11 Notre Dame
() Fighting Irish
Texas NR
Longhorns ()
  • Date: 2015-09-05 at 7:30pm ET
  • TV: NBC
  • Location: Notre Dame, IN (Notre Dame Stadium)
Notre Dame - Texas

We had questions, Notre Dame had the answers

So, that went really well. You never quite know with openers. Sometimes it’s a 38-3 win that shows the quality of a team ranked just outside the pre-season top 10. And sometimes it’s a narrow victory that leaves more doubt ...
Jaylon Smith - Notre Dame LB vs. Texas

Duranko’s Digest: What Did We See Against Texas?

We saw ruthless, brutal physical domination. After establishing that, Brian Kelly’s 2015 Fighting Irish used a remarkable array of skilled players and a stunning performance by Malik Zaire to dehorn Charley Strong’s Texas Longhorns 38-3. 38 points? Was it an ...

Notre Dame – Texas Highlights

Missed any of Notre Dame’s 38-3 shellacking of Texas last night?  If so, first off, we offer our deepest condolences because last night’s viewing was a masterpiece from Brian Kelly and his staff.  If you were unable to see Notre Dame ...
Tarean Folston Injury

Tarean Folston Injury: Out for 2015 Notre Dame Season

Brian Kelly confirmed what looked painfully obvious to everyone watching the Notre Dame - Texas game at home on television - Tarean Folston has been lost for the year.

Notre Dame vs. Texas: Shamrock Stickers

Notre Dame’s 2015 season got off to a roaring start Saturday night under the bright lights of Notre Dame Stadium with a Texas sized whipping of the Longhorns.  The Irish dominated every facet of the game on their way to ...

Notre Dame Football Returns Tomorrow!

The long national nightmare known as summer is officially over so stop pretending you are working today.  No one actually is.  It’s a long weekend.  It’s the eve of the 2015 college football season and our beloved Fighting Irish are ...

Notre Dame vs. Texas Primer

The folks at WatchND are at it again.  They just produced a killer primer for this weekend's season opener against Texas.  Watch this and try not to get too hyped up for Team 127.

Notre Dame vs. Texas – Game Details

The end of the long and tourtuous off-season is finally upon us.  We are in game week for the first time of the 2015 season with our beloved Fighting Irish making final preparations for hosting the Texas Longhorns for the ...