David Grimes: Upon further review, it’s still a catch

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  1. Chris:
    Thanks for the response on OSU.
    There are several here in the media in Columbus who think OSU will suprise LSU because they are the underdog and nobody repsects them and on and on and on with the self pity party they like to throw.
    I think it is great to cheer for one’s team. It’s another to HATE everything about everyone else. Those of you who have not been in Columbus should come and see and hear it for yourselves. Sober or not, this is NOT a town to be in when OSU plays their way too easy schedule.
    That said, SEC speed hopefully will take care of it. They said that about Miami too and OSU won that year in the overtime.
    Now the OSU faithful arre whining that they have too much time off before the game. You just can’t win with these guys. One cannot even agree to disagree.
    One more thing -Chris or anyone. WILL ND ADD A 12th game next year? I hope so!
    IF so, who will it be?
    Thanks ND fans. Love the Irish and learn much from all -well most of you!

  2. Everyone else,
    I am now done with and will not refer to Bob anymore.

    Now onto positive things like:

    AARON TAYLOR!!!!!!!!

    ND needs him on staff. Catch his speech on http://www.und.com

    He’s smart articulate and what’s more is inspiring. He’s got the fire that Lou brought to his teams. Aaron is a Joe Moore devote’ and could teach the physicality and ‘nasty’ toughness that Weis so much wants. It’s obvious that Taylor wants to be on Weis’ staff too. catch that speech. We should start a campaign to get him hired. If Weis hires him before winter workouts, I’d bet on Notre Dame winning 9 to 10 games and the bowl game next year. He’s the catalyst they need and a great compliment to the staff.


  3. Here’s a conundrum to put Bob G. in. Tom Pagna has criticized the Weis staff in Blue and Gold. Tom Pagna is a loyal member of the Notre Dame family, having helped Ara bring TWO national championships to Notre Dame. Tom has also helped ND ongoing since 1975 in various ways. So given the criticism, is Pagna who help ND to two national championships of Weis who just went through a 3-9 season anti Notre Dame. Now this is an absurd arguement, but Bob, G. according to your own standard you are in a pickle. Just like you disbarment ten years ago, your own lack of perception won’t allow you to continue along your rants BECAUSE you are either anti Notre Dame being anti Pagna or you are anti NOTRE DAME for being anti Weis. See Bob, the rest of us rational people can criticize Weis’ coaching this year while still wishing him success in the future. But you have to either choose Pagna or Weis and according to your own measure by doing that one way or another, you are anti Notre Dame, Bob. Go be a UCLA booster, BOB, they probably think a disbarred lawyer is OK. WE at Notre Dame are not looking to associate with the unethical.

  4. Irisheye62,
    Ohio State did not handle the Maurice Clarett situation very well. And while Oklahoma’s football program was punished for infractions that the basketball program was guilty of, Ohio State received no such penalty for similar infractions. My wife has relatives both in West Ohio and Columbus. These otherwise rational people are fanatical about Ohio State football. Having spoken with them, I am in full belief that a significant number of Ohio State boosters would gladly cheat just to win a football championship. So while I agree that Tressell himself is an honorable man, there is way too much lack of perspective an too much pressure on the part of OSU boosters. Sooner than later someone there is going to push the program over the ethical edge.

    And OSU’s weak schedule will doom it, against LSU. Talk about speed, this year’s SEC lineup has speed and power. And a big defeat may be exactly what pushes some crazy booster into doing something to put the program at risk.

  5. About Grime’s catch. Here’s what’s going on. I’m 64 and have been following ND for 54 years. They are a Catholic School called the Fighting Irish. That’s why they get screwed. They have always gotten screwed and will continue to get screwed. It doesn’t matter if it involves Pac 10 refs, ACC refs, Big 10 refs, etc.
    What’s the answer? – Coaches like Lou Holtz whose teams come out of the tunnel with blood in their eyes. Teams that take no prisoners have a better chance of taking the officials out of the game.

  6. Last post I swear. (No bulleted lists here)* Im going with LSU over OSU. I am def not a LSU fan but I really really dislike OSU. 35-24.
    Edit: previous post 08* but 09 as well. Go Irish

  7. Knute: I just read your post and I am not going to lie, but I laughed a lot. If you made those comments during the season Id probably blow a fuse but with how bad this season was and since its over now, a schedule like that makes me laugh. Ahhhh comon 09. Lets go IRISH

  8. I will agree with goirish1985. The 08 Michigan game was just plain embarrassing and I really would like to forget about it. Even if it was “fixed”, how many of those 38 points did it account for? We had a nice fat goose egg of a score and I doubt the refs were the reason. We just stunk. That’s it, no conspiracies with the refs. I feel better about Bobby’s “threats” being wide spread rather then just towards a few of us. USC mafia…still laughing about that one though.
    Irisheye62 ND has 12 games in 08. Only 11 in 09 so far but they will add a 12th game.

  9. This guy, Gilleran is on several of the ND blogs and chats. He likes to threaten legal action, but he has actually been disbarred for the last ten years. For more info: http://calbar.ca.gov/calbar/html_unclassified/3nr9709f.htm

    I wouldn’t even try to respond to his craziness, but accusing the Big 10 referees of fixing the Michigan game is especially loony. The score was 38-0. ND was out gained 379 yards to 79. ND was called for 51 yards in penalties vs. 37 yards for Michigan. Looks like a fix to me.

    Crazy, nut job, wacko, cuckoo, or whatever. His posts speak for themselves. They used to be a little entertaining, but it’s just sad that some bitter old guy has to spend his time writing this drivel all the time.

    Is it time for the Blue-Gold game yet?

  10. Hey folks it is Irish eye again. Most of you are far more learned than I with details on ND. That said, will ND add a 12th game to the schedule? I see only 11.
    Am I missing something?
    12 games would be great!
    Brigham Young -a Big 12 school like Kansas State.
    Anyone with facts on this?
    irisheye 62
    P.S. EVERY and I mean EVERY statement I made was true about Ohio State Media in Columbus. Perhaps it is insecurity on the part of OSU or jealousy of our leagacy which I hope will have great chapters in the next 3-4 years.

