Amon-Ra St. Brown Talks Notre Dame Recruiting at The Opening

A number of Notre Dame’s top targets and committed recruits are putting their talents on display this week at The Opening.  One of the biggest names that Notre Dame is still chasing is Rivals #1 rated wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown.  The younger brother of Notre Dame’s star wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown talked Notre Dame with the Blue & Gold Illustrated staff yesterday about an official visit and the “new coaching staff”.

(Full video available here if the video is not embedded above). 

St. Brown Plans to Visit Notre Dame

When asked if the plan was to still take an official visit to Notre Dame, St. Brown’s answer wasn’t the most reassuring but he did say that was still the plan.  If he didn’t take an official visit to Notre Dame after all the time the Irish have recruited him and having his brother star in the Irish passing game, it would be a huge surprise though.

The “New” Notre Dame Staff

St. Brown talked a bit about the “new coaching staff” as well.  This has been used by a lot of recruits recently and if Notre Dame is positioning this as a new staff, it’s a really smart strategy.  Coming off the stench of last year’s 4-8 campaign, positioning this is a whole new staff is really smart.

Regarding specifically the coaches recruiting him, St. Brown said that he is building a relationship with Del Vaughn Alexander (his would be position coach) and Brian Polian (Notre Dame’s ace west coast recruiter).  The youngest of the St. Brown brothers did mention though that he had a good relationship with Mike Denbrock before his departure so it’s not as though Notre Dame is having to make up for a poor recruiting effort.

Early Playing Time is Important to St. Brown

The 5-star wide receiver mentioned that he is looking to play early as a freshman and that the Notre Dame staff is telling him he will have every opportunity to do so.  The 2018 Notre Dame wide receiving corps could look very different than what we see this fall based on how well St. Brown’s older brother plays and whether or not Equanimeous St. Brown has the type of season that could propel him to the NFL a year early.   Young players like Chase Claypool, Javon McKinley, and Kevin Stepherson should all be back in 2018 though along with Miles Boykin, CJ Sanders, Freddy Canteen, and Chris Finke.

As the nation’s #1 wide receiver though, it really would not be a surprise to see St. Brown step into that depth chart and play early and often as a frosh.

What Notre Dame Has to Do

In order to have a real chance here, Notre Dame needs to do a few things.  First, get him on campus for a big game and play the kind of football that St. Brown will want to be a part of – ie win the game.  Second, play the kind of offense that will showcase his skills.  Chip Long‘s new offense is very wide receiver friendly so that should be easy to accomplish.  Third, continue to sell the new staff – specifically the new strength staff – with the St. Brown family.

St. Brown mentioned specifically that he has heard good things from his brother about new wide receivers coach Del Vaughn Alexander.  Notre Dame should get St. Brown’s father some face time with Matt Ballis this fall when the family is on campus as well.  If you watched the entire video, you heard St. Brown’s quick pitch for his dad’s protein company at the very end.  Strength and conditioning is very important to the St. Brown family.

If Notre Dame does all of that and wins games this fall, they can be a player for St. Brown. If they don’t, the Irish will most likely be forced to cover him for at least three years in their annual contest with Stanford.

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  1. No, doubt, Notre Dame needs to have 10 or more wins this year to have a real shot at these elite prospects.

  2. Tell you what…John Brown has done quite the job grooming his boys. Amon Ra looks the part, acts the part, plays the part and jumped in with the protein ad right at the end…whew…
    Well done John…well done.

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