Joe Theismann Slams Brady Quinn After Draft Fall

Ok, so I’m chiming in on this a little late, but it’s been a bit of a busy week, but anyway…

theisman.jpgApparently Joe Theismann was not impressed with the way Brady Quinn was dressed or how he presented himself. Theisman on the Mike and Mike show earlier this week said…

“The only thing I was disappointed in with the young man, and I hold his agents responsible for this, was to me, when you walk out on stage in front of millions and millions of people, that’s a job interview. You don’t go to a job interview chewing gum. And I felt like he could have presented himself in a much more professional manner. It looked like his tie was the first time he ever tried to tie one. It looked like his hair, he had just walked out of a shower, and he stands there, relieved as all get-out, chewing gum. And to me, that’s not a professional image. And maybe I’m reading into it, but when it comes to drafts, when it comes to analyzing players, I think you have to look at everything.”

Seriously Joe? You’re gonna knock the kid for looking a bit dissheveled after he sat for over four hours waiting to hear his name while two networks broadcast the ordeal on national TV? I mean, his 4 hour wait isn’t as long as the 4 round wait that Theisman had in 1972, but it’s still quite long.

I must say I’m a bit surprised by Theismann’s comments since he’s been very supportive of the program over the last several years and this seems like something so irrelevant to comment on. I guess all of the articulate and well thought out responses to all of the questions and the classy manner in which he handled himself in all of the interviews after the draft don’t count for much do they?

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  1. That I guess is true. The bigger issue is how will Brady be able to do in CLE. Joe was knocking Brady and his handlers, I think more specifically, but I don’t want to be one of those guys who just tries to defend Brady ALL the time. Although those stupid pictures from his sister’s wedding are getting and receiving worse publicity than this. Of course, nobody says anything about Bobby Carpenter’s outfit either.

  2. Let’s put this thing into the correct context. Theismann said, โ€œThe only thing I was disappointed in with the young man, and I hold his agents responsible for this…” Sounds to me like constructive criticism from a savvy veteran. Before we jump all over Theismann, let’s not forget he’s a Domer too, and he has earned his stripes at both the College and Pro level. If Brady, or his supporters, cannot handle this very tame bit of criticism, it’s going to be a long paranoid career.

  3. My problem is that nobody pointed out that the #1 pick in the draft, JaMarcus Russell, was chomping on gum, too & nothing was said about a lack of professionalism.

  4. I will say that despite the fact that Brady waited all that time, and there being nothing he could have done about his hair unless he just simply had it cut before hand, Joe’s comment about the gum is kinda relevant. How difficult is it to just swallow the gum?

    Still, at Gregg Easterbrook pointed out in his column, Brady had sweated through his hair gel after 4 hours so it was not like he could do anything about his hair at that point.

    And from the pictures of Brady I have seen, his suit looked terrible on him. Nonetheless, what Joe did was kinda low, but probably stems from the big generational gap between him and Brady….maybe even the intelligence gap is what intimidated Joe so much he had to retaliate that way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. This trash coming from the guy who said on National TV—“It is not like he is Alfred Einstein” Talking about not being a genius or professional.

  6. Joe Theismann needs to think before he speaks. Sounds like he’s jealous of the number one quarterback in ND history (statistically speaking).

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