Notre Dame Recruits on their 1/20 Weekend Visits

Photo from Twitter @KofiWardlow
Photo from Twitter @KofiWardlow

We’ve already posted about the recruiting visit of 3-star safety Evan Fields earlier today, but as we wait for more news on this weekend’s official visitors, here’s a look at almost all of them on their visits this weekend. We were able to find pictures posted from 7 of the 8 recruits on campus this weekend on Twitter with Tre Norwood being the only holdout.  Ironically, Norwood is considered the most likely to commit to Notre Dame either during or shortly after his visit.

LB David Adams(★★★★) & DT Kurt Hinish (★★★)

Both Pennsylvania native recruits are firmly committed to Notre Dame and were on hand to help add to this year’s haul.  Adams was an Under Armour All-American even after playing his senior season slightly dinged up.  Both will need some time in the strength & conditioning program – Adams to get fully healthy and Hinish to add strength needed to take on college level OLs but both have starter potential for the Irish.

S Evan Fields (★★★)

One of the few uncommitted recruits on campus (to Notre Dame or other schools), Fields is one of the top defensive backs on the board for Notre Dame.  The picture below is not the only one that Fields posted during his visit.  We posted about Fields earlier today.

DE Kofi Wardlow (★★★)

A lot offer for Notre Dame, Wardlow is a very interesting prospect.  He has only played football for two years so he is still very raw and has a lot of upside.  At the same time, recruits with that little body of work are really difficult to project.  Given Notre Dame’s lack of pass rushers though, Wardlow is an ideal type of late offer and could end up being a steal if the Irish land him and develop him well.  It’s interesting he is wearing #42 in this post as he reminds me a lot of Romeo Okwara in terms of being raw and needing development at this stage of his career.  Wardlow is currently committed to Maryland.

S Jordan Genmark-Heath (★★★★)

Heath wore #8 in high school but it’s also interesting that he is wearing the same number that former Cal graduate transfer Avery Sebastian wore the last two seasons.  Heath is committed to Cal and is a BIG safety and potentially an ideal fit for Mike Elko’s ROVER position.

WR/CB Russ Yeast (★★★★)

Yeast received his Notre Dame offer last week and was already on campus this weekend.  With his ability to play wide receiver and corner it’s shocking this Indiana native and Under Armour All-American did not receive an offer sooner.  Hopefully the Irish didn’t get involved too late because his versatility would be a huge addition to this year’s class.  Yeast is currently committed to Louisville.

Drew White (★★★)

White is firmly committed to Notre Dame like Hinish and Adams.  White didn’t post a picture of himself in a Notre Dame uniform on his visit, but did post this great night time shot of Notre Dame Stadium.

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