Notre Dame – Georgia Tech Football Rivalry

When unbeaten Notre Dame entertains unbeaten Georgia Tech on September 19th it will mark the first ACC version of a short, but intriguing, football series.

Rockne was ever eager to expand Notre Dame’s national footprint and he agreed to travel to Atlanta to play Georgia Tech in 1923. The series was cordial, though dominated by eleven Notre Dame wins in the first 12 games.

John Heisman, the man for whom the eponymous trophy is designated, coached at Georgia Tech but retired after the 1919 season. Heisman never faced the Irish.

Bobby Dodd, the inventor of the “belly series” was Georgia Tech’s most famous coach and he held sway from 1945-1966. He won 165 games and still holds the record. He was 1-2 against the Irish, sneaking in a 14-10 win over Kuharich’s Irish in South Bend in ‘59.

Georgia Tech joined the SEC in 1932 and that had decreased the opportunities for the teams to meet. However, a vicious dirty play by Alabama’s Darwin Holt, fracturing bones in the face of Georgia Tech’s Chick Graning in a 1961 game accelerated Georgian Tech’s decision to leave the SEC. Holt’s villainy, and Bryant’s nonchalant unapologetic attitude afterward confirmed a suspicion that had been discussed in the corridors of the Georgia Tech administration. Tech wanted to find a place more consistent with its values and somewhere that, unlike the SEC and Bryant, was within the boundaries of civilization. Georgia Tech bid the SEC adieu after the ’63 season.

Notre Dame and Georgia Tech played more frequently while Georgia Tech was an independent, meeting nine times in the 15 years after Tech left the SEC.

Georgia Tech then joined the ACC in 1979. The relationship remained cordial but the schedule became more complicated. Georgia Tech and the Irish have met just seven times in the last 35 years, one of them a vintage Bob Davie bowl loss by 35-28 to Tech in Jacksonville in the 1999 Gator Bowl.

November 8, 1975

Daniel Ruettiger played three plays on defense for the Irish, registering a sack against Georgia Tech on the third of his plays. They made a movie about it. You might be familiar with it, as it is called “Rudy.”

The Day the Fraud was Revealed

It was Georgia Tech, and the overhyped Jon Tenuta who finally exposed the emptiness and deception of Charlie Weis’ promises, his pomps and his evil works. It was September 1, 2007, when Weis finally had “his recruits.” Georgia Tech walloped the Irish 33-3. Weis, in the lamest schematic display since Hugh Devore was having Frank Budka run quarterback keepers in ’63, threw Demetrius Jones under the Georgia Tech bus and let Jon Tenuta rock it back and forth over Jones again and again. Notre Dame generated a total offense of 122 yards, 130 passing and -8 rushing. Clearly, emperor Weis had no clothes. Never one to accept accountability, Weis attributed the victory to the genius of Jon Tenuta’s blitzes, then doubled down and hired Tenuta a year later.

With the Irish now playing 5 games a year against SEC opponents the Irish will now see Georgia Tech every third year, with a clash with Paul Johnson’s team scheduled for Saturday.

1W10-28-192213Atlanta, GA3
2W10-27-192335South Bend, IN7
3W11-01-192434South Bend, IN3
4W10-31-192513Atlanta, GA0
5W10-30-192612South Bend, IN0
6W10-29-192726South Bend, IN7
7L10-20-19280Atlanta, GA13
8W11-02-192926Atlanta, GA6
9W10-08-193814Atlanta, GA6
10W10-07-193917South Bend, IN14
11W10-12-194026South Bend, IN20
12W10-11-194120Atlanta, GA0
13L10-03-19426South Bend, IN13
14W10-02-194355South Bend, IN13
15W11-25-194421Atlanta, GA0
16W10-06-194540Atlanta, GA7
17W10-24-195327South Bend, IN14
18L11-07-195910South Bend, IN14
19W11-18-196736Atlanta, GA3
20W11-16-196834South Bend, IN6
21W11-15-196938Atlanta, GA20
22W11-14-197010South Bend, IN7
23W09-09-197431Atlanta, GA7
24W11-08-197524South Bend, IN3
25L11-06-197614Atlanta, GA23
26W11-05-197769South Bend, IN14
27W11-18-197838Atlanta, GA21
28W10-06-197921South Bend, IN13
29T11-08-19803Atlanta, GA3
30W11-07-198135South Bend, IN3
31W09-06-199717South Bend, IN13
32L01-01-199928Jacksonville, FL35Gator Bowl
33W09-02-200614Atlanta, GA10
34L09-01-20073South Bend, IN33

