A Look Back at Every Notre Dame Shamrock Series Uniform

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Manti Te’o during Notre Dame’s first ever Shamrock Series. (Photo: Rich Kane/Icon Sportswire)

Later today Notre Dame will unveil the 2016 Shamrock Series uniforms and helmets.  When they do, half the fan base will rejoice while half will roll their eyes.  The Shamrock Series uniforms have been one of many points of contention among “old school” fans who cringe whenever they see them, but over the years there have been some excellent designs and innovative helmets.

Tonight’s uniforms will be the seventh in the series and the third iteration from Under Armour.  Notre Dame did not wear any special jerseys or helmets in 2009 for the first Shamrock Series against Washington State, but have worn unique uniforms ever since. Here’s a look back at all of them to whet your whistles until tonight’s announcement.

2010: Army at Yankee Stadium – New York, NY

The first “special” Shamrock Series uniforms (above) were not unfamiliar to Notre Dame fans.  Notre Dame wore the same green jerseys in 2010 that they wore in both 2005 against USC and 2006 against the same Army program they faved in Yankee Stadium.  They kept the classic helmets – at least at the time – for the first go-round with special uniforms.  Aside from people complaining about wearing green jerseys against Army in a meaningless game, the jerseys didn’t ruffle too many feathers.  

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Notre Dame, Swarbrick Nail Shamrock Series Reboot

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