NR Notre Dame
() Fighting Irish
Duke NR
Blue Devils ()
  • Date: 2007-11-17 at 2:30pm ET
  • TV: NBC
  • Location: Notre Dame, IN (Notre Dame Stadium)

Robert Hughes Establishing Himself

NOTRE DAME, IN (UHND.com ) – Robert Hughes’s freshman year at Notre Dame certainly hasn’t been an easy one for the talented Chicago native running back. For most of the freshmen on the Notre Dame roster, the biggest disappointment this ...

Thoughts on the Duke Game

Offense Clausen looked sharp again.  His passing percentage was just 50%, but when you factor in the drops, it would have been much higher so that doesn’t bother me at all.  What I really loved seeing is 6 TD’s to ...

Charlie’s Sunday Presser Highlights

The following are some of the better discussions from Sunday’s press conference with Charlie Weis. The entire transcript can be read at UND.com. On Duval Kamara’s physical advantage The one thing that he does do which I’m very encouraged about, ...

Highlights from Weis’s Tuesday Presser

On what practices will be like this spring I think the practices will be physical, and I think that the head coach will be vocal. On winning one for the seniors this weekend I think that that’s the very clear ...