Podcast: Trying to Make Sense of a Notre Dame Football Program Flipped Upside Down

A little over 24 hours after Brian Kelly flipped the program that he helped rebuild completely upside down, we recorded our thoughts on the latest podcast. It’s been a tumultuous 24+ hours for Notre Dame football, but we tried to look at things somewhat calmly and realize the Irish could emerge from this mess just fine.

  • How shocked we were about the news and its ramifications
  • How ridiculous it is that Kelly is leaving Notre Dame with a Playoff bid still possible
  • How much this tarnishes the legacy of Brian Kelly
  • Frank is really, really petty re: Brian Kelly at the moment
  • The case for Marcus Freeman as the next head coach
  • Which assistants Notre Dame needs to retaun
  • Lots of Q&A from Twitter

No IPAs tonight either, it was a bourbon kind of night.

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  1. The Playoff Committee will now consider coaching vacancies into their decisions when ranking teams. More proof that they are just making this shit up as they go.

    1. The committee shouldn’t be too hasty.
      IMO, ND’s odds of WINNING a playoff game might have gone up bit…..

      Not just because the ol’ purple zombie won’t be down to one timeout after 4 minutes of play, or deciding to go for 2 in the 2nd qtr.
      But anyone else making the pre-game and halftime speeches would do a FAR better job getting the kids fired up to play.

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