my 30’s, most of my memories of Notre Dame playing in Ann Arbor are pretty awful save the Rocket Ismail game in ’89 and the “upset” in 2005.

Notre Dame didn’t instill a ton of confidence in their ability to handle crowd noise in their trip to Georiga earlier this year, either.  The Irish committed about a half dozen procedure penalties because of problems with the silent count they installed specifically for that environment.  Brian Kelly took the blame for that and said earlier this week that the team spent the last two weeks working on it in preparation for Saturday night.  We’ll see if it worked.

Ian Book pushing the ball downfield. We just haven’t seen Book be able to really push the ball vertically since he took over for Brandon Wimbush last year save for a few throws here and there.  Michigan is well aware of that, and Don Brown is probably going to challenge Book to beat them deep because he’s stubborn, and even though the deep ball has burned his defense, Notre Dame’s offense hasn’t given him any reason to worry about it.

If there was ever a game for Book to show he can get the ball vertical, this is the game.  The Wolverine secondary is ripe for hitting a few deep passes if Book can get the ball downfield.  Until we see it happen though, it’s going to worry me.  Hopefully, this is the game where it all comes together for him, and we see him hit a few deep passes like his game-winner to Miles Boykin against Pitt or his long touchdown to Michael Young against Northwestern a year ago.

The game time weather. The current weather forecast is calling for rain on Saturday night in Ann Arbor.  Brian Kelly 1.0 was very stubborn at times with throwing the ball in the rain – see NC State 2016.  Now, Brian Kelly 2.0 hasn’t had another game since then where the weather has really impacted the flow of the game.  If it does rain a lot in Ann Arbor on Saturday night, it could impact Notre Dame’s offense significantly since the Irish like to pass to set up the run.  And with Michigan keying on the Irish ground game, they are going to force Notre Dame to beat them in the air.

The point spread moving so much. I wrote about this in detail last night, but I just don’t like that the point spread has moved so much in Notre Dame’s favor since it opened with Notre Dame as a four-point underdog.  Vegas knows something we don’t.

Michigan coming off of a loss. This is a game that could save Michigan’s season.  They entered the year thinking they had a chance at the playoffs.  No one with a brain outside of Ann Arbor though they had an opportunity for the playoffs, but they did.  So now that they are sitting at 5-2 with all three of their rivals ahead of them, this season could spiral out of control pretty easily.  At the same time, a win against Notre Dame could save their season.  That makes Michigan very dangerous.

Michigan also battled back last week after falling behind by a lot on the road.  Shea Patterson specifically carried that team in the second half.  If Michigan was able to build on that over the week, they could be a very dangerous opponent.

What Doesn’t Worry Me This Week

Notre Dame’s defensive line getting pressure on Shea Patterson. Michigan’s offensive line is not very good, and the Irish defensive line has been playing great.  Even two weeks ago, when Clark Lea deployed a three-man front because he was worried about USC’s speed at receiver, the Irish were able to generate pressure at times.  We won’t see a three-man front this weekend, and we will see the Notre Dame defensive line generating a lot of pressure.

Michigan is one of the worst teams in the country at fumbling the football, and Shea Patterson is one of their biggest culprits.  Notre Dame will have an opportunity to force some turnovers this week.  In fact, for Notre Dame to win tomorrow, I think they will have to be at least +2 in the turnover margin.  Between the defensive line and Notre Dame’s ball-hawking safeties, they will have chances for turnovers.  They will need to capitalize on them.

Notre Dame’s silent cadence.  Going out on a limb here and saying that the extra week to prepare and the extra hours of practice this week have the silent cadence issues we saw in Georgia that I reference above a thing of the past.  As I mentioned, they haven’t instilled a lot of faith that it won’t be an issue yet, but Brian Kelly was extremely confident on Thursday that it would not be a problem this weekend.

Michigan stopping Notre Dame in the red zone. Statistically speaking, Notre Dame is one of the best teams in the country, and converting red-zone opportunities into touchdowns and Michigan is one of the worst defenses at stopping its opponents from scoring touchdowns in the red-zone this season.  That is an area that Notre Dame should be able to exploit, and it will be necessary to do so to win this game.

Notre Dame getting its full offense going.  While Jafar Armstrong returned from injury against USC, he barely played in his first game in over a month.  That should change this weekend.  In fact, it would be shocking if Armstrong was not a significant part of Notre Dame’s offensive game plan tomorrow night.  In the very brief time we saw Armstrong in the opener against Louisville, Chip Long had Armstrong all over the field in the first few plays of the season.  That is the kind of role that Armstrong will likely play against Michigan – especially with Tony Jones  Jr proving to be a capable, albeit plodding, lead back.

