Tommy Rees Channeled Inner Purple-Faced BK in Now Viral Clip from Notre Dame’s Win Over Cal

Tommy Rees has officially gone viral again. Last December he went semi-viral for his “f it, I’m staying” clip when announcing he was rejecting Brian Kelly’s offer to follow him down to the Bayou. On Saturday, Rees channeled his inner purple-faced Brian Kelly while yelling at starting quarterback Drew Pyne in Notre Dame’s 24-17 victory over Cal.

Social media ate up the clip, and the national media has picked up on it with stories in various publications Saturday night and Sunday morning.

For many, it was reminiscent of Brian Kelly’s sideline tantrums early in his tenure at Notre Dame – many of which were directed at Tommy Rees when he was the quarterback of the Fighting Irish.

Pyne was asked about the clip after the game and had a perfect response. “Coach Rees, I texted him this Sunday and said I want you to be very hard on me,” he said. “That’s the standard he holds me to, and that’s what I asked for, and I respond well to hard coaching.”

The moment came after Pyne missed a wide-open Michael Mayer down the seam at the start of the game. Pyne, making his first career start in place of the injured Tyler Buchner, was shaky in his debut as the starting quarterback for the Irish. He missed several throws early on, including the errant throw to Mayer that would have gone for a big gain that spurred Rees’s response.

Marcus Freeman makes his coordinators available to the media every week, a sharp departure from Kelly who only allowed media access to the coordinators twice a year, so expect Rees to be asked about the clip that has now been viewed over 2.1 million times.

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  1. These kids aren’t trying to screw up. The grown ups are paid big bucks to help he kids to play as a team and win games. If the 0 line can create a run game and if the D line can pressure the QB and stop the run we have a chance. A turnover or two would help.

    1. Ohhhh !! They try hard, and really want to play better. It’s those mean, rich coaches who are making them into complete screwups.

      Sports is so hard.

  2. I’ve always liked Pyne. We were hardly
    0-2 because of Drew Pyne! As long as I’ve read this blog, there have been roaring calls drowning everything else out to start somebody else, regardless of who exactly is in there at QB. Relax and enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve had since June, and Notre Dame football, perhaps sans NC, but it’s still the greatest live entertainment of my lifetime going back to 1964.

    BGC 77 82

    1. You won’t finish 10-2 because of Drew Pyne either. He might be popular amongst his teammates and fans but you are not going to compete for a NC let alone salvage this season with that guy at QB. The only QB in the last 10+ years at ND less talented than Pyne is the guy who is currently pretending to be an OC.

      1. You can’t judge the talent, just the gameday execution.
        And in that regard, I saw Dayne Crist redux.

      2. And yet, when Golson was a no show, Rees was there

        When Kiser stepped in (2015) he saved the game,
        on the road, and finished the season

        When Book replaced Wimbush, he rattled off about thirty wins with only a few losses, and no huge upsets
        Book must be at or real near the top in total wins and total offense

        Some of you readers may get the idea that these posters are only happy with an NC, but that’s wrong! Ask Dan Devine. They are not even satisfied with that!

        They just like to see other people fail. We all know the type, no matter if it’s 1975, 1978, 1980
        or Millenium three..

        BGC 77 82

  3. This is going to take time. We have a new inexperienced coach, a new starting QB, young inexperienced runners, and not enough wide receivers and this is ND, where every move is closely examined.

    Relax- we’ll be fine.

  4. Say you had passed on moving to be an owner-partner in a new Chick-Fil-A outlet in a great location.

    And instead, stayed where you were, and risked your financial future on opening a Church’s Chicken.
    Sales at the your restaurant are slow, and lots of things are not going well.
    But one busy Saturday afternoon, you finally get a big crowd in the door.
    And you catch your store manager taking a shit in the french fryer.

    How would you react?

    1. Please no dirty diaper stuff on this site. Clearly this analogy is gratifying for you but it’s not real football content. If you wish for prayers for having help in evolving if still possible, then comment further.

  5. I would have done more than yell at Pyne. I’d have slapped him silly.
    He was so goddamn terrible. I’m suspicious he was fixing the game for the mob.
    Drew Pyne is Exhibit A in the case for recruiting elite RBs.

  6. “Much ado about nothing'”. Pyne wisely quickly defused it with his post-game reply. What’s more important is Rees’ better game plan, despite the team’s execution remaining woefully inadequate. If I’d have jumped offside on a 3rd and one QB sneak when I was in 8th grade, I’d have been rightfully benched. But that was immediately followed by OL mental lapses for illegal procedure and missed assignments on stunts all half long.
    Fortunately, both lines took control, and Pyne mostly had a clean pocket , with the DL provided necessary pressures in the second half, and that’s the needed direction, or ND will end up revisiting a mediocre season. I’m hoping that was more about ND improving than Cal being an overmatched undersized DL. Stay tuned. We’ll know more after the next two games, with the mid-term exams vs. Clemson and the final test versus an explosive SC.
    Celebrate the win and focus on getting better. As for:

    ” For many, it was reminiscent of Brian Kelly’s sideline tantrums early in his tenure at Notre Dame”
    Watching Bayou Brian purchased by LSU and is now ranting at his new gig (good riddance) , I suspect he’s off his meds again. Little has changed since “early in his tenure at Notre Dame” re: his predictable lack of control and readiness to express how others are to blame, unable to learn the self-control he’s always lacked. Despite the sputtering start of this new coaching staff, I feel healed as an ND fan from the toxic self-promoting arrogance of Bayou Brian.

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