Notre Dame Football Could Be Eligible for ACC Championship in 2020

Another day, another turn in the ongoing story of Notre Dame’s 2020 football schedule. Friday we learned of more momentum for the Irish playing a full ACC schedule this fall and possibly being eligible for the ACC Championship in the process.

There’s been smoke around Notre Dame’s schedule getting filled out by ACC opponents ever since Notre Dame lost games to Wisconsin, USC, and Stanford weeks ago. What’s interesting about today’s nugget though, is that the Irish could be eligible for the ACC Championship.

Should this all come fruition, and that requires a season to happen in the first place, there are going to be A LOT of butt hurt “NoTrE dAmE nEeDs To JoIn A cOnFeReNce” fans throughout the country.

Fans of other programs hate that Notre Dame has remained independent and constantly like to yell about it on Twitter. They usually like to talk about how Notre Dame doesn’t share its TV money from the NBC contract while failing to realize that Notre Dame makes less money off the NBC deal than any of the Power 5 programs do off their conference TV deals. Even head coaches like David Cutcliffe, how was briefly employed by Notre Dame, like to spread this fallacy.

Playing a full ACC schedule in 2020 and managing to play for a ACC Championship game would cause a Twitter meltdown that I’ll admit I would have way too much fun trolling.

As @SupermanTDJesus pointed out on Twitter already, Notre Dame could win an ACC title before Miami does.

None of this is official yet, and there is still a large chance that there isn’t even a season in the fall; but it does give make it look more likely that the Irish will be close to a full ACC participant this fall if there is a season.

Notre Dame - Florida Series Further Proof Irish Don't Need to Join A Conference

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