With Armstrong fully integrated into the offense, Saturday night will be the first time we see the full vision of the offense that Chip Long had for 2019 since, even on that first drive against Louisville, the Irish did not have Cole Kmet or Michael Young.  That should give all Notre Dame fans hope that the offense we’ve seen through the first six games of the year still has the potential to be much better.

Players to Watch This Week

  • Jafar Armstrong – Notre Dame needs him touching the ball a lot in a variety of ways to pull this off.  He had two touchdowns against the Wolverines in 2018, and Notre Dame needs him to find the endzone again this weekend.
  • Shaun Crawford – Brian Kelly said he would play against Michigan, but we don’t know how much.  This could be an Armstrong/USC kind of situation where Crawford’s back, but only plays a few snaps.  Given all of his obstacles, though, it would be amazing to see him make a big play against the team he was committed to initially.
  • Braden Lenzy – We saw just how much pure speed he has against USC.  Even if Book can’t take advantage of it on deep bombs, Long needs to find a way to use that speed in some creative ways.
  • Cole Kmet – This kind of feels like the kind of game where Kmet could have a monster game.
  • Khalid Kareem – He terrorized Michigan last year.  He should be able to do the same again this year.

Prediction Time

I have been dreading this all week because while a lot of Notre Dame fans seem to think it’s not only a foregone conclusion that Notre Dame will win, but that they will win easily, I just don’t feel good about this one.  Just like I didn’t feel good about the USC game, everyone thought would be a blowout.  I get that Michigan got embarrassed by Wisconsin and that the Badgers just lost to Illinois, but they will be playing to salvage their season on Saturday, and they’ll be doing it at home – not on the road.

Notre Dame has been good this year, but Georgia’s recent struggles make one question just how quality of a loss that was in September.  The Irish offense meanwhile hasn’t been very good at moving the ball against non-cupcake opponents so far this year.  Add it all up, and it just doesn’t make me feel good.

The way Notre Dame can win this game is if it’s a defensive struggle.  Shea Patterson started to find his way in the 2nd half against Penn State, but if Notre Dame can rattle him early, that resurgence could be short-lived.  Notre Dame needs its defense to lead the way by producing some turnovers and setting up the offense similar to what they did against UVA a month ago.

I think there is a real chance that Michigan wins this game, but I just can’t bring myself to pick them to do it.

Notre Dame 24, Michigan 20

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  1. Though one thing to like is Irish Basketball starts next week (granted just exhibition play, but a big game against UNC a week later).

    I’m cautiously optimistic about the basketball team this year. Perhaps they can give the Irish faithful something to look forward to. Football not so much.

    Sadly I think this is where ND is at in football, and where it’s going to stay. Even if they fired BK tomorrow (won’t happen BTW) does anyone really think an elite coach is coming to ND? ND isn’t going to fork over the dollars Alabama or Clemson or hell, Even Ohio State is willing to pay. All ND can hope for is they get a bright up and comer who will be the next Nick Saban and they get lucky. We thought BK was the one this time in 2009. He was better than D/D/W, though that might not be saying much. A school like Purdue or Minnesota probably would love a BK like coach. Someone who will get you 8-10 wins with an occasional surprise season. And I’m afraid the true PTB at ND may be happy with that as well.

      1. They do basketball articles here as well. Granted the basketball faithful aren’t as numerous as football and I’m one of the few people in my area that follows that as religiously as FB. But I comment (and gripe) on the BB articles as much as the FB here 🙂

        But maybe people should because to be honest I think the BB team has a greater shot at their first title than FB has at their 12th.

  2. Well, it will be interesting to see what Frank puts in his 5 things he liked column this week. I’d be hard pressed to find even 2 things.

  3. 3rd time in the big house.
    Needed a Plan B for sure.
    Only bourbon will help now.
    Will check DVR games later and report back.

    Stay classy.

  4. David, I think you are right about my Plan B…it’s not strong enough for this magnitude of defeat. So instead, we’ll stir a little Bella Donna into my Absinthe and dress up like a Halloween Sorcerers. Then I’ll exorcise the Michigan Demons personally…as per Frankie V’s request. Screw the Dreadful Grapes and Ann Arbor Kool Aid…stuff for rookies.

    BGC ’77 ’82

    1. Well I do like Herbstreet, Pedro. He tells it like it is…and that’s not being snide…just like when he pointed out during the 2017 MIAMI game that our running plays developed too slowly. I don’t know what else anyone expected him to say tonight…or then either!