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  1. Wow. There were around 10-15 comments when I left for nieces wedding in Chicago. Got back last night and there are 60. Shocked to see this Hater go after Catholic Saints and to find out his anger about ND or life went back to August. Great game , team win over Georgia Tech. Sad news on Tranquill. Martini was all over the field side line to side line. Fun to watch these young players coming into their own and contributing. Go Irish

  2. Curled up in the fetal position listening to the Crying Game soundtrack while mumbling triple option over and over.

  3. David. The second half is completed. I trust your plan “B” was satisfactory. Looking forward to your future post. Objectivness and humility are clearly your strongest attributes. Where art thou David?

  4. david
    August 24, 2015 at 11:12 am
    Much of the football world scoffed when Georgia Tech hired Paul Johnson, Navy’s former head coach who brought his triple-option offense with him to Atlanta, but who’s laughing now?
    I threw out Johnson ‘s name as my hope for the ND job after the ‘Air Weis’ debacle…and was laughed at right here on this board. No way did the smart fans here want an option-happy, “small-timey” coach like Paul Johnson.

    So here we are….with the Brian Kelly vaudeville act looking pretty old, Malik Zaire (a Tony Rice option doppleganger) at QB, and ND destined to be embarrassed by Johnson’s GT.


  5. david you have been completely exposed.

    First, you hijacked this thread, and that is simply rude, albeit permitted under the site rules.

    There was a significant discussion of the challenges of the Johnson triple option, and some documentation on their recent success in the “What will we see against Georgia Tech?” section of the previous article on “What did we see against Virginia.?” That is where either a gentleman or a rational person would have posted a substantive commentary about the risks of playing the triple option. If neither is your category, then so be it. But you choose to bring it here, in this thread, inappropriately, as my article mentioned two of the grand men of Georgia Tech football, John Heisman and Bobby Dodd.

    So you ERRANTLY posted a STRAW MAN, as the above posters (Shaz, southside, JDH are fun guys, but they don’t abide fools well. or Straw men) identified. .

    Was Mark Twain right when he said “the most dangerous lies we tell are the ones we tell to ourself?”
    After setting up the straw man, you set yourself up as the conquerer and vanquisher of the straw man. You let your emotions rule (if your counselors have told you this before, I’ll stop) and could not register a lucid, syllogistic argument making the case for a Georgia Tech win. Rather you chose ad hominem, hysterical arguments.

    Next you are a complete ignoramus regarding the Catholic Saints. “Blind mindless devotion is for saints?” Really?? Does that include Agnes, St. John of the Cross, Maximilian Kobe, John Lalonde, Rene Goupil and Katherine Tekawitha? Are you even familiar with the lives of the Saints? It is probably beyond your ken to understood the ultimate words of mercy ever humanly uttered by any human :
    “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

    You have issues david. And trust me on this, they are not going to get resolved by angry, anonmymous posts on any football website.

  6. The defensive rallied to the call. They were great this week

    To me the offense still seems totally dependent on big long shot playa and cj’s great speed. I just want a three back running offensive with the certainty they can push or outsmarts the defensive line and control the line of scrimmage.

    Semper fi

  7. I agree with everything that Michael the Archangel posted. The Irish were prepared for this game and they (the players) bought into and executed the game plan. I think the young QB will only get better with more playing time. I’d like to see the O-Line clean-up the penalties. I’d like to see #33 get more reps so we don’t wear down CJ, and please get the ball to Torii Hunter, Robinson and the TE’s more. Let’s try to get Wimbush some reps. I’d like to see the Irish blow-out UMass the way they should blow-out a cupcake.


  8. well, ejs, there’s an answer for that, too.

    And it actually resides in Dante’s Inferno. The three people who are stuck in Satan’s mouth are Brutus, Cassius and Judas. In Dante’s infernal tale it is not the evil you do, but the trust and loyalty you pervert and betray that merits you being a lollipop for the Devil.