  11. Chris:
    I hope you are right about the BCS TITLE Game.
    What, may I ask do you see in the irregularities of the OSU program? I would like your perspective and insight!
    The myopic view here is annoying. At least 3-4 times per week Notre Dame is slamemed by AM radio sports shows, editorials and the ONLY newspaper in town-The Disptach. For example” The NCAA teams should refuse to play ND until they join a conference. That way there would be parody! If they want ot be part of the BCS and conference tie ins let them join the Big 10 ( I wonder outside of the academic integrity of Northwestern and Michigan and the Arts in Indiana if the Big “10” folks can count. Uh–there are 11 schools there. So if Nd joins-GOD FORBID-will they become the Big 12? No–there already is one! The Big 8 Became the Big 12 because the folks in the heartland can count. Obviously, outside of OJ and Reggie Bush and some Rude Arizona Fans, the Pac 8 became the Pac 10 when TWO schools joined. But I digressed!)
    Tressel appears to be a good man, leader and coach.
    He does not run up the score and has a high winning percentage.
    However, when one fills up September with very weak teams with the occasional exception of one once in a while ( Notre Dame in 95-96,
    Once with West Va. , BC and Miami and home and home series with Texas) one has to wonder about the luxury of the season. I say Luxury because they are practically injury free after the in state schools they play for 2-3 weeks. Then as conferences will go-half will be average and another quarter fairly good and the other quarter title hunting. Such was not the case in the Big 11 this year. Michigan was practically one dimensional and Penn State is unpredicatable. The rest start the season with wins and fall at the end with 4-5 losses. ( not discussing NW and Minn.)
    This makes OSU LOOK great because of a generally unimpressive ,weak conference. OSU was tested for half of the Washington game and -practically none of the Penn State game. Once they woke up with Wisconsin it was all Buckeye. The fans here are STill whining about the what ifs about a questionable call against Illinois. The review favored Illinois. The Champange crew played OSU for a full 60 minutes. HERE IS MY MAIN POINT. OSU has had the “luxury” of not having to play 60 minutes for 90% of the year. They HAD to against Illinois and they were tired!
    My hope is LSU wears them out big time with the speed and the obvious adrenaline rush both teams will have but LSU should be favored with.
    OSU fans are complaining again and again that it is not “fair” that they do not play Georgia. It all goes back to Katrina and helping the economy of LSU how they were hurt by the hurricane and bias in the polls favors LSU leap frogging them into a home game. I am NOT lying –these are comments made by fans. It is ridiculous!
    Then —they have the gall to say ND plays a 1960’s type schedule! ( 1460 AM Radio WBNS-the Brunch Bunch on late Sunday Morning)
    Seems to me OSU via a conference is playing the same teams as they did in the 60’s and an even weaker non conference schedule seeking the $$ via in state schools.
    Then they have the nerve to question ND and the NBC contract. Hey–it is all about $$$–I and the ND faithful know that but the Buckeye Media comment about “in state integrity”
    while these same fans truly say “well at least we don’t play Ball State!”
    ( That would be OSU playing MAC schools-not ND and Ball State damn near beat a falling Nebreska school.)
    Dom Tiberi on WBNS TV-CBS affiliate sat at the “buckeye round table” with the two former coaches Cooper and Bruce discussing why programs fall like Nebraska and Notre Dame slipping into the past.
    It took everything I had not to go down to the studios and have it out with him.
    I opted for the peaceful warrior route and listened to their dung about recruiting , parody and all which is Noble and good at OSU with success and accountablity and all.
    Gag! It is a myopic world here in OSU town but its good for a laugh. My hope is that good thing scome to those who wait and with ALL cycles, OSU and SC will have their not so stellar years. I love ND and have had things thrown at my car because of my allegiance.
    Red is a good color for the buckeyes because Red neck fits them well. If this sounds personal, you bet it is. I am one person of ND and do not have the need to be defensive about our programs.
    OSU people were livid when Brady Quinn was featured in an article -“Local Athletes does well>” They actually found that offensive and disrespectful because it was printed on a Friday prior to a game scheduled with Miami of Ohio. They were TRULY angry. It is all Buckeye or nothing here. I understand their loyalty. I do not understand their disdain for EVERYTHING ELSE!
    THat said, please send me your bill for listening to me venting while living in a close minded community. While we are at it, may the best team win in the BCS. I don’t think there is a dominant team out there this year.
    LSU-( called a goofy team by 610 AM radio in columbus)
    has had many tests with the tear your eyes out tough SEC.
    If the game gets into a dog fight, I think LSU has more experience with it than OSU has seen since 90% of their games are boring. Again, when tested-they may not hold up.
    I was truly hoping for a match with two teams who had not won the NC game before.
    ( that is since ND was not heading there. )
    I’ve rambled folks and I apologize. However, the true Irish faithful should know what Columbus, OHio is saying about ND–even when we are down and obviously no threat to OSU or anyone else.
    I will take 10 Ann Arbors over OSU town. My job and good money are here-and that is all I can say for cow town.
    Go Irish! ND all the way!

  12. Bob,
    Did you go to Notre Dame? Other than football, do you know anything about the University?
    Does your “group” have a website? We are forced to read all this stuff and personally I have seen on other blog/forum sites, this sort of rant. Too many times it’s somebody who get so wrapped up in the chat forum that they start to make up fantasies about who they are and what they are doing. Bob, you fit that pattern. You don’t seem to be aware of the culture of chat, but have completely overreacted. No one has libeled you and you know it. This is a chat forum. You’ve also made unsubstantiated accusations that under your own standard put you and your so called group at risk. That is if such a group exists. Why don’t you and your group go public and bring others in, that is if it exists and has any positive motive. Otherwise, PLEASE PLEASE, let those of us who are alumni, and fans who understand what Notre Dame the university really is, have a safe place to discuss. Bob, it’s American to critique and question. It’s also Catholic. Notre Dame is a Catholic institution, Bob, not a right wing fundamentalist institution. Charlie Weis himself has said he understands the criticism.
    Bob, the Nazis tried to put down those who questioned anything. People like Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggert, and Bringham Young wanted an unquestioning cult following. That type of attitiude has no place at Notre Dame or it’s affiliated community. If you think what you are doing is right, please root for some other institution, because you have no place among us who actually are part of the Notre Dame family.

  13. bleednd82, brian, chris, and a very few others,

    1. no, we are not going away and we sincerely doubt that frank and his colleagues are going to take orders from you and ban us from making posts at their website, any more than they are going to ban you people or anyone else.

    2. obviously, one or more of you must have consulted a competent attorney and found out something about what libel per se is.

    3. sure, frank and his colleagues and i have disagreed about certain matters in the past.

    4. however, everyone is entitled to free speech and opinions expressed in writing, unless they cross the barriers into libel per se or other actionable offenses.

    5. yes, this is a site for real notre dame fans who really love notre dame.

    6. if anyone really loves notre dame, they want to help notre dame, not hurt notre dame.

    7. this football season was very ugly in the win and loss category, but extremely admirable in the courage and integrity shown by every single member of the notre dame 2007 team.

    8. since we seriously began our clean the crooks and dishonesty project in 2006, after watching charlie’s press conference after what looked like a very ugly loss to michigan and especially the portion that related to his detailed analysis of the big 10 officiating, with specific reference to dave parry, the big 10 official theoretically in charge of football ref and tech review quality control and discipline.

    8. since one of the many businesses businesses in which we have been involved in for years is the research business, we went out and acquired the equipment that is used to break down game film by the nfl and hired some people with nfl experience doing so, with special emphasis on ref and tech review analysis.

    9. we also managed to get access to the video feeds from the schools since the tv feeds are worthless.

    10. we have been able to identify the crooked refs and tech reviewers and the conference officials who shield them.

    11. there is not one conference that runs an honest ref or tech review operation and the system has to be changed.

    12. fortunately, we have special abilities and experience in inflicting severeeconomic violence in the civil courts on people and institutions who deserve such treatment because theyare ruining the lives of many innocent people.

    13. the ref and tech review system changes are not going to be held up by debates and discussions. we will just shove the changes down the throats of the conferences and the ncaa in the civil courts.

    14. with the ref and tech review analyses already done and the evidence gathered, along with a lot of evidence on the personal finances of the crooked refs and conference officials, we are ready to proceed with that project in the civil courts.

    15. do any of you really think notre dame student athletes in any sport or student athletes from any of the other schools that play the games straight should have to beat, not only their opponents, but crooked refs also?

    16. on the recruiting trail, we all saw the recruiting seam in notre dame’s 2004 and 2005 recruiting classes. that seam has nothing to do with charlie, corwin, or their staffs.

    17. other teams had ugly win loss records this year. some of their fans started bashing the players and the coaches and calling for them to be fired and they played right into the hands of their enemies.

    18. if you want empirical, objective data, just look at what happened to the great recruiting classes that karl dorrell had lined up at ucla,and the coaches who got fired or resigned at nebraska, michigan, and quite afew other schools.

    19. this did not happen at notre dame despite all of the gargage hurled at charlie weis by certain people at the sbt and at notre dame fan sites. it was not be accident the nd ad kevin white gave his exclusive interview about there being absolutely no basis for any of the rumours about firing charlie weis orany of his staff at notre dame, not to the sbt, but to the chicago tribune.

    20. the staying the course plan for notre dame football was confirmed at the 12/7/2007 notre dame football banquet which is available at und.com.

    21. would we not be surprised if aaron taylor, and a few others were added to the notre dame football staff during the offseason, with no one else leaving unless they want to.

