UHND Launches Redesign for 2015 Season


We at UHND are very happy to roll out the first major redesign of the website since 2009 today with our brand spanking new, fully responsive website!

What to look for:

  • Responsive Design: Our new front end is fully responsive for all of our articles and content pages.  Given the percentage of traffic we have seen coming in from mobile devices, we are extremely happy to be able to add this functionality for all of our mobile users.
  • Enhanced Historical Content: We updated a lot of our historical content and built out dedicated pages for our National Championship and Heisman Trophy profiles that we’ve done over the last few years.
  • Enhanced Aggregated News: Our old news page was using some out-dated feeds so we have completely revamped the backend technology fueling that page and are now aggregating data from all of the top free sources of Notre Dame news and commentary on the internet.
  • Better Tagging of Data: We have cleaned up our old post tags and will be continuing to revamp how data is tagged so you are delivered more relevant related posts information and can access our content more easily.
  • New Player Profiles: We have rolled out brand new player profiles for many of Notre Dame’s top players for 2015 and will continue to build out new profiles throughout the off-season.  More exciting is that we have created greater backend functionality for us to leverage in creating new profiles as recruits commit to Notre Dame.
  • Cleaner Design: We feel like our new design has a much cleaner feel – especially data tables.  Speaking of…
  • Sortable Data Tables: We’ve revamped how we display most of our tables of data so that they are now sortable.  Older tables that haven’t been updated will continue to be converted to this style in the future.

What’s coming down the road

  • Revamped Forums: We were unfortunately unable to get the forums redone in time for this launch, but will be working on them throughout the off-season and hope to launch them before the 2015 season kicks off.
  • More Historical Data: We will be continuing to build out our historical content over the coming months to continue to deliver the most comprehensive collection of current and historical Notre Dame content that we can.

Since we have revamped a lot around here, please feel free to let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below.  In addition, please send any site abnormalities or errors you encounter to use through our contact form.

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  1. Whoa! Things are lookin a little different around here! I dig it. Much easier being a mobile device user.

    You guys have to together one heck of a website and content for many years now. Always my go to for IRISH info.

    Uhnd.com just rolled out the artificial turf & jumbo tron of the virtual world. There’s gonna be some “Rockne is Rollin in his grave” talk amoung some of your loyal uhnd.com faithful! Bahahah

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