    Johnson is just a dour ignoramus. Dabo is never dour, just an ignoramus. Gary Pinkel is just a guy who has never won a championship, and is mystified by people who do.

    The perversion of the Weis regime was that he pretended to be loyal to Notre Dame, while merely using it to assuage his massive, albeit insecure (like a balloon, massive surface area, but nothing inside) ego. Then he BECAME THE BIGGEST THIEF WHO EVER LOOTED THE NOTRE DAME TREASURY. And it ain’t even close. Weis was a deflector of accountability, as shown by his absurd and failed “fat boy” lawsuit against the doctors of Mass General. Oh well, he’ll always have the Corwin Brown and Mike Haywood hires!

    Weis perverted and abused Notre Dame.
    So did his supporters and the few remaining advocates.

    And, for your continued reading pleasure ejs, there is a little somethin’ somethin’ in the future articles about the series. Stay tuned. You ain’t seen bitter and biting-yet.

  9. We all saw Fuller amaze us again, but Chris Brown played his best game overall since his arrival. Kizer was very effective and steady despite several off-target but still catchable tosses, which the WRs handled. His cool pocket presence even under pressure was again evident. CJ was, again, remarkable. Tranquil and Farley combined for 8 tackles (four apiece) and Greer Martini had at least 8 tackles. Jaylon was all over the field,from denying pitch out gains to slot pass completions downfield, and K. Russell returned to his lock-down CB play we expect from him. Shumate and Rochell had 5 tackles and more quietly but effectively excelled. And co-captain Joe Schmidt set the Ds, then went on to lead all with 10 tackles, with three for loss including one sack.What’s most impressive to me about this game is the ability of NDs D’ to limit so few big chunk plays vs. the explosive ever-dangerous option, while holding their third down productivity to something like 1-13. It takes discipline and all 11 doing their job to prevent big plays vs. the option, and ND impressed. Kudos to BVG (and Coach Elliot’s prep) for the multiple D’formations and the solid execution of the D’ schemes by the players.
    Well-coached, brilliantly executed, and extremely effective = domination on D’
    The D’line made more tackles than most games, and the LB play and DBs were dominant.
    Yoon and Alize Jones will be fine.
    The Tranquil loss was more bad luck and frustration after he played three outstanding quarters. Someone wake up Stanley for next week’s game, although the supposed holding call was very questionable. The rest of the OL dominated and the WRs were again great as blockers and receivers. If the team continues to play like they have their first two home games, no one will defeat them at home.
    A complete team victory . . .onward Irish.

  10. This is one of the more bitter and biting articles I’ve read on this website. The “overhyped” Jon Tenuta? If you were going that route why not bring up Paul Johnson’s juvenile reaction when Van Gorder junked the triple option at Georgia Southern, or Johnson’s bad mouthing of Brian Kelly and ND on the recruiting trail?

  11. david
    September 17, 2015 at 11:34 am
    You are in for one brutal dose of realty this Saturday. Johnson wants to rub VanGorder’s nose in it bad enough to shorten his career. GT will whip ND like a rented mule.
    A Plan B for yourself for the 2nd half will prove prescient.

  12. Jaylon Smith was an animal. There just aren’t many linebackers that can play at that level in all phases of the position. He was everywhere yesterday. Great win for the Irish. It will be interesting to watch what GT does to the rest of their opponents this year. Watched the Texas game last night, they looked a lot better than they did against the Irish which would read a logical person to believe that the defense is much better than getting credit for right now.
    Next week is a trap game, hope they keep their focus.

  13. It’s interesting to read this stream for the first time after the game. And, while I’ve not read a single comment on any site denouncing the effectiveness of the triple option of GT, I can see what david is clumsily alluding to… The traditional option is viewed as largely irrelevant, and for good reason. It relies upon a defense reacting out of instinct, as opposed to discipline. As players become more mature, and more disciplined, it loses all effectiveness. Hence it’s invisibility in the NFL.

    What’s fascinating about GT, is that it’s been something of a beneficiary of this irrelevance. Most of these guys have never, or rarely, played against an old school option. It’s been rare in Pop Warner for a more than a decade, much less serious HS programs.

