Brady Quinn Drops Back, Throws to Randy Moss??

Ben Maller of Fox Sports is reporting that the Oakland Raiders, owners of the #1 overall pick in April’s draft, are going to try to make a move for Michael Vick.

“The Oakland Raiders are preparing to make a run at Falcons QB Michael Vick, according to NFL sources. The Raiders package would include receivers Randy Moss and Jerry Porter plus the No.1 overall pick in the 2007 draft for Vick and the Falcons first round pick (10th overall).”

Should that deal go down, the Falcons would have an arsenal of wide receivers with Moss, Porter, Ashley Leilei, Roddy White, and Michael Jenkins. They would only have Matt Schaub at quarterback though. Schaub is a good quarterback, but with the #1 overall pick new head coach Bobby Petrino would most likely draft Brady Quinn.

Petrino loves to throw the football and with those receivers and quarterback like Quinn, he certainly would have the tools to bring his offense to the NFL.

I dunno though. Something about Quinn throwing to Randy Moss and being coach by Bobby Petrino just seems dirty…

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  1. DJ Shockely seems to have been a choice to please the people of Georgia than a choice of heir apparent QB. Although I agree with Huey, Vick may be to valuable to give up, and as for Brady Quinn though not over rated won’t have enough protection in the back field with Dunn. I’d have to believe Schaub is to be traded and Calvin Johnson to be the draft choice. Quinn, I would think will need a year or two before he is ready for prime time.

  2. Brady Quinn won’t be the first pick if the trade goes through. Calvin Johnson will be. Calvin Johnson is the only thing the Falcons want. Randy Moss and Jerry Porter will also help Petrino 4 and 5 receiver set (they are the by-product). Schaub and Shockely are loved at Quarterback in Atlanta but, Schaub will be traded for the first pick not Vick. Falcons won’t take that type of salery cap hit by trading Vick. Besides, people out side of South Bend think that Brady Quinn is over rated. Vick is the smoke screen. Schaub will be traded.

  3. Frankie V:

    1. Why would the Falcons take Randy Moss and Jerry Porter, two WRs who can’t stay healthy, have huge contracts, terrible reputations, and are nearing 30?

    2. If the receivers are a problem, why change them for an unproven rookie QB rather than for the guy who has taken you to the playoffs twice already?

    3 (related to 1). Of all the receivers to subject a rookie QB to, why Moss and Porter, who have been known to scream obscenities at their QBs on the sideline/in the huddle/at the line of scrimmage, turn locker rooms against their QBs, not go over the middle or play hard for QBs that they do not like, and trash their QBs to the press?

    4. If the Raiders already have WRs that are supposedly so desirable, why don’t THEY stay at #1 and take Quinn? Why are they willing to trade two WRs AND the #1 pick to take Vick?

    5. And why the presumption that they will take Quinn rather than Alabama native/LSU product/Sugar Bowl MVP JaMarcus Russell? The south is not a stronghold for Notre Dame fans; quite the contrary! Not only will Alabama fans always hate ND (and not without cause) but southern fans have been foremost in claiming that Quinn, Weis, and ND in general have been grotestquely overrated with the media attention that they receive often coming at the expense of their own teams, coaches, and players. Unfortunately, Quinn, Weis, and ND did nothing in the Sugar Bowl (or against Georgia Tech for that matter) but CONFIRM in the minds of southerners that all Quinn did was put up huge numbers against suspect competition in an offense that you cannot run against SEC defenses. This is not to say that Falcons’ fans are sold on Russell, either, but don’t think that dumping Vick for Quinn would sell many season tickets in Atlanta.

    Final analysis: the move makes great sense for the Raiders, who get to dump a couple of aging high salary high maintenance WRs and the #1 pick in the draft and the pressure to draft Brady Quinn and give him $65 million (with about $30 million guaranteed) and the typical 4 – 5 years to develop that comes with it in return for perhaps the only QB in the world who has a chance behind their line AND the #10 pick in the draft to replace one of their WRs with whoever is available of Dwayne Jarrett, Calvin Johnson, or Ted Ginn. But it makes NO SENSE AT ALL FOR ATLANTA. Which, of course, is why Atlanta will almost certainly do it and prove yet again why they are one of the worst franchises in pro sports.

  4. I would not be surprised if the Falcons did all that and then did draft Quinn. Their defense was shaky this year, but I think they just need to get healthy.

    I could see Petrino loving the ability to have a five wide receiver set with those five and having Quinn throw it all over the field. The Falcons have the running game and defense to be able to be serious contenders in the NFC if they get a QB who can throw and some receivers who can hold onto the ball.

  5. You really think they would do all that and then draft Brady? Schaub is servicable and they have made efforts in the past to hold onto him as an insurance policy for Vick because of all the obvious reasons. His contract isn’t small either. He and Brady are similar QBs although I believe Brady has a better arm, better potential, etc. I have a hard time seeing them draft Brady because of all the money they would have already committed to other offensive players. But, anything is better than Oakland for Brady, especially since Oakland is expected to announce Lane Kiffin (USC OC and recruiting coordinator) as its Head Coach (ESPN reported that earlier)

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