    22. recruits and their families and high school coaches develop personal relationships with the coaches who required them. if those coaches are fired or rumours about such things are not squased immediately, the recruits go elsewhere.

    23. by coincidence, we know a number of notre dame 2008 commits and their families and we see the nd bashing garbage that they get assaulted with.

    24. the 3rd piece of the problem to make certain that notre dame student athletes get to play on even playing fields is to expose and elimate the crooked football programs, such as usc and others, which field teams of full time athletes with no real academic obligations, get out of jail for free cards, and economic payoffs.

    25. when john carlson spoke at the 12/7/2007 notre dame football banquet, he looked out into the audience and noted that the banquet was smaller than the 2005 and 2006 banquet and said that it was nice to know who the real loyal notre dame fans were.

    26. yes, we do love notre dame and everyting that notre dame stands for and we have proven our devotion by taking on those 3 key problems on the internet and in the civil courts and, with the assistance of some very courageous proffesional sportwriters, in the press and in books.

    27. reggie bush has had a real bad year on the field. he is nowreporting that he will not be able to play because of some injury.

    28. the truth is that reggie bush and other members of the usc mafia have finally realized that we are succeedingand that their cover up is blown. reggie bush is having nightmares about becoming the next michael vick and he is correct.

    29. notre dame, not usc, is winning the recruiting wars for 2008 and future years. after all, what recruit wants to commit to a football program, like usc or michigan, when they know that some really bad things are coming down on those football programs.

    30.why is michigan having such a tough time hiring a new football coach? could it possibly be that the coaches being approached have seen enough evidence of people asociated with the michigan football program mucking with certain big 10 refs and tech reviewers?

    31. we have already done some crucial things for notre dame in those 3 key areas and will do much more. what have you people done except provide assistance to notre dame’s enemies?

    32. no one is forced to read any of our internet posts and no one has to agree with what we write.

    33. you all had the options and many opportunties to back off and you did not.

    34. it was you, not us, who launched the vicious ad hominen attacks against me and exposed yourseleves to libel per se actions in the civil courts. you all did that voluntarily. you can still all apologize for those comments and politely disaggre with anything we say.

    35. we do have priorities. with our sooner friends taking the point with the pac 10 and other people from other schools taking on the other conferences, we gat to concentrate on other things, including the purchase of the sbt and its television station.

    36. while the best thing for you guys to do would be to apologize for the libel per se comments and admit that you were wrong, it is possible that we will never get to you since we have bigger fish to catch.

    36. as you will notice, frank and his associateshave concentrated on positive posts on their website. they have seen the light, not because anyone threatened to sue them, but because they took the time to gather the facts and figure out what was best for notre dame.

    37. as for all ofthat garbage and false information that anyone can find by inputting my name into their search engines, that stuff was planted their by certain members of the usc mafia who incorrectly thought that doing so, along with the usual threats was going to stop us or slow us down.

    39. their plan has not worked for them and it will not work for anyone else. by the way, we do know who those members on of the usc mafia are and taking them down in the civil courts certainly takes precedence over any of you.

    40. there is not much left of the usc mafia on the usc campus or in other fields of human endeavor. usc has become a serious academic institution and the vast majority of those in the usc community are just as horrified of what remains of the usc mafia as we are.

    have a nice day,

    bob gilleran

  14. I am not going to be responding to Robert anymore. I think if we just ignore him he will go away. I took this all in as a “joke” and now I am starting to wonder if this guy actually believes this stuff he writes. Maybe because I am young I dont look into things as much as I should but WOW he has made “Legal Threats” and accusations multiple times in his posts. I did not use the word “insane” I said “Nutt Job” take it as you will. Like Chris stated some of Rob’s remarks are factual and some are opinionated. I dont really understand why this guy feels he must come on here and spew that garbage all the time. I found this website when I was a Soph and been on ever since and as I recall he started to make his “lists” at the beginning of the year. What I dont get is why he didnt leave after he said his “goodbyes” in the Navy game analysis blog. He was “upset” about the analysis Frank gave. I like getting on this site and talking about the game because on ESPN everytime I type something about ND I get bashed by about everyone. This is a ND friendly site that you can give your analysis/opinion about anything pertaining to ND. Bob gives his analysis of the game which is fine, but then he starts in on people and their jobs (SBT), the creators of this website (see Navy Analysis), and makes false accusations about people (myself). I have the right to say I dont wanna see your garbage Bob but I’m not going to point my finger and you and say “Im going to sue you” over a internet blog entry. You have the same right to let me know I am full of it but what you do is kinda well “insane”. Oppps now I said it. Comon Bob lighten up.

    On another note: Luke Harangoody owned Mike Beasley the other night in the Garden. Good win for the guys and nice to see Kyle Mclarney drain that 3 to seal it. ND goes for what, Win 24 in a row at the Joyce? Breaking Diggers old team record. Go IRISH

  15. Chris,

    I’m with you. Having this old quack around this website, or any other ND forum, is a detriment.

    His incoherent lists are getting tired, and it’s obvious he has nothing better to do. He talks like he’s some sort of lawyer or somebody in a position to do anything, yet do a Google Search on his name. You’ll see that he spews his garbage all over the net, not just on ND sites.

    Frank, can you please ban Robert T Gilleran from coming back? We’re all sick of his crap.

  16. Bob,
    You know you’ve been guilty of mixing pure opinion and non-fact with your so called lists of facts, so I would be very careful if I were you about threatening people. Jokes aside, your numerous lists contain some facts, many unsubstantiated opinions, many unfounded accusations to those of us who as alumni have a right to converse in this forum, and mostly a lot of garbled incoherent uncompleted sentences. You, frankly are disruptive to this forum and I for one wish you would either write in complete sentences and paragraphs or take your lists and threats elsewhere. Do you think threatening the Notre Dame faithful is your God given right? I have family members who worked successfully to keep Notre Dame’s doors open when the school was in serious financial trouble. Unless you went to Notre Dame, I hope you who may only be a football fan of Notre Dame wouldn’t dare accuse me who has had four generations of family involved within the university of being anything faithful. I’m going to suggest to you, Bob that you back off. You know better than to make threats that have no legal basis and in fact can get you in legal trouble. Do you not have anything constructive to do Bob? Because threatening the good people who merely want to discuss with one another is not in accord with a Notre Dame supporter.

  17. 1. for anyone interested in the facts, take a look at the front page of yahoo sports and the front page of the yahoo sports ncaa sports section for the latest article on bush/carroll/usc gate.

    2. the article is entitled “heisman in jeopardy” by jason cole and charles robinson anf features a big picture if reggie bush and the heisman trophy that bush obtained dishonestly, along with links to the yahoo sports ongoing investigation of bush/carroll/usc gate.

    3. the article refers to a book by don yaeger and jim henry titled ” Tarnished Heisman” scheduled for publication in mid january by Simon & Schuster, a company that triple checks every source very carefully before publishing anything.

    4. the 2 authors have been around the legitimate sportswriting business for many years.

    5. the book contains, among other things, transcripts of telephone and other communications among bush and his victims in the sports agency that bush wanted to start so the he could pocket the agency fees on his nfl contract and endorsement contracts.

    6. sure, certain people at the ncaa can be bought. however, per the latest article, the ncaa is being forced to continue their investigation and is getting plenty of cooperation now.

    7. would any of these things have happened without our contributions of leads and evidence? very unlikely.

    8. as shareholders of the companies from which bush received endorsement money, are we going after that money in the civil courts? you can all be certain of that.

    9. will usc football have to forfeit their 2004 national championship in 2004 and games in 2004 and 2005, including notre dame’s 2005 win over usc in south bend, stolen by a crooked all pac 10 ref crew? yes, the usc football program will.

    10. now, bleednd82, chris, and your small number of assiciates, would you like to post anything else?

