Brian Kelly Wraps Up Notre Dame Fall Camp ’21

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly met with the media on Wednesday to wrap up fall camp for 2021 with the Irish set to begin Florida State prep tomorrow. Kelly updated the injury status of a few players while answering a few questions about some younger players who made moves in camp.

On Kurt Hinish being in street clothes today.
Kurt Hinish in currently in concussion protocol, but all signs point to him being in gear tomorrow for practice and is not in any danger for Florida State.

On freshman wide receiver challenging the “senior 5” receivers
Kelly said that both Lorenzo Styles and Deion Colzie are in line for playing time this year outside of the top five receivers. I wrote about Styles challenging the “Brian Kelly won’t play freshman wide receivers” narrative earlier this week, and Kelly added more fuel to that fire today.

On which defensive back improved the most this summer
Kelly said that freshman corner Ryan Barnes improved the most in the secondary this summer. He mentioned Caleb Offord next after Barnes but said that neither was ready for real reps early in the summer, but are closer now. Kelly had Barnes cover Kevin Austin at one point in practice today though because of how much he improved.

On Braden Lenzy‘s injury status
Kelly mentioned that Lenzy had a minor shoulder issue that slowed him a bit, but he was back out there today and that he’ll be back at 100% in a couple of days.

On the health of Brandon Clark
Notre Dame thinks they’ll be able to get him some scout team work soon.

On Offensive Coordinator Tommy Rees
Early this week Rees had an emergency appendectomy but was back at practice today. Kelly said that the situation was relatively serious and that they didn’t have a lot of time to spare before he got to the hospital. The rest of the offensive coaching staff stepped up in Rees absence the last couple of days.

On Drew White playing on 3rd down
Kelly said that White will be difficult to take off the field this year. He mentioned White being in great shape and being assignment correct and that he’ll likely see some action on 3rd downs this year. It will ultimately be up to Marcus Freeman though.

On cornerbacks Cam Hart and Clarence Lewis
Interestingly, Kelly said that Lewis needed to do some work in the weight room this off-season and he did it. Kelly said that there is more work for Lewis in terms of the nuances of the position, but he did the work in the weight room he needed to. On Hart, Kelly called him one of the most physical defensive backs they’ve had during his time at Notre Dame. He referred to Hart as a “tugger” and a “grabber” when he first moved to corner, but that he’s made a lot of strides in his technique.

On cornerback Ramon Henderson
Kelly said that if they had to play Henderson this year, they would be comfortable doing so. He said that in previous years the depth at corner might have made him cover his eyes, but he is happy with the depth they’ve built there.

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  1. Did Kelly mention at the presser that Freeman will be the next ND head coach? Or was that just an exclusive he did with NBC Golf Channel ?
    Sacrafice. For a guy everyone lauded as “politically astute”, he sure is a bozo. Right to the very end.

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