Highlights from Wednesday’s Presser – Brady Quinn

Here are some highlights from Wednesday’s press conference with offensive captain Brady Quinn. For the full transcript or to watch the archived video visit und.com.

On Saturday’s performance effecting his Heisman hopes

“Really, again, it’s easy for me to sit here and talk about things like that because they don’t really enter into my mind. We’re so programmed to look at what’s in front of us, the immediate future. Even as far as today’s practice, not Michigan State, as far as the different goals and objectives we’re trying to accomplish, or even smaller than that, just one play at a time. We talked about that a lot last year. I think that’s something that still rings true. It’s something honestly engrained into us.”

On the difference between the offense this year versus last and the loss of Maurice Stovall

“I think again it goes along with the same thing I’ve been saying. I think he was a great player. He did a lot for us. He’s someone that obviously is going to excel exceptionally well in the future. Obviously he’s going to have a great career.

I think saying we don’t miss him obviously would be an understatement. That’s not fair, that’s not true at all. At the same point in time, we’ve got the ability with Rhema to fill a lot of his talents, to really kind of go a different direction with Rhema’s game, what he brings to the table, or David Grimes, Chase Anastasio. I think there’s a lot of different guys you can bring in to help replace his shoes. At the same point in time, bring I guess a different feel to how they play.”

On his relationship with safety Chinedum N’Dukwe

“I guess you’re obviously kind of similar in the different goals you try to obtain on the football, what you want to get done, when you’re working out. Off the field, it’s a little bit different. He has his way of doing things, I have my way, which can be good at times. Obviously at other times, you kind of butt heads. Possibly he’s the most messy kid in the entire world, or just his different eating habits as opposed to mine, or if he’s using your deodorant, that can become another problem. There’s a lot of things that you don’t necessarily overlap between the two. He’s great. He’s fun to be on the same team with, but even better as a roommate.”

On the difference between the MSU defense this year versus last year

“I don’t know. I mean, we know they’re going to do a variety of things as far as coverages, blitzes, things such as that. When you look at their team, they obviously have a lot of athleticism, a lot of talent. They have a lot of guys returning as well. That poses a pretty big threat for you really coming into this game.”

On the theory that defenses are catching up to the Notre Dame offense

“I don’t look at it as that. Again, I’ve said this before, I think our offense is still trying to find its personality, who it is as an offense. I think we’ve got some different guys in some different positions. Obviously I think throughout the year you end up trying to figure out what kind of offense you’re going to end up having, what kind of mold you’re going to fit in, what is your go?to type of deal. Right now I don’t think our offense has found what exactly that is.”

On if he had any one on one meetings with Coach Weis this week

“Yeah, yeah, I mean, definitely. We talked several times Sunday, Monday. We talk all the time. Obviously those sorts of things are going to come up in the conversations. The biggest thing is, like we said before, us moving forward, putting it behind us, starting clean. Really just getting into the kind of rhythm where we want to play the way we’re capable of playing, really coming out there and putting enough points on the board to win.”

On his role as captain this week

“So far, I think the only difference is the fact you see a lot more guys looking to you. You see a lot more guys looking at you, Hey, how is he going to react? Things are going good in practice, let’s watch him, see what happens the rest of practice. Let’s see what his type of, I guess, energy is right now during practice.”

On the offensive line assuming responsibility for the loss to Michigan

“I think you’ve got to give a lot of encouragement to them. The offensive line is a position that very rarely ever gets credit for what they do. They don’t probably realize that all the time. It’s like when nothing’s been said to them, I’m sure they feel like, especially during good games, hey, I’m sure they would never say this, but why am I not getting a little recognized for this or that. Especially in times when something negative has happened, everyone starts kind of pointing the finger at them, it’s got to be tough on them.”

On the Michigan State safeties

“The first thing you notice is obviously their size. Safeties for college football, whatever you want to call them, they’re good sized. Great speed, athleticism. The second thing you notice is they’re extremely aggressive. They obviously come up, fly up, make the tackle, run plays. Also they make a lot of tackles in the passing game.”

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