Podcast: Notre Dame Defensive Recruiting Continues Rolling & What Makes Marcus Freeman so Effective

After talking about the offensive side of the ball last week, we spent this week on the defense.  A recent interview Notre Dame defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman gave on the Chris Zorich Podcast shed some light on what is making him so effective in recruiting at Notre Dame.  We do a deep dive on what Freeman said and talk about some differences between his approach and Clark Lea‘s.  We also talk about Notre Dame’s newest commitment – 4-star linebacker Jaylen Sneed.  

  • The pickup of Jaylen Sneed and why he is the most versatile of the group
  • Remaining defensive recruiting targets and where Notre Dame stands
  • Greg makes a 20-hour trip to Vegas
  • A flashback to the 1996 visor-crew at linebacker for Notre Dame
  • Marcus Freeman’s philosophy on looking for dudes who fit Notre Dame vs. finding Notre Dame fits first
  • Differences between Clark Lea and Marcus Freeman’s approach to recruiting and how their backgrounds might have impacted that
  • I return to enjoying a single high ABV IPA while recording this week with a delicious brew from Other Half Brewery
  • Another brief look at why I was dumb for even suggesting a 9-win season should be acceptable in the first podcast

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