      BGC ’77 ’82

  5. Kelly needs to resign immediately following this game. This is totally unacceptable two weeks to prepare for a good-but-not-great Michigan team and they completely embarrassed themselves

    1. That’s crazy Jeff. This was never a good candidate year for a National Championship…the road schedule was just too brutal. Maybe some of the people on this site who have been in denial about that for the past 9 months will get on board and cheer us into a New Year’s Six Bowl win, which was always, and still is, an attainable goal. That’s what a real ND fan should/would do. If it’s a National Championship you want, as we all do, NEXT YEAR has every piece in place, either here now, or coming in…and the schedule is perfect for it.

      BGC ’77 ’82

      1. Bruce I’m a long time Notre Dame fan. I don’t like Brian Kelly. I think most of the stuff David says about him is true. I don’t think Kelly is a motivator and fails to get the best out of his players. I do give him credit he’s done well in his 10 years at Notre Dame compared to the three or four clown coaches that preceded him but I would like to see him move on. Hopefully his agent is working on his Exit Plan now . Droid I like to see you start jurkovic Moving forward I would like to see him start jurkovec the rest of the season. Notre Dame is talented enough to win the rest of their games with jurkovec behind Center. It’s time to see what we have in this guy. My biggest issue with Kelly is his inability to get a top-tier quarterback to run his offense. it’s time to find out if jurkovec is that guy.

  6. Bruce I’m afraid Kelly is too stubborn to put in Phil. But you’ll see plenty of him the rest of the way this season. And we will look dominant with him under center, which will only exacerbate the ineptitude of this coaching staff to pull the trigger when the season could still be saved.

  7. Put in Jurkovec to run the option at them, while there is still time on the clock. It’s not Book’s night…that should be obvious.

    BGC ’77 ’82

  8. You know I’ve been reluctant to jump on the put Jurkovec wagon but I’m starting to wonder if they shouldn’t just give a try. Defense is trying to keep us in it.

      1. Then how’s this: you’re getting pasted by Michigan tonight…for precisely no good at all. Better?

  9. Exactly SFR. I turned on BK in 2016. He was good enough to make Nd a 9 or 10 win team. But he’s not elite. The difference for some of us is we take no pleasure in that.

  10. Get ready for a pass-every-down second half where we come oh so close but still lose. What happened to being the more physical team? Probably best that we slink away and not sniff the playoffs this year, as Ohio State would embarrass us much worse than this thoroughly average Michigan team

      1. Well David, Plan B is to guzzle some of that pure Ann Arbor Kool Aid and then fly to Athens, Georgia for a Dreadful Grapes concert…are you up for it buddy?

        BGC ’77 ’82

  11. Suggestions for halftime adjustments: (1) Our Special Teams Coach can borrow a rule book and explain the rules to our Special Teams players (2) After that, and before next season when it really matters, offer Frank Beamer $1000000 a year to come here and coach NOTHING at all EXCEPT Special Teams (3) Put in Jurkovec and run the option (4) Get Jafar the hell off kick returns…It’s so infuriating!

    BGC ’77 ’82

    1. This will be much worse that that!

      ND at least made it a game at Clemson. This will not be close unless ND does a 180 degree turn at HT.

      BK will be at ND for as long as he wants because the administration doesn’t like change. BK will win a lot of games but not any real important ones!

      1. No. They did no such thing. The margin told nothing of the game. It was a trouncing, from the moment Clemson got off the bus.

      2. Obviously you didn’t watch the entire game since it was past your bedtime little boy by the time it ended on a failed two pointer!

        Are you a fool or do you only play one on the internet, little man!

      3. No, my child, you can’t. Mommy’s calling. Time to get your bedtime story and milk and cookies.

        But don’t worry, little boy, the adults will stay up to actually watch the end of this game.

        Sweet dreams, little one!

  12. Close the book on Book, please!

    He’s good to go against Bowling Green and the like but not against a half-way decent D.

    This D is getting exposed as soft and not elite!

    At this point ND may well lose 3 to 4 games. I can see an upset loss to VT or Navy and the bi-annual defeat at Stanford.

    That would mean another trip to the Outback Bowl or some such second-tier game.

    This game might be payback for that 31-0!

      1. I’ve actually agreed with you.

        But I guess you don’t read very well, little man.

        The only pathetic soul on here is you.

        Funny how you don’t show up for in game comments when ND is doing well. Where’s the Plan B tonight?! Enjoying this, are you?!

        You’re not a fan, little boy. You actually enjoy ND losing!

