Rick Minter Wouldn’t Have Fired Himself

A report from the Senior Bowl on ESPN.com gives us the first public words from Minter that I’ve seen since his dismissal from Notre Dame…

Minter, whom Irish coach Charlie Weis replaced over the weekend with New York Jets assistant Corwin Brown, all but shrugged.

“I understand because I’ve been in his shoes,” said Minter, the head coach at Cincinnati from 1994-2003. “You have to make some hard decisions. Would I have let me go if I were in his shoes? No. But I think Charlie will be more comfortable with somebody from the Belichick-Parcells family. Charlie has brought in a young guy who doesn’t have my experience. But he’ll be more comfortable with him.”

Really? You wouldn’t have fired you if you were Charlie. That’s surprising. Shocking really.

Actually, it really isn’t because it explains why Minter isn’t a head coach anymore – he wouldn’t fire a defensive coordinator whose defense gave up 40 or more points in each of the three biggest games of the year while giving up over 1,100 yards of offense in the last two bowl games.

By the way, thank God Corwin Brown doesn’t have Minter’s experience – I’m hoping for a defensive coordinator that can keep people under 40 points and 500 yards in big games.

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  1. I wouldn’t be too hard on Minter. After all his latest gig before coming to ND was successful. South Carolina had a much better defense than offense under Holtz/Minter. He was succsessful under Holtz at ND too. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Having said that, it is likely that Corwin Brown is a better fit and therefore will be better for Weis and the Irish. He’ll also have the benefit of talent that Minter did not have. This goes back to Willingham. Let’s not forget that he was going to quit and go to Washington even if ND didn’t fire him. ( Flew to Seattle the morning of his last USC game ). His staff quit recruiting the year before and it showed. So Minter bears responsibility for not having gotten more out of what he had, but Willingham and his staff set the tone and can be called into the situation as well. Minter should do well if he shows up in Steel Town and helps the Steelers. Either way, none of these guys are going broke.

  2. Minter is gone and with him will go a defense that gives up big pass plays. (Remember USC at home in 05 when the maroon and gold were fourth and long?) I still wonder about a University whose administration lacks the intelligence to hire a Davie and Willingham. Given these two with Minter, ND- I believe has lacked the recruited talent to play with the big boys. We have been reeling from this for some time now. The future looks bright-but not immediately espcially with next year’s schedule up from start to USC . ( this is while some are playing Kent State,Akron, La . Tech, etc.)

  3. I can’t agree more with that. I wouldn’t expect miracles the first year but I can’t see the D giving up 500 yds…Minter might have been dilusional.

  4. I am glad that Minter is gone and Corwin Brown is in; however, when the 2008 season is over and ND is still giving up big points in big games, will we all be calling for CB’s head too? A team has to have the talent; not sure if the Irish have the talent yet.

  5. Great article Frank!
    Can you believe this guy?
    I just Charlie Weis’ new book, “The new Gold Standard”
    The book lost a lot of its pizzaz, and the main reason was Minters defensive schemes and the way he utilized the athletes.

  6. Shocking! Really! “… think Charlie Weis would be more comfortable with …” statment gives us a clear picture into what must have been going on this season behind the scenes. Minter and Weis must have been at odds over the defense for some time and this firing didn’t go down pretty. Ryan’s analogy is spot on. Did Minter actually show up to work at ND for the bowl game? Can he truly say he had a plan at the Sugar Bowl? Not without tongue in cheek. Minter needs to see a good Psychiatrist and get on some medication.

  7. Yeah, I don’t suppose Don Rumsfeld would’ve fired himself either… Face it, a lot of people who suck actually DON’T konw they suck. That’s why they keep sucking.

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