Podcast: Taking a Wait and See Approach with Notre Dame Football Following the “Preseason”

Frank and Greg are back in action this week breaking down the Tennessee State victory, looking ahead to NC State, and looking at things big picture after two easy wins.

  • Should we be concerned about wide receiver separation and a lack of sacks?
  • What even is targeting?
  • Food talk and some attempted cheesesteak slander
  • Thoughts on Steve Angeli’s first real stint
  • Are there any concerns with the rush defense?
  • How much can we take from beating up on two inferior opponents?
  • Thoughts on Marcus Freeman’s progression and aggressiveness in year 2
  • All the Brian Kelly LOLs for getting blown out
  • Much more…

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  1. Hopefully the administration learned its lesson after 12 years of a tyrant.

    Kelly really has outed himself.
    Once said he didn’t really believe In a Catholicism.
    Now admits he cares nothing about academics.
    And he’s demonstrated that he believes in a pigheaded game plan that he won’t allow to be adjusted once the game starts.
    You really can see in his eyes that he cares most about Brian Kelly and May forget players’ names while he’s
    Staring at them.

    1. LIved thru all of it, and knew full well what was going on in real time.
      When your Kelly review gets to 2016, please set my alarm clock for the 5th season after that.

  2. Bad semantics and ND’s enemies would love to single us out as having a 2 game preseason and a 10 game regular season.

    It would be great to see 3 things:
    1. Notre Dame being crisp against a tough opponent- being NC State
    2. Wrinkles in the game plan on both sides while still remaining focused on our strengths….running with violent intent and a pressure defense that can disrupt and force turnovers.
    3. Coaches who can continue to adjust during the game….and maybe quicker.

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