    7. the improper benefits to bush go back to the 2004 season and pete carroll and others at the usc football program lack plausible deniability.

    have a nice day,

    bob gilleran

  18. bleednd82, chris, and a very small number of other jerks,

    1. the legal rules on libel and libel per se are the same on the internet as they are in any print media.

    2. when people like you bring the internet into the equation, then all of the rules relating to wire fraud and special venue and jursdiction rules come into play.

    3.the only defense in libel per se actions, such as falsely accusing anyone of being insane or mentally ill would be to produce at the trial the written reports of expert witnesses who had treated the person libelled for such conditions before the statements were put on the internet in writing.

    we all, even you, know that none of you can back up any of your beautiful mind and other similar statements.

    if you can, why do you not post those written reports online?

    4. you fellows had the opportunity to consult with a competent attorney before you made those statements initially and also plenty of opportunities to do so after you were warned.

    5. having kept at it despite the warnings, you fellows have only made it worse for yourselves in the civil courts.

    6. the vast majority of other people, including many so called sportswriters, have consulted competent attorneys and have apologized and started reporting the truth.

    7. one example is john walters of nbc sports. if you go to msnbc sports and the notre dame central section, you will find john and tiffany’s video wrap up for the 2007 notre dame football season. that is quite a change from the garbage that john was putting out on the nd/duke game.

    did john change because he was afraid of civil litigation? no, being a person of integrity, he simply took the trouble to find out the truth and report it.

    8. if you want the names of some attorneys who are in my league in trying and winning cases, try john kecker of san francisco( who just turned the down the opportunity to defend barry bonds) and david boies of new york.

    9. we all graduated from yale law school, although john and david are a few years ahead of me chronologically.

    10. neither one of them is currently involved in our project to clean the dishonesty out of college football and college sports. however,many others like them are and one or both of them may well join in later.

    11.after all, they both have children and/or grandchildren who are student athletes. they both detest dishonesty in any area of human endeavor.

    12.like the rest of us, they do not need the money from our project to clean dishonesty out of college football and college sports, but they will take the money from the crooks and those protecting them and allocate the funds and assets to more deserving people.

    13. with respect to our track record so far in cleaning dishonesty out of college football and college sports, we have already collected substantial sums of money from a number of parties. however, since they chose to settle without going to trial and the settlement agreements all contain confidientiality agreements, which remain in force as long as they honor their obligations not to repeat any such conduct.

    14. if you want some objective references which we can write about, take a look a nd basher trev alberts. he was fired by espn and we certainly had something to do with that. true, he has resurfaced temporarily at cstv with a much smaller salary and expense account.

    15. another example will pop up if you just type the name reggie bush in your search engines and open up the file that is titled reggie bush investigation. there, you will find extremely detailed evidence on bush/carroll/ usc gate written by some very courageous and professional reporters at yahoo sports.

    16. were the yahoo reporters and yahoo threatened and made targets of the same internet thugs that have threatened and libelled my friends and me? they sure have been.

    17. however, they are not backing down any more that we are or yahoo the corporation is. did they get leads and evidence from us? they sure did and will continue to.

    18. without these articles and evidence posted online, would the bush, carroll, usc coverup plan already have worked and killed off the investigations? it sure would have.

    19. unlike many other people, we are not headhunters just out there looking to ruin the lives of anyone just for the sake of proving that we can do it.

    20. when people make mistakes or get misled, we give tham plenty of warnings and opportunities to educate themselves and correct their conduct before putting them on our economic extermination target list.

    21. however, some people just insist on keeping at it until they end up in the civil courts or actually seek the advice of competent attorneys who advise them to settle, sometimes after running up very large bills for legal fees.

    22. from our point of view, such choices are tragic and incredibly stupid, but they do happen.

    have a nice day,

    bob gilleran

    ps. both the notre dame womens’ and mens’ soccer teams are in the natioinal championship hunt. the women have already reached the final four and can be seen playing florida state today on espn2 and espnu at 5pm est. if, as they have before, they beat florida state and make the finals, you can watch that on espn on sunday.

    if the notre dame women win, that will be their 3rd national championship, making notre dame only the second team in ncaa history to win that many national championships in womens’ soccer.

    the mens’ soccer team is already in the sweet 16 and will be playing wake forest on saturday.

    some of us will be watching on tv or on the internet. others will be there in person to cheer on the notre dame players and coaches.

    what are the rest of you going to be doing?

  19. Irisheye62,
    This should be closer than last year, but my take is that OSU get’s blown out. Notre Dame’s problem is also the Big Ten’s problem, not enough speed and strength in combination. I’d put Oregon with Dennis Dixon healthy, USC, ASU against any Big Ten team this year. Oklahoma, and Missouri could compete. Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, LSU, would maul most Big Ten teams. The only reason the Big Ten hasn’t been relegated to second tier BCS status, like the ACC and the Big East, is that the pimps of ESPN like the ratings. After all, what else do people in the great frozen wasteland between the mountain ranges have to do other than root for football.

    Ohio would sell it’s collective soul for a National Championship. And outside of Tressell there have been enough “irregularities” to question the integrity of that program.

    ND, not being in a BCS conference, cannot afford an overly weak schedule. Again, ESPN sponsorship comes into play here. Ohio St.’s weak schedule has never been discussed. But should the Big Ten go 2-5 like it did last year, even ESPN can’t hold back momentum toward re-ordering the power rankings of the conferences.

    And hey everyone, look at what the Irish are doing in other sports. ND is having a fabulous year in sports other than football. You can try, but you can’t hold us down because WE ARE ND!!!

  20. Do any of you true Irish Faithful–( not the cynical, sarcastic people)
    have a “take” or outlook on the BCS final?
    Lsu or Osu?
    Would like to hear insights on those with more knowledge than myself.
    I must say again, that living in Columbus–the media still
    unnecessarily manages to bash the Irish at least 3-4 times a week -if not more.
    The arrogance here is enough to fill ones bowl to the brim for a lifetime. Tressel is a class act, I just wish the majority of the fans and media would follow suit.
    BTW, should ND play Youngstown State, Akron and Kent and Ball State as well?
    It might bolster the win column a lot!

  21. BleedND82,
    Did you ever see the movie “Beautiful Mind”. I’d like to think that Bob once was that kind of person before the paranoid schizophrenia took hold. He once argued some court cases as what looks like one of those Jeffrey Feiger type lawyers. But it’s apparent from the complete lack of cohesive thought that the person who changes Bob’s diaper and cleans the dribble off his chin, thinks it’s cute to let a retired mental patient play on the internet. Too bad our UHND site has to be the victim of this.

    We’re all sorry for your sake too, Frank.

  22. It was a catch!
    I hope for good things next season. ( We all do!)
    Two more items:
    #1. Stanford Band mocked Notre Dame and practically anything Christian in a “show” some years ago.
    ND NEVER received an official apology-only a defensive, haughty attempt at words in typical “left coast” style.
    I do not think we should play them. There ARE other Pac 10 schools and some Big 12 schools I would like to see ND play. Forget stanford!
    #2. I live in Columbus, Ohio and all things for ND are met with hate and disgust here-for the most part -even in this crummy year for the Irish. Then–local radio examines the NCAA and has the NERVE to say ND had an easy schedule after the Luckeyes played Youngstown State, akron and Kent and a pathetic Washington team which hired Willingham! LOL
    What a year!
    I respect the SEC and with the best for LSU. I have no disdain for the Bucks-just this attitude of arrogance combined with some red neck words.
    BTW, the gentlemen from the South Bend Tribune is OK!
    Another BTW, I have a fantasy about going 12- 0 someday and beating Ohio State in the NC game just to hear this town whine–which its OSU fans do rather well!
    Go Irish!

  23. frank,

    1.now, it appears that eric hansen of the sbt and msnbc has also caught the conspiracy bug.

