Podcast: Is it Time for Notre Dame Football to Dream Big Heading into Week 1?

The point spread this week is ridiculously low, but that didn't deter one of us from predicting a Notre Dame blowout

Frank and Greg debated whether or not Notre Dame should be able to more than comfortably cover the ridiculously low 7.5 point spread this week and what kind of performance should have Irish fans pleased versus wanting more.  

  • Favorite openers from past Notre Dame football seasons
  • Greg clarifies some statements on the level of talent in the great state of New Jersey from another pod
  • The Marist Liufau injury and its impact on the season
  • Reminder: Mike Elston is a BOSS
  • What to expect out of Kevin Austin and Braden Lenzy this weekend
  • The state of the Florida State program and how it should have Notre Dame fans feeling this week
  • Predictions on a final score

This week’s single high beer selection was Open Water, a delicious 10.4% ABV triple IPA from my favorite brewery in the world, Kane.

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    1. Do they? They’re usually not within 6 points of a point spread they set. (It’s why teasers are such sucker bets). But it’s not really their goal either. They don’t care about the point spread so as long as they have an equal amount of money on both sides (to collect the vigorish). And if they don’t, they adjust the line accordingly to make the side more favorable where they need more action. Vegas is interested in the vig. That is what they know best.

  1. The gambling industry, with real money at stake, who are nothing if not brutally objective, guided by facts and information, have decided what the spread is.

    Delusional, biased, emotional lunatics with no money at stake can whine about ‘disrespect’ all they like.
    That and $3 will get you a cup of coffee.

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