I don’t think we’ll have any problems with the Chicago Public League

Charlie Weis was asked if he was concerned about any possible recruiting problems in the Chicago Public League after the departure of Demetrius Jones last week.

Corwin Brown is my answer to your question.  I have one of the most renown people in the Chicago Public League.  Anything that anyone wants to know, I have one of the greatest resources going – one of the most repected people ever to come out of the Chicago Publis League.  I don’t think we’ll have any problems with the Chicago Public League.

The fact that Jones has been nothing but complimentary towards Notre Dame this week should also bode well for Notre Dame in the CPL in terms of recruiting.

“I really am going to miss Notre Dame”

“I’m not sorry I went to Notre Dame in the first place,” Jones told The Tribune via cell phone Sunday. “I learned a lot of lessons about life there. It made me a better person in a lot of ways.”

“I want Notre Dame to do well, and I realize what I’m walking away from,” Jones said.

All of the above quotes are from Jones in Monday’s SBT.

Combine those kind of quotes along with Corwin Brown’s positive influence in the CPL and I think Weis is right that the Irish will do just fine recruiting there moving forward.

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  1. matt,

    1.if your comments were addressed to me and my friends, you would need to know something about the civil rico act and shareholder derivative lawsuits.
    2. you would also have had to have spent thousands of hours, beginning with the 2002 season, tracking the members of the media and separating the people with honest opinions( yes, notre dame has played very badly this year and that is fair game) from the con artists who have been illegally using corporate funds to post and publish what they know to be fraudulent information about notre dame and other schools with the specific intent of driving recruits and players away from nd and other schools that are playing the game with integrity to other schools whose football programs the crooks posing as members of the media are using our corporate funds to tout.
    3. these same people have been publishing fraudulent stories about the notre dame football program being racist and the ohio state buckeyes being a haven for criminals.
    4. when the news came out that double d had not only left notre dame just as the bus was leaving for the michigan game, but had enrolled at northern illinois on 9/4/2007, along with the usual espn fraudulent stories about charlie weis having lied to double d, that conduct was not consistent with the character of double d, but was perfectly consistent with the illegal conduct( referred to as a pattern of racketeering activity in civil rico cases) of these con artists posing as members of the media.
    5. corporations in which we all own stock put uphundreds of millions of dollars every year to support college football based on the representations that college football is being played with integrity.
    6. the facts are that those representations of integrity are simply not true of many schools, of many crooked refs, and of these crooks masquerading as members of the media.
    7. significant segments of college football, including the ncaa are currently being run like enron, adelphia. mci worldcom and other corporations that cooked their books and ripped off the public.
    8. double d did not act the way he did on his own. he got pumped full of fraudulent information and got promised some things by some, whose frauduent posted stories about charlie weis lying to players and notre dame being a racist football program leave no doubt about who these people are and what their motives are, and have been since we started tracking them in 2002.
    9. we are very happy that double d decided to do the right thing and come in and speak with kevin white and, if he still wants to leave notre dame, to leave in an honorable way, as he would have, but for outside influences and promises from these crooks posing as members of the media or acting on behalf of some other football program.
    10. notre dame is, by no means, the only college football program being shafted by the current lack of integrity in college football.
    11. take a look at the oklahoma sooners. last year, they were robbed of a win over oregon by a crew of crooked pac 10 refs, as nd was in 2005 by another crooked pac 10 ref crew at the nd/usc game. then, the sooners discovered that some of their players had violated ncaa rules, including their starting qb. they took immediate action and self reported the violations to the ncaa. they could have paid off the ncaa, as other schools have, but they chose to act with integrity. their reward? wins were turned into losses, scholarships were lost. and other penalties were imposed by the same ncaa that has been providing cover for that con artist reggie bush and the usc football program.
    12. some very brave reporters at yahoo sports, based on some tips from us and despite some very vicious threats from some people associated with the usc football program, did a through investigation and posted all of the information and documents needed by the ncaa to take appropriate action against bush and usc. if you put the name reggie bush in your search engine, you will still find the documents and other evidence dug up by the reporters at yahoo sports.
    13. what has the ncaa done about the reggie bush and usc con operation? to date, nothing.
    14. if you want to know how corrupt the ncaa rules enforcement operation is, you would have to collect the evidence that we have over the past several years.
    15. having the evidence and the experience to do something about the current corruption in college football, are we going to stand by and do nothing? no. we are not, for the benefit of all college football, not just notre dame.
    16. do you want your children and grandchildren looking to reggie bush as a role model? we certainly do not and will not allow that corruption and dishonesty to continue.
    17. in addition, we will punish in the courts, with severe economic prejudice, those con artists who have been posing as members of the media, the crooked refs and those at the conferences that hired and covered up their dishonesty, the dishonest people at the ncaa, and all of the pther people resposible for threatening the integrity of college football and basketball.
    18. the wonders of modern technology, including youtube, make it impossible for these people to continue their dishonesty and coverups.
    19. however, some people have to step up to the plate and take action. my friends and i are, by no means the only people. there are plenty of really angry oklahoma sooners and people from other schools trying to play with integrity that are willing and able to do the same. we share information and evidence.
    20. the days of having to get angry and do nothing are over. the days of payback are here.

    we congratulate double d for finally making the right decision and we wish you a fine day,
    robert t. gilleran

  2. frank,
    1. given the manner of double d’s departure from notre dame and the obvious connections with joe schad of espn, a well known lackey of ivan maisel and other nd bashers at the espn, any objective obsever would have to make inquiries about what fraudulent information was given to double d and whether double d was offered monetary or other compensation for the nd playbook, fot the team signals,to act as a tout to drive recruits away from nd, or to put his name to some fraudulent expose about notre dame.
    2. those inquiries will be made at sworn depositions, including the deposition of double d.
    3. we do not believe that charlie ever lied to double d and double d would not have sneaked away the way he did if something were not seriously amiss.
    4.double d can have an honest conversation with kevin white about this whole matter and expose the crooks or become a conspirator.
    5. double d seems like a person of fine character. however, coming from the economic background that he does and being worried about the economic welfare of his family, even a person of the finest character might be swayed by monetary and other incentives promised by some crooks posing as members of the media.
    6. therefore, double d has a choice to make now that he knows that members of the public who own shares in the publicly traded companies will track down any money or other compensation trail and not sit on the side as the ncaa has been doing with usc and bushgate.

    we certainly hope that double d does the right thing and does not letr a few crooks ruin his life. he can come back to notre dame, tell the truth and stay or leave, but depending on a promised coverup simply will not work,

    robert t. gilleran

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