    Which brings up the value of Johnson’s loss today. It wasn’t just a bad game – it was utterly humiliating. What it took was putting the most disciplined players against an option scout team with consistency. Teaching guys an unfamiliar discipline takes more than a week or two, but also doesn’t have to distract from regular training. I have a sneaking suspicion that this will become a pattern for those who face GT, and be one last, maybe final, nail in the coffin of triple option play.

    So david, the great irony is that while no one with any sense was discounting GT’s offense, (not even poet troll savant bj was callin ND by 35), ND and staff may have set the stage for the end of the system.

  14. Bottomline…Irish win AND beat the spread! However, the score takes away from the drubbing the Tech option took today. Lets just hope ND can do as well against the Middies. I understand why Kelly let them score that first 4th qtr td so as to get Wimbush into the game and get some real time reps. But be careful being a nice guy in giving away TD’s….look what it almost did to Miami today who had a 23 pt lead going into the 4th qtr. Great job by kick receiving team on that 2nd onside kick. When you have your competitor down…stick a hose down their throat and turn on the water…GO IRISH!

  15. Ron,
    You should put down your scotch and take a look! 🙂

    Yeah those points at the end were disappointing. But every once and a while an onside kick works. Our D outplayed and dominated GT’s offense for the 3.5 quarters +. Very impressive! Kizer needs to sharpen up and work off the rough edges obviously, but that is to be expected. Prosise and Fuller are just excellent.

  16. Great win for the Irish. I admit I didn’t think ND would win this game. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong. Thought the Defense played great minus the last two minutes. Offense and Special teams were below average. Hated seeing Gtech score like that late in the game. Buzz Kill

  17. Didn’t like the 2 TD’s in 22 secs at the end which was allowed but BVG had his troops ready for the option. DK solid game and Prosise what can you say about him. A good win.

  18. I was told to have a Plan B for the second half, as a rule follower I did just that. Therefore, I have no idea how many points the vaunted GT offense beat us by. Could someone, anyone (perhaps diamond Dave) please let me know the outcome?
    Thank you!

  19. BJ,
    Do the world a favor and shut your retarded pie hole. Phenomenal win by ND! I don’t know if the triple option is “gimicky” or not, but our D certainly made it look so. I’ll let david comment on that since he’s the expert, GT got 7 points for 3.9 quarters and then some meaningless points at the end. Kizer is calm and composed and managed the game. GREAT WIN IRISH!

  20. david,

    For what it’s worth, I’m in agreement as it pertains to the option having a recent history of giving ND fits, and that GT’s version of it is nothing to take likely, at all. I haven’t read every posting of every article on this site, and don’t care to. I’ll let stand my take, and southside’s, that it doesn’t appear many folks here are the delusional fans of which you speak. “Other fans” from “other websites” or “these ND fans that I hear” aren’t reall relevant, IMO, to what’s actually being talked about on UHND. For the record, I get it.

  21. JDH: Your rage is interfering with your reading comprehension. And as far as I know, predicting that another team will win a game is not a violation of board rules.

  22. southside:

    As a fan who suggested Paul Johnson’s name for public discussion as ND coach last go-round, I read exactly what several longtime posters on this board had to say both about ‘option football’ conceptually, its complete inappropriateness for ND, and Paul Johnson’s ‘unimpressive resume’ as a coach. And it was quite the opposite of your revisionist take as ‘respectful’.

    What I posted at the top of this thread is that there were a litany of delusional opinions about the outcome of this week’s game….far too many people think this game will even be close. Based on nothing but irrational hope.

    On the boards THIS week, posts have been predictably dominated by a few other, slightly more pressing issues for ND —- such as the now-precarious QB situation, the overall injury tally, the continued subpar coaching on D. That you counted all the posts up and declared that they “aren’t about the option” is rather funny.

    But all that aside: It isn’t terribly smart to ridicule a team that you (deep inside) feel might very well make your own beloved team look absolutely pathetic in just a few days. As there are some smart people who know football on this board, I think it’s possible that this scenario is not an outrageous stretch of my imagination.

  23. david,
    I think you need to read southside’s post again, because it was steel on target. I don’t see where anyone is predicting some grandiose ND drubbing of GT. What is it exactly that you want from the fans on the site?

