Freshmen Media Day – Running Backs

Armando Allen

  • On being part of a deep group of running backs, “Being a part of a deep running back core is really unique for me because we all get to learn from each other.  Right now we all have a role and my role is to just get out there and give 110% and so all of the coaches that I can play.”
  • On the benefits of his early enrollment, “Enrolling early has been really beneficial to me because I had my injury and I kind of missed out on school, first part, and I didn’t get a chance to play my senior year.  Just getting back into the classroom, it was kind of over whelming at first because it was college, but I really think it paid off and now I took my summer classes and I was better prepared.  Now I’m really excited for the upcoming semester that we start next week.”
  • On the team unity, “Just being around the group of guys that we have.  They’re all respectable people and we all look out for each other and most importantly, we all work as a team.”
  • On expectations, “The only thing I go out and practice is thinking about today I have to give it my all and just do whatever I can to prove that I can play the game of football.”

Robert Hughes

  • On picking up the offense, “Within the offense there’s a lot of stuff that you have to learn so I’m just excited about learning.  I never knew there was this much football so I’m just trying to learn, “is there more or what is it exactly?”
  • On the depth at running back, “Beign part of a talent team just advances your chances of winning more games and that’s what it’s all about here is winning games and being together as a team and that talent can help you win games.”
  • On being close to home play a role in him coming to Notre Dame, “It really wasn’t a concern of mine, but its actually a plus being close to home.  I know Chicago is the major city around here so it’s pretty nice.”
  • On why he came to Notre Dame, “Coach Weis.  Just his whole background – he’s an offensive genius, I’m an offensive player.”
  • On Weis talking about Hughes getting playing time early, “He’s hasn’t mentioned anything like that to me so I don’t know anything about all that. “
  • On adjusting to college football, “It’s been tough.  Training camp’s tough, but I enjoy every day of it.  Every practice you move closer to goal of beating Georgia Tech.”

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