    2. in his current article in the notre dame central section of msnbc’s college football section, entitled “Hansen:Weis facing key questions”, eric has written:

    “…The reversal by a Pac-10 replay official of David Grimes’ apparent touchdown catch against Stanford. The Irish still won the game, but the level of incompetence and the Pac-10’s reluctance to admit it as such raises serious integrity questions…”

    3. unlike some of the idiots who have taken such pleasure in attacking me personnally, matt carroll and eric hansen of the sbt actually took the time to make some telephone calls and make their own determination that there are some very serious integrity problems with the pac 10 refs and tech review officials and that the pac 10 conference is covering for them, with the assistance of some of the idiots who have voluntarily posted their garbage on this website.

    4. matt and eric have just hit the tip of the iceberg. in every conference and at every school, including usc, their are fine, honest people, who are horrified by the dishonesty they see going on and who send me information and documents, despite the crap that is posted on the internet.

    they are able to figure out that, unless i was really bothering some very powerful and very dishonest people, my posts would never get all that negative attention.

    5. the list of prominent college football coaches who have seen enough dishonest officiating and who supply us with evidence is so long that the idiots who have posted those vicious attacks would be astonished if they had ever bothered to check the facts.

    6. every one of these prominent college football coaches is absolutely convinced that the conferences should have no role whatsoever in the ref or tech review business and that the only solution is an nfl style real time review system run by an honest ncaa, with full transparency to the public.

    7. however, they are busy men and someone had to take the point and gather the evidence for them, just as someone had to figure out how enron was cooking its books.

    8. after all, enron had a whole bunch of harvard mbas who had created a nearly impenetrable structure of offshore partnerships that looked real enough that the cpas who did enron’s certified audits never did figure out what was real and what was not. i had to do that. my long term personal friendships with people in the offshore jurisdictions and their unwillingness to have their jurisdiction take the fall helped, as did a lot of intelligence, experience, and determination and a refusal to take any of the very big payoffs that i got offerred on the way or to succumb to any of the threats and character assasination.

    9. the discovery portion of civil litigations used to be very difficult and time consuming. the internet has made the process simple and quick with so many idiots enthusiastically jumping foward to dig their own economic graves.

    have a nice day,

    bob gilleran

  24. frank,

    1. as we proceed on with reality, matt carroll of the sbt did take the time to contact the pac 10 about the grimes catch.

    it would appear that matt has picked up the conspiracy bug and may actually be dropping out of the gang of 4 dishonest sportwriters.

    2.per his article in the sbt, matt spoke with a pac 10 conference official by the name of dave cutaia, supposedly in charge of football ref and tech review quality control. cutaia refused to give any explanation whatsoever of the dishonset call and also refused to disclose the name of the tech review official.

    3. if anyone wants to take the trouble to look at the 2006 schedule results at the win over oregon that dishonest pac 10 refs stole from the oklahoma sooners, you will find that the same dave cutaia was the head pac 10 ref at that game.

    4. tom hansen, the pac 10 commissioner, then and now, admitted that there was absolutely no justification for the dishonest calls by the pac 10 refs at that 2006 oklahoma/oregon game, wrote a letter of apology to the big 12 conference and to oklahoma coach stoops and promised to take disciplinary action against the dishonset refs.

    5. well, dave cutaia’s discipline came in the form of a promotion. he is now in charge of football ref and tech review quality control for the pac 10.

    6. while it was a tight race, the pac 10 conference has beaten out the big 10 for the honor of being the 1st target for our crooked ref and conference official civil rico action. unlike jeff carroll, we do have subpoena power and dave and his associates will have no choice but to disclose the information and documents we demand.

    7. sure, i have taken the point on our project to clean the crooks and dishonesty out of college football and college sports and a lot of people think that they are going to slow down my friends and me by posting libelous information on the internet.

    8. that has never slowed us down in any of our other projects before. why should it now?

    9. a lot of very angry sooners want to take the 1st shot in the courts at the pac 10 conference and their dishonest refs, tech reviewers, and conference officials.

    10. well, my friends and i are happy to give the sooners the 1st shot in the crooked ref part of this project.

    11. after all. we know that our sooner friends will do a fine job and we share evidence with them and with others all over the us.

    12. in addition, that frees up time for my friends and me to strip some of the real jerks who have voluntarily posted their libelous statements on the internet of their material assets in the civil courts.

    13.we told you that you really had to work hard to earn a place on the target list and some of you have. what are you going to do for a defense in the courts in front of juries? bring in your google material? sorry, none of that is admissible.

    14. you people remind me of some people i met in germany when i spent my junior of college studying in europe.

    15. my father had fought in ww2 and i had read about the nazi death camps. courtesy of general eisenhower, the camps and the records were preserved intact and my friends and i spent a great deal of time at those camps.

    16. in 1966 and 1967, there were quite a few german people around who had lived through the hitler period. the honest ones apologized and stated truthfully that they knew about what was going on, but simply did not have the power to do anything about it.

    17. a number of the dishonest people, who lived within walking distance of these nazi death camps while the camps were operating, denied that they ever had any idea what was going on. sure, they all knew or certainly had the means to find out easily, but chose to believe to bogus propaganda because it was easier and life was very good for those who cooperated until the war started going badly.

    in fact, even today, we have such enlightened people as ahmadinejab of iran denying that the death camps ever existed.

    18. people like me who dig up evidence of dishonesty that threatens the livelihoods of dishonest people will always be the subject of false smear campaigns by those whose livelihoods are threatened and by ignorant, rude, and obnoxious people who simply do not want to take out the time to find out the truth.

    19. it has been our experience that those people are just as deserving of economic extermination as the people committing the frauds because you are protecting them.

    20. it has also been our experience that such people always have a history of engaging in patterns of similar outrageous conduct against many other people in their communities who cannot defend themselves.

    21. we have no trouble penetrating behind your phony internet identities in the courts and findingt out all about your personal and business lives. we will acquire the causes of action of every person whose rights you have violated, every loan you have outstanding, and we will strip you of your material assets in the civil courts before you can inflict any more damage.

    22. if any of you really did graduate from notre dame, you can bring your diplomas into the courts. we will take them also.

    23. the mere fact that people do not have the guts or courage to disclose their real names when they post trash like this on the internet speaks volumes about their characters.

    24. for us, this is all just business as usual since we do not take on any projects which benefit the general public, in addition to ourselves.

    25. for those of you who have obviously never been involved in the courts before, we can assure you that your experiences will be extremely unpleasant.

    26.remember, we warned you. we gave you plenty of hard data tolook up and plenty of time to back down. however, you continued voluntarily to post your actionable garbage.

    27.now, the process shifts to our turf in the civil courts in front of juries.

    28. again, we thank you for all of the wonderful evidence and continue to be astonished that there are actually people out there who are stupid enough to put themselves in situations like this one.

    have a nice day,

    bob gilleran

  25. False information? On the internet?? I can’t imagine!!

    What are you saying Bob? If you could sue for false information on the internet, you would be richer than Bill Gates. Good luck with that.

  26. bob gilleran

    Did you mean Jeff Caroll?

    How about starting a campaign to eliminate Hammonds and Haden as the NBC ND game announcing crew.

    Had the Grimes catch been on NBC, the replay would have been shown once and these two clowns would have agreed with the blown call.

    These two are more of a tragedy than any usc mafia.

  27. 1. If you run a google search for “Robert T Gilleran”

    2. you can see that he takes his crackpot antics not only to this site,

    3. but to countless others over the years

    4. and is the same useless drivel

    5. he’s obviously

    6. some very old

    7. person suffering from

    8. dementia or

    9. lack of anything to do

    10. i would say that this site would be better without him but

    11. i have to admit that i get a laugh out of reading

    12. his nonsense

    13. robert, get a golf club membership and

    14. play some golf instead of trolling internet message

    15. boards

  28. I’m curious, Bob, what have you done so far in relationship to sports corruption? Do you have any track record?

  29. bleednd82,

    1. if you really did graduate from notre dame, we feel sorry for you since people like you play right into the hands of what the usc mafia and notre dame’s enemies wanted, but failed to accomplish this season,- spread false information about charlie getting fired and use that as a tool to break up notre dame’s 2008 recruiting class and drive away other notre dame recruits.

