Will Shipley Planning Notre Dame Football Official Visit in June

Notre Dame was supposed to host a mega recruiting weekend at the end of March had to be canceled due to the Coronavirus.  One of the key visitors that weekend was 5-star running back Will Shipley.  It sounds like the Irish are trying to recreate that weekend the weekend of June 12 with Shipley planning on making his official visit along with Notre Dame’s unofficial recruiting coordinator – Blake Fisher.

Getting Shipley on campus after his visit was canceled is huge for Notre Dame because there chances of landing the 5-star running back that holds the key to Notre Dame having a chance at a top-5 class were going to be extremely low without out.  Shipley wants to have his recruiting wrapped up before the fall.

While this is great news for Notre Dame, this is all assuming that recruiting visits will be back in full swing by June 12.  The NCAA recently announced that they were extending the dead period until the end of May as almost the entire country is currently under stay at home orders.

Assuming visits are allowed that weekend and Shipley does make it to Notre Dame, this will be Notre Dame’s chance to sell Shipley on him being their Christian McCaffrey – one of running backs coach Lance Taylor‘s recent stars from his time at Stanford.

Getting Fisher on campus with Shipley is a big boost for Notre Dame as well.  Fisher has embraced being the unofficial coordinator among the current Notre Dame recruiting class.  Having a potential 5-star lineman would be tasked with opening holes for Shipley on campus at the same time can only enhance Notre Dame’s chances.

Notre Dame’s recruiting efforts took a big hit in March with the loss of that mega recruiting weekend and then the commitments of Greg Crippen and wide receiver Deion Colzie.  The Notre Dame staff has pivoted as well as could be expected with a slew of new offers that Greg broke down earlier today, but they still have a lot of work to add more to the class and to keep everyone committed in the fold – specifically Lorenzo Styles.

If they do get Shipley, Fisher, and others who they had lined up for that late March recruiting weekend on campus in June, they will still have an opportunity to reach Brian Kelly’s stated goal of landing a top-5 class.

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  1. A must get, but that’s not a scoop! Rating services rank him as the #1 all purpose running back in the
    country. When was the last we ND landed one of those, or even a five star rb?

  2. Frank , Irish need to get this kid. He’s seem to favor Notre Dame –great relationship Kelly , Taylor , Reese and Blake Fisher. But Clemson is recruiting him very hard. Clemson is elite , close to home (Shipley from North Carolina) and Tiger RB Travis Etienne is in his last season. One thing that might steer Shipley towards the Irish is academics. Shipley’s older brother is a freshman Lacrosse player for Univ of Pennsylvania and enrolled in the Wharton School of Business with a 4.0. Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business is ranked # 1 in the country. If Shipley decides to follow his brother academically–in Business—maybe Notre Dame will be his choice. The brothers are two yrs apart , close in growing and Will looks up to his older sibling. Ha , well I had to go with another route here–on how maybe the Irish can land Will Shipley. Stay safe y’all.

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