Notes from Corwin Brown’s Presser: 8/15


  • On solidifying a depth chart – “Not so much solidifying the depth chart, but just knowing the number of guys and we’re figuring out that maybe we have more guys than we thought in the beginning. We’re happy with some guys at different places and we’ve got good depth and really good competition. That’s been very encouraging.”
  • On how the players fit the scheme – “I think for the most part, the guys have adjusted really well. We’re really excited about they’ve done and what they’ve been doing and I think they’re anxious so we’ll see.”
  • On developing a depth chart – “That’s a never ending process because you just keep working and working and working and you put guys in situations where they have to make adjustments and they have to make plays. When you show that you can do that, you gain our trust. When you don’t do that, then we know that we still have to work on that area with that player.”
  • On the progress of the installation of the defense – “We’re pretty comfortable with where we are. We always have things that we can fall back on or things that we can go to, things that we can call upon on that there may be a variation here, a variation there, but for the most part the guys can go out and they can function right now without doing any game planning at all.”
  • On if this defense is more “simple” for the players – “In any system, cover two is cover two. Three is three and four is four. You can have as many variations and adjustments as you want. We choose to keep that limited so it allows our guys to line up and play. nd puts it on them to say “ok, you’re in a situation, really regardless of what the coverage is, if im deep and theres a receiver deep, or if I’m a lineman and I got an offensive lineman on me and a running back is coming, there are things that need to be done. And that’s what you have to do. If you’re a linebacker and you have a fullback leaning on you, you’ve got to take on the block and shed it. So, regardless of what the coverage is, we try to get the guys to play fundamental technique. This is where your help is, play to your help, play to your coverage strength. IF there’s a weakness in the coverage, we’ll just try to eliminate the gain.”
  • On if more variations of coverages will be installed as the players get more comfortable with the defense- “I think that’s fair to say because we did some things in spring and we’ve elaborated and now in the fall we’ve done more. When they guys get comfortable or get bored or there’s more to be done, then we’ll do that.”
  • On what Zibby’s leadership allows him to do as a coach – “He’s like a security blanket, so to speak, because he’s going to play a certain way. He’s demanding of the guys that play around him and with him and he leads by example. So, those are little things I don’t need to worry about – worry about DB’s running to the ball, guys playing tough, guys playing physical, making calls. I can put my energy and my focus in other places.”
  • On what Toryan Smith has done to distinguish himself – “He’s demonstrated that he can handle calls and that he likes to play and he’s physical and he’ll make plays in coverage.” “He is a physical guy. I’m going to go back and rate these guys, but he plays physical. He plays the game like I envision it being played.”
  • Brown said he keeps a mental log about how many times a player does what they are supposed to in terms of rating the players.
  • Brown mentioned the linebackers have been progressing. “Every day they are getting better.”
  • On the progression of Darrin Walls and Raeshon McNeil – “We’ll see where they are pretty soon here. Right now I think it’s early to have a real big opinion of them so we’ll see, but I am comfortable.”

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