    So are you looking at your watch, counting the minutes until “hopefully” GT kicks out butts so you can bloviate “I TOLD YOU SO I TOLD YOU SO I TOLD YOU SO.” Pity that.

  24. I have followed ND football for many years. But unlike many others, I do not see any problem having unflattering thoughts or opinions. Blind, mindless devotion is for fools and saints, and I’m neither.

    Georgia Tech is simply a better football team than ND is.

    Paul Johnson has been infinitely better at installing his triple option philosophy at GT than Brian Kelly has been with his “hurry-up, no huddle” strategy at ND. (Yeah…remember that?!).

    And consistent with a superior offensive efficiency, GT succeeds despite its less-talented defense. Despite many nodes of exceptional talent, NDs defense is often a game-determining adventure every week. In the 2nd half against Virginia, NDs secondary was laughable.

    So cling to the injuries as a comforting excuse if you like….Brian Kelly would sure appreciate it if you did. But that is not the underlying truth. And the truth sticks around, year after year.

  25. There’s a lot of past tradition of the option/triple option football and winning either NC’s or being consistent winners. I enjoyed watching those offenses back especially in the 1970’s and 80’s with wishbone teams or power option variant as played by Nebraska, or even the vaunted Veer option. Whether it was Royal’s Texas teams, Switzer’s Sooners, Bryant’s Tide teams, Osborn’s Huskers, option football attacks gained some NC’s. Emory Ballard’a Miss St teams and some Houston teams which ran the Veer were tough teams to beat though they didn’t win any NC’s. Heck, I remember the fanfare back in the late 90’s when ND was talking about a return to more “option” based football under Davie. I respect GT or even the service academies playing variants of an option based attack. I think it will give ND a lot of fits if BVG does not have a good game plan to defense it come tomorrow and I think Johnson is coming out to send BVG a message. I hope BVG is ready to answer that. I do agree with others, we will get an idea how things are in “the office” of ND football as to how this game concludes. I hope Kizer has a great game.

    Go IRISH, smash the Rambling Wreck

  26. I think David likes to embellish just a tad. I, too, have not seen any ND fan deride the triple option as a “gimmick” and something to be disregarded and pooh-poohed. And I follow multiple college football sites. Of all the varying methods ND haters use to spew their message of hate, this is perhaps my favorite. The fictionalized Notre Dame straw man fan. It usually starts out with “all you Notre Damer’s” believe this or have said that in the past, like we all get together with the Pope, or as the haters refer to the “Antichrist” to expound on the merits of Notre Dame football and why we all believe ND is so superior to all other universities. Usually, this sentiment is expressed by someone from SEC country. (Ok. At this point I usually respond to the Southern ND haters with my own little stereotype about how I can’t believe the hater stopped long enough from his cross burning or from doing his sister to comment on a ND site. Mea Culpa.) But perhaps in David’s case it’s the voices he hears in his head. My advice. Get some help. Be a positive force in your community. Don’t do drugs. Stay in school.

  27. Actually, I was hoping a Georgia Tech fan or two would drop by and lend some context and quasi-inside info to the backstory behind Georgia Tech’s decision to leave the SEC.

    Bryant mellowed in his later years, but he was a tough hombre back in the Junction days, and the Chick Graning incident was in ’61, only a few years removed from Junction. Bryant mellowed in later years, and assumed his role as a key figure in Alabama. His integration of his football teams was an eloquent, and practical repudiation of George Corley Wallace.

    For those of you who missed it , however, Bryant ended his days on this mortal orb with an 0-4 lifetime record against Notre Dame.

    It was buried in the Digest article, but Georgia Tech under Bobby Ross won a split national title in 1990.
    It would have been unanimous but some zebra called a clip against Greg Davis, nullifying what would have been a winning punt return by Raghib Ismail.

    Actually this thread was about Notre Dame’s history with Georgia Tech. Not about some puerile non-sequitur.

  28. David,

    Please forgive me if I missed it. Have you stated clearly that you are in fact a die-hard ND fan? If so, then I think you are entitled to your opinions on this site.

