Notre Dame vs. Texas Primer

The folks at WatchND are at it again.  They just produced a killer primer for this weekend’s season opener against Texas.  Watch this and try not to get too hyped up for Team 127.

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  1. I love Malik’s confidence. If it’s just false bravado, he’s very convincing.
    Did anyone else happen to notice Joe Schmidt’s right arm/wrist in a cast at the pep rally yesterday?
    I flashed back to the Collinsworth injury just before the opener last season.
    I hate those unannounced final week’s injuries to key players leading up to the opener.
    Hopefully, it won’t limit his effectiveness too much vs. Texas and others.
    Texas starting four true Frosh suggests to me that either they’re too impressive to keep off the field, or Coach Strong remains dissatisfied with the team he inherited when he arrived last year. Playing Texas early could be a huge factor as ND’s depth and experience could result into an advantage against their early season opponents, but one victory at a time starting tonight.

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