Looks Like Jaylon Smith is Doing His Part to Prevent a Notre Dame Decommit

It’s been over a week since news started to circulate that Notre Dame DE commit David Abiara was considering flipping his commitment to Oklahoma.  As of Sunday night, there’s been nothing official, and Abiara is currently still listed as a Notre Dame commitment.  The Notre Dame staff has been working to make sure it stays that way, and it looks like recent Notre Dame great Jaylon Smith is doing his part as well.

Smith tweeted at Abiara on a couple of days ago.

Resecuring Abiara’s commitment would be a big win for Notre Dame because it looked like he was headed to Oklahoma imminently last week.  Nothing new has come up in the last week, though.

In the meantime, it appears as though Notre Dame is working on contingency plans.  They offered Rivals Top-100 DE TJ Bollers last week and virtually hosted him in the last few days.  Bollers and Abiara aren’t the same kind of players with Abiara pegged as an SDE, and Bollers considered more of a pure pass rusher, but the timing of the Bollers offer didn’t seem like a total coincidence.

Smith has stayed active within the Notre Dame community since leaving the University after his junior season.  He’s been on campus for campus when his NFL schedule has allowed and frequently tweets about Notre Dame.  Whether or not his tweet to Abiara helps keep the talented defensive end committed to the class of 2021 remains to be seen, but it’s always fun to see former players taking an interest in recruiting.

Having one of the NFL’s elite, young defensive stars to point to is a nice change for the program too.  Notre Dame hasn’t produced too many elite NFL defenders in recent years other than Harrison Smith.  Smith was named of the NFL top 100 players for 2019, however, and Stephon Tuitt has been making a name for himself in Pittsburgh.

Here’s hoping Notre Dame keeps building on that list with some of the recent alum who’ve been drafted high, and here’s hoping Abiara ends up sticking with his Notre Dame commitment.

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