    Like I said, forgive me if I indeed missed your earlier post to the effect you’re an ND lifer. But I wonder if your tone does not suggest that otherwise. Adding to my suspicion is the re-emergence of “Bucky” seemingly siding with you. Trust me, David, if you’re really an ND man you don’t need allies like “Bucky”!

  29. Ron Burgundy,
    Saw Warrior and I ran some really solid ops together. But I’m very upset that I have to tell you, he was KIA. Shot multiple times by his own men.

    david- Here’s the thing. I think this is going to be a very tough game for ND. They will have to really come together as a team and rally around Kizer, and our D will have to play lights out. We all know of their red hot option offense. I get it. It’s just that, in my opinion, you might need to slow your roll a bit, as many of your posts are a tad over the top. It’s a tad ironic you are pontificating about ND fans, on an ND football site, and how “delusional pots” need to find some perfect zen-like balance between realism and fandom. Yawn.

    “Find 20 college football fans who….” What does that even mean? Many people believe many things that are wrong. You believing the same falsehood doesn’t make you a “little more right”. But I digress.

    One person I would like to see ALOT more of on Saturday is Mr. Robinson. I don’t exactly why, but he’s been pretty quiet. Much of it is probably a result of schemes and the players the coaches think best fit into them. But also, if you watched him in the UVA game, some of his blocking was phoned-in and just awful. I want to see him be an integral part of the win again.

  30. David,

    “Wild mood swings”
    (Pot meet kettle)

    Of course I suffer from wild mood swings, Hurls has brain damage, Buckeye has an Inferiority Complex, BJ has multiple personality disorder…. what’s your excuse?

    Now quit wasting electricity…. you’re starting to piss off Jerry.

  31. I remember that 2007 game well. It really was the beginning of my loss of faith in Weis. I am not delusional. I did not expect a great year in 2007. Even the greatest coach in the world would not have had a 12-0 season that year. But I did not expect 3-9. Not by a long shot. That GT game in 2007 was poorly coached. It was my first inkling that Weis was not all he promised. Granted, I still held out hope when 2008 started, but 2007 was when my faith was starting to be shaken. I still feel bad for Demetrius Jones. He was thrust into an almost impossible situation and almost just as quickly abandoned by Weis, never to be seen again at ND basically.

    This game will be tough this week. While one game does not maketh a season, I think this game will really give us a good look at what kind of season ND has to look forward to with Kizer under center. A loss will not be the end of the world, but a win I believe would foreshadow a good season ahead. The coaches have already said they don’t plan on making dramatic changes to the playbook. Kizer comes with the same tools and was recruited because he fit BK’s coaching system. Obviously specific plays may need to be adjusted (I don’t think Kizer is as proficient at Zone Reads as Zaire, for instance) but they don’t need to throw away the book.

    I have my fingers crossed.

  32. David , with all due respect , there have been 4 articles(Duranko # 4 today) and approx. 73 comments posted since Virginia game. Not one comment belittles Georgia Tech’s triple option. Not one comment says GT has lesser talent. Not one comment says GT’s option is a gimmick. In fact , the comments show respect and a high regard for GT’s high scoring triple option. If you check back— the input is all about HOW DOES ND STOP THEM.

  33. A sign I look for in a rational, reasonable person is a consistency in the approach and the thought when having a discussion.

    With respect to that, did you ask some other person to write that response on your behalf. or do you suffer from wild mood swings?

  34. David, I don’t think anyone who truly knows football would deny your point that the option is one of the finest offenses there is, or that Paul Johnson isn’t a master of teaching it and running it.

    I got it, and agreed the first time you said it.
    I’m sure those that didn’t, got it the second time you said it.

    After that it becomes repetitive ….. hence the “torch bearing lynch mob”

    Some once said… I’m not sure who… Let’s not overreact!”

    Ah! Good Words to live by.

  35. Shaz: Find 20 college football fans who (honestly) do not credit ND with inventing the forward pass. So they “popularized” it …. I stand corrected, and humiliated beyond human comprehension.

    That universal misconception aside, the it is intellectually dishonest to deny the larger point I was making. But doing so does let one maintain one’s happy delusions, and causes the torch-bearing lynch mob to bray and cheer.
    And if that’s the way you prefer to live life, no one can deny you that.