    2.kevin white put an end to that nonsense with his chicago trib interview, but usc and the other schools are still hacking away at those recruits, using garbage like the stuff that you people post.

    3. no, i did not invent the term usc mafia. i learned about the term and how they operate when i moved los angeles in 1977. i first heard the term from john wayne, who played football at usc for a while,before leaving the place in disgust and detesting certain elements of the usc mafia( a very small percentage of the people in the usc community), the operations of which, in all areas of life in los angeles and orange counties, john wayne and the vast majority of people out here, including my friends and i, are determined to put an end to.

    4. we have already taken big chunks out of the usc mafia’s remaining power base and are not about to stop now.

    5.charlie and nd’s coaches have run into the usc and other mafias many times on the recruiting trail and, as long as no one steps up to expose and destroy the usc mafia and people like them, they will continue to and the lives of many student athletes will be ruined.

    6. we also could not imagine how bad things were at this usc football program until we started collecting the hard evidence, a great deal of which was picked up by some very courageous and professional reporters at yahoo sports and is available online, in great detail, under reggie bush investigation.

    7. true, barry switzer and dennis erickson were very bad, but this creation of pete carroll and mike garrett makes the others look like amateurs.

    8. they depend on people like you not believing how bad things really are to be able to continue and to cover up what they have done, and still are doing.

    9. a lot of people post false information on the internet which is actionable in the civil courts. we have time only to take down the most egregious in the civil courts.

    10. if people keep working on it, they can qualify as targets. that is up to them.

    11. jury trials are not popularity contests. the outcomes depend upon admissible evidence, not specualtion and baseless character assasinations.

    12. for my friends and i, cleaning the crooks out of college football and sports is a business matter to be resolved in the courts by real evidence and real juries.

    13. what really intrigues us is how some people have the time to throw garbage at posts that we just put out there to collect evidence and to inform and protect people who take the time to read.

    14. what do people like you do with your”lives”? do you live on trust funds?

    15. if you really love notre dame and the other schools that play the game with integrity, why are you not helping notre dame take away weapons from her enemies, instead of giving them material which they print out and deliver to recruits and their families?

    have a nice day,

    bob gilleran

  30. Robert

    1. too much time on your hands

    2. still too much time on your hands

    3. guess what, too much time on your hands.

    4. Holy crap, but back man!

  31. I cant tell exactly, but I think Robert made some sorta threat to “come after me” legally with his USC buddies? I cannot tell exactly what he was trying to say because I honestly have no clue to what he wrote in his numerical, bulleted style format. I love ND. I got ribbed on all year long by friends that are not fans of ND and took it like a man. I stood up for my team when I could (very few moments) but I held strong. The winters are long here in South Bend as Chris stated but Notre Dame to me is all that is right with college academics and sports. College helps propel most people into the working world and ND has prepared me the best I think I could have be prepared. Football and other sports (very dedicated Irish BBall Fan also) is just a added bonus. Ive been to many other schools in the Mid-West visiting friends and before I chose where to attend school I did a lot of visits. It came down to dare I say this Michigan and ND. I wanted to get away but my father went to ND and I felt I had to follow for my own reasons not because he went there. The campus is by far the nicest I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I love Notre Dame no matter what. Telling me I’m in the “USC Mafia” whatever that means, just makes me think that you, BoB have some issues. I dislike Reggie Bush and the rest of the USC paid to Play Trojans but Im not going to just start sputtering out false and just crazy theories about random football programs. I also wouldnt try to get people fired just because of their opinions (SBT) Im not a fan of Carrols at all but Im not calling for his head. I have better things to do in my spare time. Bottom Line: BoB GET HELP.

  32. Dear Fans:

    In an effort to increase the number of wins next year we have decided to rearrange the schedule to provide the Fighting Irish a fighting chance of having a winning season next year. Please note we will still honor your season tickets. The booster club will be offering new season tickets at half the price of normal for the remainder of this season and the entire next season. We have also met with the NCAA and they have allowed some unique and creative exemptions that should ultimately benefit the Notre Dame football We have also accepted some concessions for the benefit of our opponents…

    2008 revised schedule

    September 6 Purdue

    September 13 Knute Rockne Cub Scout Troop 41

    September 20 Michiana School for the Blind

    September 27 Korean War Vets Memorial Foundation

    October 4 Regis Philbin’s Home for the Gifted and Talented

    October 11 South Bend VD Clinic

    October 18 Indiana Girl Scout Troop #69

    October 25 St. Joseph County Jail Inmates (Sorry, only season ticket holders allowed)

    November 1 Notre Dame Intramural Flag Football Squad #5

    November 8 St. Mary’s Knitting and Crochet Club

    November 15 Elkhart Men’s Athletic and Adventure Club

    November 22 Gospel Mission / Food Bank

    *Special Monday Night Exhibition Game*

    December 1 Delray Gay and Alternative Lifestyle Association

    NCAA Exemptions for 2008

    1 While playing the Michiana School for the Blind any electronic sound devices used to trick the opponents will be penalized 10 yards.

    2 While playing Indiana Girl Scout Troop #69 Players will be penalized 10 yards for looking up any skirt.

    3 While playing the St. Joseph County Jail Inmates any shanks, shives or other harmful implement discovered by the officials or guards will result in a 20 yard penalty and suspension from the game.

    4 The Fighting Irish will be allow 27 players on the football field at all times.

    5 The fighting Irish will be allowed to substitute any eligible member from the Notre Dame Marching or pep band throughout the course of the game.

    6 The Fighting Irish will be allowed additional time outs allowing the quarterback to completely understand what play is to be run. The opponents will be limited to the standard three time outs.

    7 An interpreter will be allowed to pass plays between the coach and the quarterback.

    8 The Fighting Irish will be granted a first down each time they advance the ball downfield.

    Rule that has not changed:

    A touchdown is still worth 6 points and for you Notre Dame fans that have never seen one this is when the ball is carried across the goal line.

    Changes and proposed changes:

    A name and mascot change was suggested and hotly debated only after much arguments was rejected. The proposal was rather than continue to be known as the Fighting Irish the mascot and the name would be changed to the Tampons the reason being because they are only good for one period and they do not have a second string.

    There will be a coaching change next year. Coach Charlie Weis is stepping down and will be replaced by Jenna Jameson. She will probably blow a few but she won’t choke on the big ones.

    Your Notre Dame Athletic Director

  33. I have to agree with bleednd82. Bob, I think there’s probable cheating going on at USC, but no different than at Miami in the 80’s. The only way to deal with it is to wait it out until somebody rats out the program or the coach moves on. That said, this is football for crying out loud, not the Sopranos. Folks like bleednd82 and myself ( 89 ), who went to ND know that there’s a lot more to the school than football and that while it makes the South Bend winters go more easily, sports is only part of what makes ND great. ND makes football great, football isn’t what makes ND great.

    Still love rooting for the Irish!

    Bob, chase an ambulance before you go after the space aliens you seem to be seeing. And please keep the lists more coherent and concise. Thanks.

