Pete Carroll Thinks Miami Dolphins Owner Wayne Huizenga’s Ideas Are Intriguing

Pete Carroll’s name comes up in NFL coaching rumors on a yearly basis it seems with Arizona and Miami being two openings his name has come up for. Recently Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga flew to Costa Rica to meet and talk with Carroll while Carroll was vacationing. Here’s some interesting quotes from the report

“This was the one instance I’ve come in contact with that has all the elements I have talked about,” Carroll said at a news conference on campus. “[Huizenga] has structured a program where the head coach has the entire say, from top to bottom.

“It’s a one-voice program. I don’t think there are any other situations like that in the NFL.”

Carroll did, however, say he had every intention on remaining at Southern Cal.

“I’m thrilled to be here,” he said. “As I’ve been the whole time, I haven’t wavered. I know that being curious about it has helped me appreciate what we have here.

“I absolutely expect to be here.”

One thing Carroll didn’t say according to the report was that he was not interested in the Miami job or that he was removing his name from consideration for the position.

Carroll said had no idea as to the progress of the Dolphins’ coaching search and didn’t know if or when he would speak with Huizenga again.

“I’ve got to tell you that I’m always chasing a challenge,” Carroll said. “I’m teased by all challenges.”

He loves chasing challenges huh? Wonder if he considers a move back to the NFL which every analyst around has said would be a bad move a challenge? Every talking head keeps repeating over and over that Carroll couldn’t cut it in the NFL and that he has a perfect fit at USC.

I would be shocked if Carroll left USC. He’s got a perfect situation where he can become a legend if he continues on the path he is on with the Trojans. On the other hand, should Huizenga offer Carroll a ridiculous amount of money to coach the Dolphins (such as the $8 million a year thats been floating around message boards), all bets are off.

Should Carroll leave I don’t know how I’d feel about it. Part of me would be happy that Carroll was gone considering the beatings he has laid on the Irish the last five years. Another part of me, though, wants Carroll to stay at USC a while longer so that Weis and the Irish can eventually get some payback.

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  1. I agree w/ you Cloudy. I think Weis had the right idea in the 1st half as he took advantage of 2 things: 1) LSU’s speed & overpursuing and 2) LSU expecting more pass.

    Aldridge really needs to make some strides in Spring ball if he wants to be a factor. Robert Hughes should take D-Walk’s early entry as a good sign that he has a chance to instantly contribute, if, in fact, that is his reason for choosing a school. I’m hoping that Thomas can combine w/ another back to put together a better run threat. Preferably, a 2-back set to provide more blocking & to take the load off of what will be an inexperienced receiving corps.

  2. As an ND and Patriots fan I say to Pete Carroll, please take the Miami job.

    His inability to coach at the NFL level was exposed when he was here with the Pats. But, his youthful enthusiasm is tailor made for the college ranks, which he has also demonstrated.

    Please Pete leave USC and go to Miami. If you do, then I think both ND and the Patriots improve!!

  3. While watching Walker make those runs in Sugar Bowl I wasn’t sure if it was speed we were looking at or was it the play of the offensive or even Weiss taking advantage of an over agressive DLine. Walker’s rus made me think of Tiki Barber of the NJGiants. Not great speed just footwork quick enough to take advantage of the Dlines zeal.

    I still contend ND needs a big power back who is capable of moving the pile back a yard or two along with a back like Walker. Walker, I think would have benefited greatly by one. I wish him luck and great success. Do we have anyone to take his place? From what I saw, NO! Does anyone know? With Thomas moving back to RB, most defences will key on him.

  4. ND Fan,

    Yeah, I believe he’s gone. why call a presser to announce you’re staying when no one believes you’re a good enough back to justify an early entry? He’s a great kid & looked suprisingly fast in the 1st half of the bowl game, but he’s no homerun threat.

    Some think he’s smart to leave b/c of the RB depth & the fact that the O-Line will be breaking in 3 new starters which, along w/ a new QB & WRs, could bode for a rough season for D-Walk. Seeing that, he may realize that his stock may never be higher than it is right now. Good luck to him…he’ll need it.

  5. Pete Carroll’s a good college coach and his youthful energy really comes across to others. That may be why he is able to attract a great many top high school athletes from around the country to join his program. Though his rah-rah spirit maybe irksome to many, I find it a breath of fresh-air in a world of anomie. How his discipline will do in the pros is another matter all together. It didn’t work well before, so I doubt it will work now. The players are much to jaded by the time they reach the pro game. It appears he’s right where he should be. Good luck Pete, it’s a tough decision!

  6. ND Fan,
    You’re exactly right. What I love about May is that he’s wrong the vast majority of the time on most of his picks and almost all the time on his ND picks. Whenever he picked against us and Lou or Herbstreit went the other way, I breathed a sigh of relief. Rarely have we lost in those situations. I remember him picking us to get murdered by Pitt in ’05 and I think he picked against us v Michigan State and/or Penn State. But I’m not sure. Schlabach is another ESPNer with an absolutely pathological hatred of Notre Dame. I’m not sure which one is stupider.

  7. To add to my previous rant Id like to include Mark Mays as probably the worst analyst ever. He is so biased and trashes ND all the time. He puts Lou down and i think that alone would piss any ND fan off. I would also like to say that Troy Smith Espn’s MR. Everything played downright sad, pathetic, and not deserving of his trophey. Brady still had better stats on a worse team always in the spotlight. Im glad quinn won 2 major awards this year and in one of them the people got to speak and chose their winner.
    Go Irish and Clausen next year.

  8. I would just like to say that this has nothing to do with the blog but I would like to give props to the ND BBall team they are playing good minus THC-Kyle. I think Brey should be canned still but this year the team has a chip on its shoulder but I cant help but notice that Doug Gotlieb a former ND bball player that transfered to Ok St always rips on ND bball and never ever includes in the top 5 of the Big East. Its just sad how biased ESPN actually is with the people they hire. He was a mediocre Bball player and a terrible biased commentator on Espn.
    Go Irish

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