Freshmen Media Day – Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

Golden Tate

  • On adjusting to college football, “It’s been tough, it’s been a lot of hard work, and the fellas are all great.”
  • On being in the mix at the wide receiver position, “I wouldn’t quite say I’m in the mix yet.  I’m trying to get on the bus.  I’m just working hard to get on the bus and if I can get on there, I’m happy.  I’m just trying to help the team out.
  • On what his best ability is, “I think my best ability is my speed.  Obviously I’m a wide receiver so I can catch a little bit, but probably speed is my best ability.
  • On learning the offense, “It’s tough for me.  I’m trying to learn it.  It’s real tough to learn it, but it’s just tough.”
  • On being at Notre Dame, “It’ s a great environment and I love the guys and I love being here.  I’m getting ready to get the real college experience so I’m looking forward to that.”
  • On what to expect from Notre Dame in the season opener, “I think we’re going to go out there and play our hearts out and come out with the win.  We’ve been practicing hard and our leaders on the team have been pushing us also, so I think we’re ready.”
  • Kind of surprised to see Tate say he thinks they’ll come out with the win over Tech.  Obviously all of the players should feel that way, but its a little surprising that he came out and said it since it’s a little bit of bulletin board material.   Tate wasn’t disrespectful of Tech at all, but it’s a little surprising that Weis didn’t instruct the freshman to not say anything about beating Tech.

Duval Kamara

  • On adjusting to college football, “This whole transition process has just gone wonderful.  I’m just trying to stay on track.”
  • On getting onto the field, “I’m just trying to make an impact either way.  Whether its offense, defense, or special teams like I said before.”
  • On his strengths, “My strength I would say big body, shields the ball well, and great hands.”
  • On the experience of coming to Notre Dame for the summer semester, “This experience is wonderful.  I had the chance to come in in the summertime and take classes so that was great.  Now I’m on to the football side and school starts Tuesday so we get into the mix of both.  I’m just getting ready for Tuesday.”
  • On the academic experience of the summer semester, “It was wonderful.  I thought it would be much harder, but actually it wasn’t.  I guess because it was the summertime everything was relaxed, but I’m just looking forward to the fall session.”
  • On the hype being created on the internet regarding Kamara, “I didn’t really know that, but sounds good!”
  • On what he likes best about the offense, “Just competing with the other great guys – lot of talent everywhere.”

Mike Ragone

  • On his goals for this year, “Every opportunity is great and I appreciate it, and I’m just trying to get on the bus.  No matter what bus it is, just trying to go on the bus.”
  • On why he came to Notre Dame, “I came here for one reason and that was to win a national championship.  I’ve never been on a team my entire life that has won anything and here I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people and we’re gonna win.”
  • On what he likes about the offense, “Tight End University – that’s how I feel.  Fasano, Carlson, now Will Yeatman, Konrad.  Hopefully I’ll add to the mix.  This offense uses the tight ends a lot so that attracted me a lot.”
  • On the depth at tight end, “I love coach Weis and I know that hopefully we’ll find a way for me to get on the field somehow.  It didn’t shy me away.  First off, I talked to Carlson before I was coming and he told me that he was going to stay another year and that really excited me because I wanted to come in an actually learn from him because he’s going to be a first round pick.  I’ve taken so much from him every practice, every meeting and he’s helped me out tremendously. “
  • On adjusting to college, “It’s tough.  Because I didn’t come here in the summer.  I came the first day of training camp and that was actually the first day I actually put cleats on in about a year and a half because I tore my ACL my junior year of high school.  It’s been pretty tough, but Carlson and coach Parmalee and everyone has basically understood my situation and has helped me out tremendously.”
  • How great is it to hear Ragone call Notre Dame “Tight End University”?

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