Bob Morton’s Father Passes Away Tuesday at 54

Notre Dame offensive lineman Bob Morton announced that his father died in his sleep due to lung cancer late Tuesday night. Robert Clarke Morton was 54 years old.

The story told by Bob Morton was that his father was diagnosed with stomach cancer about a month ago and his condition worsened over time to the point where he was given just 4-6 weeks to live. Doctor’s granted his father’s wishes to be taken care of at his home, and he died in his bed with his family at his side.

Bob Morton thanked friends for their love, prayers, and support during this obvious tough time for the Morton family, and also thanked his teammates for helping him play the game his father introduced him to, because he would not be there without them. He went on to also thank Coach Weis for letting him have time to go home to Texas and spend quality time with his family and father before he died.

Bob will return to Texas once again for the funeral and return back to the team on Tuesday. The thoughts and prayers of UHND and the rest of the Notre Dame fan base are with the Morton family during this tough time.

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