Podcast: Frank Returns with Special Guest Ryan Ritter for More Notre Dame – USC Talk

We have a two for one for y’all this week. On Thursday AM, we dropped a podcast with Greg and USC fan Michael Muto previewing this weekend’s showdown with USC. While Greg and I’s timezone differences did not allow for me to join that in-week podcast as I adjust to this new world of being a father, I had some time to dust off his mic and talk Notre Dame football with Ryan Ritter of Her Loyal Sons in a bonus episode. 

  • More Notre Dame QB because how could there not be?
  • Will Notre Dame’s offense look better against worse defenses in the 2nd half?
  • It’s just fun when USC is bad at football
  • A Notre Dame QB what if tangent we didn’t really plan

I still enjoyed a delicious IPA during the pod while Ryan took down some late afternoon coffee.  This week it was a lovely double American IPA called September Sun from Treehouse Brewing in Massachusetts.

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  1. It’s cold (45-55), but there is no icy wind or any wind chill, really. There is a gentle wind…not much to worry about for ball handling or passing.
    BGC 77 82

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