Ara Parseghian

Notre Dame Football Helmets Will Honor Ara Parseghian in ’17

Brian Kelly addressed his team on Tuesday to reflect on Ara Parseghian in the wake of Ara’s unfortunate passing early Tuesday morning.  Much has been said about Coach Parseghian today as sports writers across the country have talked about Ara the ...
Ara Parseghian - Notre Dame Head Coach

Ara Parseghian: Tribute To A Notre Dame Football Legend

Ara’s Birth and Early Years Ara was born in Akron in 1923 to an Armenian Father and a French mother, both immigrants.  He was an intense kid, a fine student, and a dominant playground athlete, though his mom initially discouraged ...

Notre Dame Football Legend Ara Parseghian Passed Away

A few weeks ago when former Notre Dame assistant Bob Elliot passed away, I wrote that heaven just got itself one heck of a football coach.  Unfortunately, it got another resident early Wednesday morning when Ara Parseghain passed away at ...
Notre Dame at Michigan State

Notre Dame – Michigan State Football Rivalry

Just ten years after its first game, Notre Dame reached out to Michigan State and began playing the Spartans in 1897.
Ara Parseghian and Terry Hanratty

Duranko’s Digest: Ara’s critical first spring practice

With spring practice little more than a fortnight away, we ought examine one of the most critical Spring practices ever conducted at Notre Dame.

Duranko’s Digest: ’66, ’73,’77, ’88 Notre Dame’s National Championship DNA

November, 1965 saw a lot of long faces in the Notre Dame football fan base. Ara had burst onto the scene, the unwashed phenomenon, in '64.

Ara Parseghian Addresses Team

Notre Dame had a few famous visitors at practice on Thursday, but perhaps none more famous than two time national championship winning former head coach Ara Parseghian.  Ara addressed the team after warm-ups with many players meeting him for the ...

History Need Not Be A Burden

Special To While doing research for the documentary, Echoes Awakened: The Year That Changed The Face of Notre Dame Football, I discovered that the subject of the documentary – the 1964 Notre Dame team – and the Fighting Irish ...

Friday Morning Flicks – It’s 49-21 Sweetheart Edition

Notre Dame travels in to instate rival Purdue this weekend to take on the Boilermakers. While Notre Dame has dominated this rivalry over the years, there has been plenty of memorable plays and this week’s edition of Friday Morning Flicks ...

Resurrection: The Miracle Season that Saved Notre Dame

The following is an excerpt from best selling author Jim Dent’s latest book – “Resurrection: The Miracle Season That Saved Notre Dame.”  The book chronicles Ara Parseghian’s first season as the head coach of the Fighting Irish and is available ...

Ara Parseghian, Lou Holtz Coaching 2007 Blue-Gold Game

I posted an article up on the main site with some information on Holtz and Ara as the coaches for the Blue-Gold game earlier tonight, but figured I’d post with a little more of my opinions over here. First off, ...

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