Notre Dame Unveils Awesome New “Lights” Show After 3rd Quarter

Notre Dame has been making an effort to improve the gameday atmosphere lately – the Cincy mini takeover notwithstanding – and last night was a shining example of that. Between the 3rd and 4th quarters of last night’s win over USC, Notre Dame unveiled a new lights show in the stadium that had fans and players hyped up.

With perhaps the largest recruiting weekend in Notre Dame football history, at least in terms of numbers, the Irish pulled out all of the stops. The “Lights” show was brand new last night and has been extremely well received so far – although I’m sure there’s a corner of old-school fans grumbling about it.

Notre Dame players liked the new experience heading into the 4th quarter too.

Notre Dame Stadium still has a ways to go to get back to the kind of environment it was in the late 80’s when the Irish got flagged for the crowd for being too loud against Michigan, but this was a great effort by Notre Dame to create a more electric environment for the fans and the recruits visiting. Notre Dame had a lot of former players on the sideline for the game as well. Add it all up and it had to have a positive impression on the 100+ recruits who were in attendance.

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    1. Do you like Notre Dame landing top-tier recruits? If so, then you probably should like the “piped in blaring music” and things like that. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it is not the 1970s any longer.

      1. 1977 is the year Eastern Bloc security service records indicate the KGB first opened a file on Donald Trump, after he married Ivana Zelnickova, a 28 year old model from Czechoslovakia.

        Let’s go Vladimir!

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