Highlights from Wednesday’s Presser – Tommy Zbikowski

Here are some highlights from Wednesday’s press conference with defensive captain Tommy Zbikowski. For the full transcript or to watch the archived video visit und.com.

On the mental status of Brady Quinn

“I think it’s the same thing like I was saying before. You got to move on. Even when we would win, we’d be looking forward to the following week. We got to keep that same approach, keep going back to what was successful and just making sure that each week is just as important as the following week, as the past week.”

On MSU Quarterback Drew Stanton

“Definitely going to be one of the best we go against this year. Any time you have that dual threat, that’s why they’re so successful on third down. You have that run or throw option that he has, a lot of weapons around him, it’s going to be a challenge for us.”

On how the defense is prepared for the MSU offense

“Just going through practice yesterday. Tuesday is usually the hardest day just because you implement the entire game plan. I think as a defense, we were executing it pretty well yesterday. There’s going to be mistakes made. But I think for the most part we were talking, we were communicating, it was look going for the most part. Go through the week, keep making changes, see what we like. We’ll see Saturday. Definitely feel comfortable so far with what the game plan is.”

On Demetrius Jones as the scout team QB this week

“Him as an athlete looked good. Just making sure we got to break him down from making those big plays. He’s a good athlete. He had a couple plays here and there. You got to correct those mistakes on Wednesdays and just keep getting better.”

On his role as captain this week

“I thought it would. But it’s just going to show you the character we have on this team. I think people are ready to look forward, want to just get a win. That’s what we’re worried about. We’re not looking at the past.”

On his memories of his breakout game in East Lansing in 2004

“Like I said before, I’m so concentrated just on this week. Obviously it was a big game for me, I guess you could say my first breakout game, first college touchdown. But just concentrate on getting everyone better, getting ready for this game, not worrying about past performances.”

On Weis’s demeanor this week

“Like I said before, each week, we’re just trying to get ready. Win or loss, we’re going to get ready for the next week. Can’t be looking in the past, whether it’s a big win, big loss, whatever it is, you got to look forward. There’s too many good teams on our schedule to be looking in the past, trying to change attitudes. You just got to get ready for the next game.”

On the flag planting incident from last year

“I knew that one was going to come up. I’m just getting ready for the game.”

“I mean, tough when something like that happens. I think under the circumstances, we are just trying to look forward, not looking in the past, whether it be Michigan, what happened with that, you look forward to get ready for the game.”

On the Michigan State running game

“What did they have last week, 300 some last week? You talk about them spreading it out, throwing the ball, then you look at how much they’re rushing for. Like I said before, we got to get ready for that, get in the film room and keep studying.”

On the Michigan State Receivers

“Yeah, it definitely does. I said from week one, every single week we’re going to be facing great receivers, not just one of them but multiple sets of receivers. They come out a lot of times with four wides. They don’t have any fear to throwing to any one of them.”

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