Alabama QB Compares Notre Dame’s Kyle Hamilton to NFL Hall of Famer

Alabama starting quarterback Mac Jones made an interesting comparison for Notre Dame star safety Kyle Hamilton yesterday as part of the media days for the Rose Bowl. He compared Hamilton to 2019 NFL Hall of Fame inductee Ed Reed – one of the greatest safeties to ever play the game.

“Got it. He’s all over the tape,” Jones said of Hamilton. “You see him everywhere. He’s blitzing, he’s in the back end, hiding pressures then coming or, you know, covering people.”

Interestingly enough, Greg wrote earlier today that in order for Notre Dame to have a chance at pulling off one of the biggest upsets in Rose Bowl history, Clark Lea needs to move Hamilton all over the field and use him in even more ways than he has already.

“So he’s a real lengthy guy. I think he’s like 6’4″. You can see it on the tape. He understands football. You can tell he really studies his part and he knows exactly what to do,” he added.

Then Jones gave the ultimate compliment for any safety – comparing him to Baltimore Raven legend Ed Reed.

“I’m just looking forward to getting a chance to go against someone like that. It’s almost like an Ed Reed-type person where you have to find him every play. You’ve got to know where he is because he can really, like, ruin a play for you if you’re not finding that player.”

Hamilton added a new accolade to his resume on Wednesday as well earning 1st Team All-American honors from the Football Writer’s Association of America – the first time Hamilton has appeared on an All-American 1st team.

Notre Dame needs Hamilton to play like Ed Reed on Friday for the Irish to have any chance against the Crimson Tide. Hamilton notched his first interception of the season in the ACC Championship Game – hopefully, he adds another in the Rose Bowl.

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