Notre Dame Hats – Notre Dame Christmas: Day 6

Day 6 of our 12 Days of Notre Dame Christmas brings us to another staple in every sports fans’ closet – the Notre Dame hat.  I don’t have any scientific numbers, but I can honestly say I don’t know many other Notre Dame fans who don’t own at least one Notre Dame hat.  Hats also make great gifts because they last forever so if you pick out a good one for someone, they will be thinking about you every time they put it on.

Here are some of the best options I found on Fanatics who by the way has a free shipping offer today and has a flash sale until 2:00 PM ET on Friday, December 11 for 20% off with some exclusions.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Under Armour Sideline Renegade Solid Structured Performance Flex Hat – Navy 

This is a pretty classic Notre Dame hat and perfect for an old fashioned fan who doesn’t like the frills of some of the newer hat designs.  It’s also a flex fit hat so it gives the look of a fitted hat without you needing to know the hit size of the person you are shopping for.  This one comes in navy (pictured here) as well as one that has gold as the primary color.  Either are great gift options.


Notre Dame Fighting Irish Top of the World Green EZ Doz It Knit Beanie

Despite some unseasonably warm weather on the East coast right now, winter is here making beanies and winter hats great holiday presents.  This one specifically comes in at less than $15 so it’s a great stocking stuffer or potential Secret Santa present.  There is also a white version of this hat with a Leprechaun on the front of the hat instead of the “ND”.  You will be hard pressed to find a cheaper Notre Dame beanie than this one.


Notre Dame Fighting Irish Top of the World Dynasty Memory Fit Fitted Hat – Navy Blue

I tried to keep the fitted hats to a minimum on this list because of the logistical challenges of buying a fitted hat for someone else, but I absolutely love this one.  The gold ND on the front and gold shamrock on the back on the navy base just looks great and reminded me a bit of the hat that Lou Holtz always used to wear on the sidelines.  It is a “memory fit” hat which means that there is some give to it, but it is a fitted hat.  If your gift recipient wears their hats backwards a lot, this is a great option.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Leprechaun Mascot Knit Beanie

File this one under the fun and ridiculous department – aka perfect for a gift.  Most people won’t buy this for themselves because of how crazy it is, but if they got it as a gift, they’d wear it all the time.  If you know any Notre Dame fans who are a bit on the crazy side – and here at UHND that is probably most of us – then this is an awesome gift.  I personally know a number of UHND posters who would wear a hat like this to every cold weather game they go to… and probably even some warm weather ones.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Under Armour Switch It Up II Beanie 

Because it is winter, here’s another beanie.  This one is not as cheap of an option as the first one on the list, but it’s Under Armour so you know it’s great quality and will be plenty warm.  There are a couple color options for this one too, but I liked the classic blue/gold combination of this one the best.  All of these beanies make great gifts because they are one size fits all so the guess work of picking a size is eliminated.


Notre Dame Fighting Irish Under Armour Flat Bill Flex Hat

Here’s a flex fit hat from Under Armour with a really cool design.  The Notre Dame helmet with a shamrock stands out on the front with just a classic “ND” on the back.  Again, the flex fit design makes it pretty versatile as a gift and the design is pretty unique.  It’s got almost an old school throwback type feel to it.  There is a white version of this hat that replaces the helmet with an interlocking “ND” that is a bit simpler but still a great gift option.


Notre Dame Fighting Irish ’47 Brand Flexbone Closer Flex Hat 

Disclaimer: I freaking love ’47 Brand gear.  I have three ’47 Brand hats alone and a bunch of t-shirts from them.  My favorite hoodie, but unfortunately is no longer sold, is from ’47 Brand as well.  I used this one for the guide because its a pretty classic look and the hunter green and gold color combo is pretty sharp.  As a heads up, the ’47 Brand hats can tend to be a bit snug, so I’d err on the side of caution when ordering even though it is a flex fit hat.

’47 Brand Notre Dame Fighting Irish Bucket Hat – Kelly Green $24.99

And here’s another fun/silly gift idea in the hat department.  It take a unique individual to be able to pull off the bucket hat, but if you know someone who fits the bill, you can’t go wrong with this one.  At just under $25, it most likely falls into the Secret Santa potential gift category as well.  And to make it even better, it’s made by ’47 Brand.

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