  34. The USC mafia? Dude, Robert calm down man. I am a ND (05) alum. I assure you I am not in the USC mafia lol. My home town is South Bend. Still here. I went to Marian High School. I am only 25 and I assure you that I am not a fan or in the USC mafia lol. The USC mafia? What do you do all day with your time? Ohh wait come up with insane “conspiracy” theories about college football. Sounds like fun. You sound like a Nut Job that is need of some serious help. Not two weeks ago were you on this site saying “goodbye” because you were upset with the analysis of the game that was given by the author of the site. Seriously, you have problems, serious problems, but you make me laugh. I honestly was laughing so hard at the “USC Mafia” comment that I phoned a few friends, told my Dad who also thought it was funny. Who comes up with junk like that? USC mafia…hahahahha Robert G.

  35. frank,

    1.getting back to more serious matters, how about charlie weis, corwin brown, and their staffs?

    2. having failed completely in their efforts to get weis or anyone on his staff fired, we have noticed certain people still calling for the firing of certain members of charlie’s staff.

    3. while we certainly know a great deal about inflicting economic violence in the civil courts, we are not qualified to make coaching decisions.

    4. however, we have learned a great deal about recruiting and are amazed at what charlie and corwin and their staffs have done on the recruiting trail for 2008, so far, with more commits still coming, and for future seasons, especially in the face of what looks like a disasterous 2007 season on paper and all of the vicious garbage and false information thrown at charlie and his staff and at every one of notre dame’s 2008 commits and their families.

    5. in fact, purely by coincidence, we happen to know a number of notre dame’s 2008 commits and their families and we have access to the garbage that arrives at their houses by mail and internet and at the offices of their high school coaches.

    6. recruits make commits and stick with them because of their relationships with the entire coaching staff.

    7. while it would be nice to add aaron taylor, tim brown, the rocket, and some other notre dame grads to the nd coaching staff if charlie and corwin decide to do so, there are simply going to be no firings of any current staff members since the recruits have all been promised stability in that area.

    8. based on current ncaa rules, no notre dame grad or any other person can be involved in recruiting or training unless they become members of the coaching staff.

    9. at has some great ideas at his legends of south bend website and we have every confidence that charlie and corwin and their staffs will make certain additions to the notre dame coaching staff.

    10. much to the dismay and frustration of notre dame enemies and certain doom and gloomers, while there may be additions to the coaching staff, there will be no firings or people leaving unless they choose to do so.

    keep up the great work,

    bob gilleran

  36. bleednd82,

    1. thanks for the suggestion.however, my friends and i already have very full lives and our project to rid college football and college sports of dishonesty and corruption is only one of our many current projects.

    2. while they do tend to hide things like this in books and on internet sites which people like you are afraid to visit, we strongly suggest that you take a look at unanimous decision of a 3 judge panel of prominent judges on the us court of appeals for the 9th circuit in united energy owners et al vs united states energy management et al, 837 F. 2d 356( CA 9,1988). if you read the decision, the next step is to check for decisions that have cited that decision as the leading case on how to plead a civil rico cause of action. the list is long and distinguished, including the us supreme court and courts all over the us. you will find my name on the case as the attorney who argued and won that case before the us court of appeals for the 9th circuit. i also wrote the briefs for the case, the decision in which stunned the entire legal community.

    3. then, you might have a chat with 2 ex ca superior court judges, george trammel and ronald kline who tried to screw with me and the other best plaintiffs’ attorneys in california with a corrupt ca state bar assn. they thought they were untouchable, until the feds showed up and arrested them. they both ended up pleading guilty to federal felonies in the us district court in los angeles. we made certain to be there to watch them led away to federal prisons in shackles crying.

    4. then, you might want to have a chat with fred fenster, a los angeles attorney who was and, still is, a professor of civil litigation at usc law school, of which fred is a graduate.

    5. the bank of beverly hills, a client of fred and his huge la law firm with all of those powerful connections, ripped of a friend of mine. fred was such a hotshot that he did not offer even one dollar to setlle the case before trial. well, we went through a 2 week jury trial, with fred getting every thursday off because of his teaching obligations at usc law school. the jury vote was 11-1 against fred and the bank of beverly hills, with the one vote coming from from a usc grad who had lied on his jury questionnaire. since you only need the votes of 9 jurors in civil cases in state courts, the one vote did nor help fred. sure, they tried every dirty trick in the book during the appeals process. however, we collected out large judgment in full. based partially on the evidence which came out at that trial, around 180 days after we had collected on our judgment, the ca superintendent of banks shut down the bank of beverly hills and it has never reopened.

    6. no, my friends and i do not have the time the be screenwriters or book writers. we are too busy out in the real world doing the things on which books and movies are based, with john grisham’s ” The Firm” being just one many of them, based on some of my real life adventures in the cayman islands, with the chicago mob being inserted to replace some other parties, who did take it in the ear in the civil courts. as is usually the case these days, they decided to settle that case long before any trial. in fact, we never even had to file a complaint in any court. we just showed them the evidence and they had their attorneys look up our track records.

    7. hiding behind one of those phony internet ids, you sure do sound like one of the usc mafia. no doubt, your material will show up on one of the usc fan sites.

    8. so what. it will not help you or usc or whomever you are fronting for.

    have a nice day,

    bob gilleran

  37. I was surprised the refs didn’t review and call one of those last two drops by the Stanford receivers a catch: “After further review, the receiver had the ball in his hands long enough to call it possession. Touchdown Stanford!”

  38. Grimes was robbed. It was BS but its over with and nothing we can do now. We got the W still and thats all I can ask for. Im not going to be ranting and raving about someone’s job especially a SBT writer. Geez, BoB Gilleran needs to get a life.

  39. frank,

    1. on the bruton, zibby, walls, zibby td that recreated THE PLAY in the stanford cal game 25 years ago, without any assistance from the stanford band, in addition to their being no basis whatsoever for the penalty being called based on the calls and non-calls by this ref crew during the entire game, the flag was not even thrown until after zibby had crossed the 40 yd line and the refs could see that an nd td was very likely.

    2. just getting everyone on the ref crew and tech review crew fired is simply not enough.

    3. every one of these jerks has to be terminated in the civil courts with extreme economic prejudice, unless, of course, any of them wants to produce testimony and evidence about who paid them off, even though we already have a pretty good idea about how the payoffs went down.

    remember, we only need one witness from the ref crew and one from the tech review crew. as soon as we have one of each, the doors are closed for the others.

    4. we know who they all really are. hiding is simply not an option.

    5. although there are many crooked refs and tech reviewers out there and plenty of film and other evidence, we have picked this nd/stanford game and these refs and tech reviewers to start with.

    6. after all, we even have assistance on this one from the espn announcers.

    payback will be very unpleasant for everyone involved in this pattern of civil racketeering activities,

    bob gilleran

  40. frank,

    1. at the sbt, matt carroll has elected to join jason kelly in the gang of 4 dishonest sportwriters who will be stripped of their material possessions and future careers in the civil courts during this offseason.

    2. bob wieneke of the sbt shows some signs of a turnaround while eric hansen of the sbt and msnbc( irish insider) seems to have disappeared.

    3. we do not have to change the gang of 4 number since john walters of nbc sports has provided enough evidence to demonstrate that young john was just a victim of stewart mandel and the other media con artists.

    4. at the corporate level, the sbt must finally have made some inquiries and found out that we really are in the process of purchasing the sbt and the local tv station whether the corporate owners like that or not.

    5. adopting a tactic of trying to fight off a hostile takeover which never does work, which we call the ostrich on the railroad tracks defense, they have blocked my personal access( but left the access denied response in printable form) to their comment sectionat the end of each story while allowing their nd and weis bashing friends to fill up their comment section with negativity.

    6. the sbt think tank has also forgotten that i am just the pointman for many real loyal notre dame fans and others have gotten through with scathing comments on matt carroll’s latest atrocity.

    7. well, that defense will get the current sbt owners a much lower purchase price, if the sbt owners do not end up giving us the sbt for free in order to avoid the attorneys’ fees and other costs of litigation. after all,unlike them, we can litigate for free.

    8.our invitation to the auction of the sbt assets on march 17, 2008 is still open to ever loyal notre dame fan.

