Kyren Williams’s Epic Touchdown With an Epic Spanish Soccer Announcer Call

Kyren Williams‘s epic 91-yard touchdown against North Carolina is a play that will be talked about for years to come by Notre Dame fans. It’s a play that is epic enough on its own, but when you hear it with a soccer-style Spanish announcer voiceover it hits just a bit differently.

If you aren’t on Twitter, and I can’t blame you if you’re not, Oscar has been doing Spanish announcer clips like this for all of the big Notre Dame plays each week. In fact, it’s probably about time we all start a hashtag for him with all of the clips because they are awesome each and every week.

For instance, here is Oscar’s call of Bo Bauer’s interception against USC two weeks ago.

Dude is doing some great work each week and it’s been a lot of fun watching him lean into these more and more each week. If you aren’t following him already, you probably should. His user name is @gonein2059. Hopefully we have a few big plays on offense this week for Oscar to take to the lab and cook up more fun videos.

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  1. Did we get away with a hold on that run? Looks like Joe Alt had lost position against#8 and dragged him down. The two even appear to be looking for a flag.

    1. “There’s a whole ocean out there; let’s not drown in a glass of water”
      Prof David Burrell. Philosophy professor, ND circa, 1971

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