    So I’m full of shit, have no point, and ND fans are of the highest possible intellect.
    Enjoy this Saturday….should be fulfilling.

  36. JDH, Good having you back as well!
    Always enjoy your point of view.

    You look across the first two weeks of college football… the competition, or lack thereof, the upsets or near upsets, and it isn’t that far fetched to say nearly anyone, can beat anyone, on any given day.

    This years team is showing excellent leadership across the board. I’m sure it will make a big difference.

    Guys like David who sit up until 4:00 in the morning going on about us having to have a Plan B?
    Here’s a Plan B for him….. Get a life.

    And Buckeye? Well, sadly he’s still trying to deal with his Inferiority Complex.

    Think we should tell him that he can now seek counseling and help On-Line or do we just continue to smack him with a rolled up newspaper?

  37. Edit to add:

    Shazam, thank you also for correcting david’s glaring factual error and thereby blowing his entire argument out of the water. The whole “ND invented the forward pass” thing is as dumb as “Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag.”

  38. It’s great to see guys like david volunteer to be the moral compass of the site. Because of his moral and intellectual superiority, he’s able to mold and shape the rest of us and our talk and walk, as they pertain to ND football. And then, of course, we have Buckeye, the fetid, phenomenal douchebag who just won’t go away. I wonder what it speaks about someone’s character that they would continually troll another team’s site to tell the fans what’s what. Best of luck against NIU this week Buckeye. How’s that S.O.S treating you this year? Quite well? Sweet. Do you sit down to pee?

    Shazam, it’s good to be back and read your comments! It’s going to be a tough one this week with so many of our boys dropping like flies (per usual), but I have a good feeling. There seems to be a confidence level on the team that’s been missing as of late. Much respect to GT’s prolific offense. But we have a lot of boys on our D who will be playing on Sundays in the very near future.

  39. “Bobby Dodd, the inventor of the “belly series” was Georgia Tech’s most famous coach and he held sway from 1945-1966.”

    Robert Dodd – A military man as is Paul Johnson (Naval).

  40. Who invented Wikipedia? He is to blame for a lot of the geniuses bloviating here. Or is it genii? Is ND’s gridiron glory so far in the past that we need a computer to keep tabs?

    I will not speak for David but it seems what he is basically saying is go win something before criticizing everyone else. The high and mighty act wore out years ago, even before another pompous windbag named Al Gore invented the internet.

  41. There’s Reading and then there’s Comprehending.
    You need to work on the latter.

    ND did not invent the forward pass.

    The earliest record of a forward pass dates back to 1876 (ND did play their first football game until 1887, a full 11 years later) in a game between Yale and Princeton in which Yale’s Walter Camp threw forward to teammate Oliver Thompson.
    Because, at the time, there were no rules governing the use of a forward pass it was considered illegal.

    In 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt personally demanded that the rules of the game be reformed in an effort to make the game safer and reduce injuries.
    As part of those rule changes the forward pass became a legal play in 1906.

    Most sources credit St. Louis University’s Bradbury Robinson from Bellevue, Ohio with throwing the first legal forward pass on September 5, 1906, in a game against Carroll College.

    Notre Dame and Knute Rockne are only credited with bringing “popularity” to the forward pass by way of their 1913 win over Army which was played on a national stage and used to defeat a major football power.

    As a head coach Rockne and ND are credited with inventing the “Shift” …. something you seem rather adept at yourself.

    hilarious comments? indeed!

  42. All this week, I’ve read the same hilarious comments from ND fans who refuse any semblance of objectivity…as if it is somehow a sign of weakness to simply be rational.

    According to these people, the triple option is nothing more than a “gimmick” offense”, something relied on by teams with “lesser talent” to be able to even keep up with real, superior teams like ND.

    Well, delusional pots….let me introduce you to a kettle.
    ND invented the forward pass. A complete and utter gimmick, that was surely decried by purists as a complete farce —- though “technically legal”. Many of NDs best moments in history are inextricably tied to the infancy of the forward pass, and the era when ND was better at that “gimmick” than anyone else was.

    The triple option is effective, low-risk, tough, hard-nosed football. Seems incredibly oblivious of NDs glorious football history for ND fans, of all people, to now be criticizing and complaining about that.

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