Duval Kamara, Robby Parris Now Starting at Wide Receiver

In the latest depth chart released by Notre Dame, freshman Duval Kamara and sophomore Robby Parris are list as the starting receivers. The two receivers have both seen their playing time increase over the last few weeks and they give the Irish offense a similar look to what Jeff Samardzija and Maurice Stovall gave this offense two years ago. While neither is developed to the point of Stovall or Samardzija at this time, they give the Irish offense two big targets who can’t get thrown around at the line. One of the problems with starting both David Grimes and George West was that they were both smaller receivers and in two wide receivers sets, they were easier to take out of the equation by opposing defenses.

Here are some other notes from the latest depth chart.

  • Anthony Vernaglia is now listed as a backup ILB behind Mo Crum. Vernalgia played a lot of ILB last week in Crum’s absence and played reasonably well. With the emergence of Brian Smith and Kerry Neal at OLB, Vernaglia’s playing time on the outside was going to be cut short so this move could get him more playing time if Crum isn’t full go again this weekend.
  • Kerry Neal continues to be listed as the starter at OLB and it’s only a matter of time until Brian Smith is also listed as the starter opposite him.
  • Travis Thomas is listed as the starter at RB this week with James Aldridge banged up.. Given the state of the Irish running game and USC’s ability to stop the run, it’s obvious that Notre Dame will have to pass the ball a lot this week. Thomas is the most accomplish pass blocker amongst the running backs so this makes sense. I would still expect to see Robert Hughes and Armando Allen get more carries.
  • Dan Wenger is listed as the #2 RG and C, but Weis said earlier in the week that he is the backup at all 3 inside OL positions.
  • Chris Stewart is the #2 RT behind Paul Duncan even though he has been primarily listed as a guard in the past. Weis said earlier this week that Stewart has been practicing both positions.  If you remember back to when Stewart was being recruiting, he had some surprising agility for a big man, so maybe he can find a home a tackle.
  • Ambrose Wooden is listed as an “or” along with Darrin Walls at one of the corner spots which I can only hope is Weis being nice because Walls is head and shoulders ahead of Wooden right now. Unless of course we are talking about getting pass interference penalties, then Wooden has Walls’ number.
  • Geoff Price is listed as the #1 holder ahead of Evan Sharpley.
  • Sergio Brown is now the #2 SS behind Tommy Zbikowski.

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