      2. That you agree with me on anything does not make you smart. That you disagree with me on most things makes you an idiot.

      3. No, little man, I just call ’em like I see ’em. The few times you’re right, I agree. The other twenty three hours a day you’re a pathetic, disturbed troll, I call you out!

        Go put on your small-boy PJs and drink your warm milk!

  13. Horrific play calling. Should have run the ball every time like Michigan has run every time. Pathetic. But not a surprise as Michigan the more desperate team

    1. Yeah I’m starting to have real doubts about Chip Long. I’ve tried to be patient but the offense isn’t getting better. And ND needs to solve it’s 2nd year QB blues. WTF is up with Book. He panics and bails on the rest of the offense way to much

      1. It’s not just Long. With Book at QB there’s not much you can do.

        In addition to lack of play makers on the edge, the OL and DL are also over-rated. I can somewhat understand ND not being able to recruit top DL. Academics always a ready excuse. But we hear how ND yearly recruits top OL. We also hear about how great OL coaches are. So what gives?! Why is the OL always outclassed against decent DL?

        Despite Dave’s ad hominem attacks, he’s been spot on about his criticisms of BK and Co. Of course, I’ve been saying much the same for years before he ever trolled this site!

        It seems that there’s no Plan B for Dave. But I guess the pie-in-the-sky crowd must not be watching the game tonight. Cricket sounds from them!

  14. This will be a repeat of the Miami in S. FL game from a few seasons back!

    This game turned on that bonehead STs error!

    That’s how little margin of error ND has.

    The question now is how long does BK stick with Book this game and this season. Forget about POs after tonight barring a miracle.

    So why not play for the future and think of PJ at QB after tonight. We have seen all Book has and it ain’t enough!

  15. Man. This game is over. While I have faith that the defense can make adjustments I have no such faith in the offense. If Michigan goes up 17 to 0 then it’s time to find something else to watch

  16. Kelly doesn’t look bothered at all by the rain while standing on the sidelines. His meds are working well tonight

  17. Two weeks to prepare for a team that just suffered a tough road loss. One would think ND would have the upper hand here. But not the case so far.

  18. “Big Blue” winning the trenches so far. Not good!

    ND will not compete until they get blue chip play makers at QB, WR, RB on O, and CB on D.

    ND is a top second-tier BCS team. But no where near elite.

  19. STs and lack of downfield passing game once more killing ND!

    Until ND gets a real STs coach, bonehead errors will continue.

    Garbage effort by Claypool on last pass attempt. Offsets great catch on first drive.

    This O isn’t anywhere near a NC level or even a NY6 bowl. The D will have to get TOs to win!


  20. Can’t blame you for being a doubter. But it is unforgiveable to call Tony Jones a plodder. Yes he is probably slower than Armstrong but who isn’t. This kid has been a true warrior. He has been loyal, works hard, a team player and a workhorse this year. Show some respect this kid has earned that. I am proud of the many carries, good ball security and strong running setting career bests this year. You should be ashamed of yourself! If Tony ever meets me in a bar he will never buy a drink when I am around GO IRISH!!!!!!! BEAT MICHIGAN! Maybe you and Brady Quinn should room together?!

  21. The winner of this game will have bragging rights!
    …as the better of two, once truly great teams who now don’t matter.

  22. Probably be a low scoring affair. Possibility of rain and high winds. Passing and kicking games could be adversely affected. 20-13 Notre Dame. Love these late start games. Being on the West coast the late start allows me the full day to play golf followed by ND vs Michigan football. Solid day for sure.


  24. “Notre Dame playing in the Big House with Big Ten Officials.” ???
    I thought the visiting team brings in their conference-affiliated officials.
    That would make the official in the replay booth be from the Big 10, but the officials on the field be from the ACC?

    1. I suspect Michigan @ home vs. ND will be desperate, focused and dangerous.
      Will Book find his receivers downfield, even when pressured and he has to scramble, and then get them the ball? The key, as usual, is which team wins the LOS.
      Finally, when ND takes a two-score lead, they must attack as if they are behind by two scores. Stash that trash re: playing “prevent us from winning” D-schemes and safe O’ strategy if they choose to stack the box. . . Michigan was down, on the road vs. Penn State, by three TDs and came within a dropped pass in their EZ from overcoming a 21 point deficit vs. an elite D’. CBs Pride (and Crawford, however many plays he gets), and Vaughn and Bracy, when called upon, need their ‘A’ games to neutralize some very good MI receivers.

      1. Jack? As in Jack Swarbrick? If so, hire independent officials for ACC @ Notre Dame games Jack.

        BGC ’77 ’82

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