Notre Dame OT Michael Carmody Can Do It All

Sophomore OT appears to be Notre Dame's 1st OL off the bench for 2021

Imagine yourself being on a Major League Baseball team as a starting pitcher. Now imagine being called into a game as the pinch hitter for your team because the game was on the line and a crucial hit was needed to bring in a run. That would not only reveal the skill level you possessed, but it would also prove just how confident your manager was in your abilities.

That is the type of acclaim Notre Dame Head Coach, Brian Kelly has in his sophomore offensive tackle, Michael Carmody. Kelly, who is known for making analogies, provided one for the former, U.S Army All-American team member.

“Blessed with length,” Kelly described Carmody. “Here is a guy that could probably be Robert Hainsey in a sense. He could probably play every position on the offensive line. He’s a Swiss army knife. He could play all those positions for us. It starts with he is smart, and he is athletic.”

Athletic is something that Carmody certainly is as he began his early football playing career as a kid at quarterback, running back, and tight end before finally finding his home at offensive tackle.

Currently standing at 6’5.5 and nearly 300lbs., it should not come as a surprise that the Pennsylvania product shined on the hardwood as well. He was a member of his Mars Area High School basketball team where according to MaxPreps, he led the nation in rebounds per game with 19.5. Back in April, he was also one of the few members of the offensive line that was evaluated to play a role at backup center.

“He’s extremely athletic,” Kelly delineated. “He bends well and moves his feet well. It starts with he is blessed with really good athletic ability, and he is strong. His work in the weight room shows itself in the numbers that we get from coach (Matt) Balis in terms of how he handles himself. The physicality probably stands out the most.”

Heading into camp many fans and analysts alike had penciled in Tosh Baker at the third offensive tackle position. However, coach Kelly suggested the rotation that is currently taking place at practice is likely what will be on display in week one against Florida State.

“You guys have seen enough practices to kind of get a sense that it is kind of shaping up to where it was today,” Kelly admitted. “But you guys have kind of seen the rotation.  Blake (Fisher) is out there at left (tackle), Zeke (Correll) has been in at left guard, and then (Jarrett) Patterson, and (Cain) Madden and (Josh) Lugg. (Michael) Carmody has been rotating in there. So we’re kind of settling into that rotation.

“I think Andrew Kristofic has done some nice things,” Kelly continued. “Tosh Baker has done some nice things. (John) Dirksen has done some nice things, but I think you guys can kind of see how that is shaping up. We’ll continue to refine that and continue to work with the group that you’ve seen out there.”

Carmody played in just one game during his freshman campaign, on September 19, 2020, when Notre Dame routed South Florida, 52-0. The four-star recruit looks to play a more prominent role this upcoming season for the Irish while rotating in at left and right tackle, or any position along the offensive line if someone were to go down to due to injury.

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  1. “Imagine yourself being on a Major League Baseball team as a starting pitcher…….etc”

    Imagine yourself being on a Power 5 college football team as a 5-star rookie. Now imagine having to sit on the bench the entire season because you couldn’t crack the 3-deep at your position…..That is the type of problem Alabama Head Coach, Nick Saban has with almost his entire recruiting class, every year.

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