    9. for those who cannot make the auction in person, we will also accept bids online from qualifying bidders and we will be auctioning off many of the assets for free.

    10. while we will be replacing all of the sbt equipment and assets with the latest in high tech equipment, that does not mean that some of the assets and equipment are not worth something to some people.

    11. in addition, we will be providing, at no extra cost, genuine certificates of exorcism from one or more of the priests at notre dame, so that any buyers or acquirers by auction or gift of any of the old sbt assets or equipment will not be stuck with any of that huge buildup of extremely negative karma.

    12. while none of us looks foward to seasons like 2007. such seasons are a great way to separate the real loyal notre dame fans from the traitors. this 2007 season and every single member of notre dame 2007 never throw in the towel team will always have a very special place in our hearts.

    13. by the way, there is nothing wrong with the ethics of the stanford athletic department or with the stanford alums. the same cannot be said of coach harbaugh, who did no refuse to speak with any of the media after the nd/stanford game for no reason.

    14. harbaugh was correct about pete carroll not being back at usc next season. if he had made the same comment about his future with the stanford football program next season, he would also have been correct and it has nothing to do with the 3-8 record. it has to do with very serious breaches of stanford’s moral and ethical code of conduct, which is not unlike notre dame’s

    keep up the great work,

    bob gilleran

  41. David Grimes absolutely earned and deserves credit for the catch. I have no idea what the replay officials saw that could justify a reversal. My wife had to peel me off the ceiling after they made the announcement! This one needs to be reviewed by the PAC-10 officiating committee.

  42. frank,

    1. excellent film and commentary analysis of the robbery of david grimes of that td catch by yet another dishonest pac 10 tech review crew.

    2. the dishonesty of that call is even more apparent when you break down the nd and stanford game films, to which the pac 10 tech review crew did not have access during the game.

    3. there are people affilated with 2 schools in the pac 10 who muck with the refs and tech review crews-usc and oregon( aka nike u).

    4. there are also the sports bookies and their preferred customers who have no trouble beating the best offers from the boosters of any particular school.

    5. the systemic problems with the ref systems in college football are so bad that the only solution is to shove the solution down the throats of the conferences, the schools that have been mucking with the refs, and the ncaa with economic violence in the courts well before the 2008 season begins.

    6. we have the evidence. we own shares in every company which puts up the billions every year for these sporting events. we have refined our playbook of deadly techniques for the infliction of economic violence in the civil courts, using the civil rico statute, to a point where we simply cannot be defeated.

    7.now that notre dame’s 2007 football season is over, since we have no further interest in college football this season, we will bring down the economic violence on the deserving parties and force the adoption of the only acceptable ref and tech review system- an improvement on the nfl real time review of every single play system in which every ref and tech reviewer is hired, trained, supervised, and disciplined by an honest ncaa with the public having full access to the full backgrounds, financial statements, and complaint history of every single ref and tech reviewer.

    8. you can attribute stanford’s victory over usc this season the sports books and their best customers who could not pass up the best money line bet in the history of college football and usc loss to oregon at oregon to the resources of the nike u boosters.

    9. these events caused don pete to write some scathing letters to the pac 10 about the refs. it was, at this point, that don pete and the usc boosters found out that the pac 10 official in charge of ref quality had been replaced by one of the refs responsible for oregon’s theft of a win from oklahoma.

    10. however, don pete and the usc boosters were able to get the pac 10 refs back in line for the arizona state game. of the many dishonest calls in that game, the highlight was robbing arizona state of a td after booty threw and incomplete pass behing the line of scrimmage and an arizona state player picked up the live ball and ran it in for a td, only to have the refs cancel out the td by ruling the play an incomplete foward pass.

    11. david grimes knows that he made THE CATCH.

    12. however, just imagine how david and every member of any athletic team must feel every week when they know that, no matter how well they practice and play, they have to overcome, not only the other team, but dishonest refs and tech review crews.

    13.well, before the technology became avialable and before dishonsest in sports became a hot item in fedworld, it was possible for these types of dishonesty to occur and to hide from the public.

    14. that is no longer the case.

    15. while we have no intent to let this issue be resolved by endless discussions and committee meetings, it is astonishing how much help and suport we have received from honest college coaches all over the us.

    16. tens years ago, buckeye bobby knight, when he was sitting on the knight commission with father ted hesburgh and others, produced a scathing report of dishonest officiating in college basketball and football suggesting that the conferences be put out of the ref business.

    17. recently, when that 1st of many nba refs pled guilty to federal felonies, bobby knight went into his files and pulled out the same report and send it to the same official at the ncaa who supposedly oversees ref quality control. although the corrupt ncaa official had no kind words for bobby knight. he did announce that he was retiring immediately.

    18. if anyone wants to find out what some very prominent and honest college football coaches think about this issue, try coach stoops of oklahoma, coach leach of texas tech, coach k of louisville, coach paterno of penn state, and coach tressell of the buckeyes after the bowl season is over for them.

    19. as for us, we are simply not waiting around any more. bobby knight was missing only the technology to gather the hard evidence and to implement the new ref system, along with the tools of economic violence to shove the new system down the throats of minority of the dishonest people who are profitting from the current dishonest system.

    20. we have all of the tools that bobby knight was missing and we are not about to allow any more fine student athetes at any school to be robbed by dishonest refs and tech review crews.

    21. as for the ill gotten funds and material possessions which the dishonest elements in college football and college sports have raked in over the years. we will strip them of those assets in the civil courts, no matter how well they think they have hidden them.

    22. we do not put statements like this on the internet to try to scare anyone, but to give those on the fringes of these racketeerring scams the opportunity to become witnesses instead of targets.

    23. after all, the civil rico statute and the knowledge and experience in how to use that weapon does really give us the powers and the responsibilties to be private attorney generals, although the consequences of out voilence in the courts are only civil, not criminal.

    go irish and every school which plays college sports with honesty and integrity,

    bob gilleran

  43. That catch was a thing of beauty. It was even better in slow-motion replay. The Pac10 replay officials are really developing a “reputation”

  44. That last picture makes me wonder if the nose of the ball hit the ground. It’s hard to believe it didn’t. Is there room for the rest of the football AND his hand to fit in there between the turf? Still, while that photo makes me wonder, the replays we saw — which are the ones that were reviewed — actually confirmed the catch. And even here, the photo does nothing more than make me wonder if it was a catch. It’s not the sort of conclusive or irrefutable evidence needed to turn over a play on the field.

    Fire the guy in the replay booth.

  45. Grimes has taken a lot of crap for his drops the previous weeks so it was really nice seeing him haul this in and would have done wonders for his confidence had the rpelay booth both not decided to make a judgement call instead of making a call based on what the footage actually showed.

    If Bradford for Stanford whose made some big plays were the receiver in the play he would have gotten the call. Hell, if it were Samardzija last year he probably would have gotten the call too.

    It’s just a damn shame to take such a highlight reel catch away from a kid who could definitely use the shot of confidence after the way his season ended.

  46. I couldn’t believe it when they overturned the call. How bad can you get?

    I didn’t think it was a catch at first. After watching the replays I was sure it was a good catch. I think the replay official must have been a Stanford or USC grad!!!

  47. A few bad calls, both ways in that game. That was definitely a catch.

    Other bad calls both ways: the helmet to helmet stuff. Both defenses were guilty of it. If you watched the USC / ASU game you saw a lot of that by the USC defenders on ASU’s QB. I guess if Pete Carroll says it’s OK, then the PAC-10 goes by what Dom Pete says.

    I also notice a lot of no calls on holds and block in the back infractions. Seems like they could call that many times and therefore it gives the refs total discretion.

    I believe it, but I’d like to have seen the actual personnal foul during the crazy run back at the end of the first half. Too bad, because that was a really smart play.

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