Notre Dame Hosting Three 2018 Recruits This Weekend

Notre Dame is still working hard to fill up the class of 2018 even with the 21 already signed recruits from the early signing period.  The Irish will be hosting three prospects they hope will add to that total this weekend.  Here’s a quick look at who the Irish currently have on campus.

Jarrett Patterson (4-star OT)

Notre Dame just offered the one time Arizona State commit and California native last month so getting him on campus so quickly is already a small win in this fight for the Irish.  Patterson is down to Notre Dame, UCLA, and Michigan.  If Notre Dame wasn’t looking for a new offensive line coach at the moment following Harry Hiestand’s NFL departure, there would be much more reason for optimism here.  Obviously it’s good to have him on campus this weekend, but without a position coach currently on staff as the Irish look to replace Hiestand, Notre Dame is up against some tough odds here.

Notre Dame is also still heavily recruiting Nicholas Petit-Frere at offensive tackle to add to Jon Dirksen, Cole Mabry, and Luke Jones.

Lawrence Keys (3-star WR)

Notre Dame would love to add another wide receiver to trio of Braden Lenzy, Micah Jones, and Kevin Austin and Keys has been at the top of this list for a while.  The Louisiana native is a dynamic athlete who could be a perfect compliment to the class to play out of the slot. Keys isn’t a pure speed demon, but he is a good route runner and a great athlete similar to a TJ Jones type receiver.   If Notre Dame were to add Keys to go with the Jones, Lenzy, and Austin; the Irish would have their best set of receivers in a single class in a long, long time.

Moro Ojomo (3-star DT)

Ojomo got his recruiting off to a late start which bodes well for Notre Dame after the Irish got in on the Texas native late in the game.  Notre Dame offered Ojomo last month with the Irish joining Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas A&M, Texas, and TCU in their pursuit.  That kind of offer list isn’t very indicative of a 3-star prospect.  Ojomo is a late riser though who saw his profile skyrocket as a senior this fall.  Notre Dame is up against some very strong competition here and Notre Dame has struggled pulling recruits out of Texas in recent years.

Notre Dame already signed Ja’mion Franklin and Jayson Ademilola on the interior of the defensive line in this class, but adding another would be nice given the departure of Brandon Tiassum and Elijah Taylor from the program earlier this week due to dismissal (Tiassum) and transfers (Taylor).

Notre Dame has the most work to do with Patterson and Ojomo at this point while Keys is the most likely addition.  None of three, however, are close to a lock for Notre Dame right now so the Irish staff has some work to do this weekend.  And remember, Notre Dame entered January 2017 with a lot of ground to make up with prospects like Kofi Wardlow and Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa and both ended up at Notre Dame in the end.

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  1. “We always knew Charlie was smart and this goes to prove it.”

    Good point.

    How about this – Notre Dame must be pretty darn dumb to have given him a contract like that.

    1. Actually, I knew Weis was scum from the get go.

      His comment about “schematic advantage” was either insecure, delusional, narcissistic or a toxic blend of all three.
      “It ain’t the X’s and the O’s It’s the Jimmys and the Joes.” Ask Saban, Meyer, Swinney, Pete Carroll.

      His childish stunt with David Nelson was a na-na-hey-hey trick showed his emotional dwarfism and resulted in
      Ta-Daa David Nelson getting a National Championship Ring which is one more than Haystacks Calhoun got.

      His fawning idolatry of Belichick and Parcells was tacky, as both were divorced men. This is Notre Dame. You certainly
      don’t hire divorced men-or women-and don’t make googoo eyes over them.

      Here’s who you mention: Rockne, Leahy and Ara. Do the research and check Kelly’s initial press conference
      on recruiting, see what he says in there about Leahy’ ’46 class. THAT is Notre Dame. We have plenty of great heros.

      He came to ND trailing the stench of tacky litigation against the Doctors at Mass General who did his fat boy
      surgery. WHAAAH! I’m still a blob. And he also sued his homebuilder. Mass General doctors have a better won-loss record
      than the Celtics.

      Then he blasphemed, and Jenkins, that enabler, never confronted him. He kept saying “May God strike me down dead……
      multiple times. Anybody who’s attended one Sunday School class knows how violative of Christ’s message that is.

      Nice coaching hires: Corwin Brown and Mike Haywood

      Lost at HOME, in FOOTBALL, not hoops to Navy, Uconn and Syracuse within 12 calendar months.

      If you think he’s smart do you think that Bernie Madoff is smart?

      And if they ever do build a ‘SCHEMATIC ADVANTAGE HALL OF SHAME” that stinkbomb he prepared the entire off season for
      the Georgia Tech opener will be the centerpiece.

  2. Kansas is still paying him through the end of this year, $208,333 a month, but that’s not a big event in the Weis house. The money from South Bend was a big event. It always arrived right before Christmas. Charlie and Maura always held a little ceremony. Last year, when the final payment of $2.1 million came in, they did it one last time. Maura got a glass of wine. Charlie got a Coors Light. And they raised a toast to old Notre Dame.

  3. With Notre Dame buyout complete, Charlie Weis, including Kansas buyout, got paid $64.5 million for a head coaching record of 41-49.

    1. Good take Ron. Point , I might add is that any red blooded American would do the same thing when it comes to a legal signed contract. As long as I’m in demand and people want to pay me higher wages for my work —I’m all in. If I do fail to succeed—do return my wages? Ha , Ha , I don’t think so. It’s what we Americans strive for—to better our lives. And to that — one must hopefully increase his income while he can in his line of work. To me , that’s all Charlie Weis was doing. To depict him as “coniver” or “stealer of money” because he failed to produce a winning program –is nothing but sour grapes from digruntled fans. Same ones that took issue with DC Elko — who , while the iron was hot –decided is family/future comes first.

      1. Totally agree. He must have had a great agent combined with the idiocy of 2 schools to sign those contracts.

    1. Actually, yes, but he wasn’t visiting this weekend, which was the main point of the article, discussing the 3 visiting the campus.

      They are pursuing 3* and current GT commit C’Bo Flemister. He isn’t ranked very high, but general consensus is that he is better than advertised. He was offered by just about every program running the triple option, so they see him as a guy who can handle a high workload.

      Tennessee is also pursuing him late. Should be a 3 way battle with GT, Tenn, and ND.

      They are also discussing position swaps this Spring to see if they can fill out the depth chart at RB. Tariq Bracy is a current commit, listed as an “athlete” who could be looked at at either CB or RB.

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