Brady Quinn makes NFL debut

Brady Quinn entered to a standing ovation from the home crowd and made his debut for the Cleveland Browns Sunday, playing one series while Derek Anderson was sidelined with a hand injury. Quinn played for only one series, the Browns final possession of the first half. He was 3-8, for 45 yards.

Quinn’s first pass was tipped at the line and fell short of his intended receiver. His second pass was also short, but could have been caught if the running back was able to make a good play. Quinn then completed his next three passes for 15, 12 and 18 – all for first downs. With first and goal from the 49ers six yard line, Quinn passed three times. His first was thrown away to the right corner after good coverage negated a fade route. He threw a strike to Braylon Edwards in the back of the end zone. The pass went through Edwards hands as the combination of excellent coverage with a possible drop negated Quinn’s first opportunity at a touchdown. On third and goal, Quinn found Kellen Winslow Jr. wide open in the short center of the end zone, but his pass bounced off Winslow’s chest as Brady’s final chance at his first career touchdown pass, instead lead to a field goal by Phil Dawson.

In a postgame interview that can be viewed on the Browns multimedia site, Quinn was asked if he was disappointed only being in for one series. Quinn again showed the maturity of a team player that has been raved about by Cleveland teammates and columnists alike.

I’ve said this all year long. Every quarterback wants to be in there as much as possible until the end of a game. Of course going in there for one series was a little bit of a tease, but it was great just to get in there and have the experience. It keeps you hungry.

The Browns defeated the 49ers 20-7 to finish a 10-6 season. They missed the playoffs when the Titans beat the Colts late Sunday.

After the game, CBS cameras caught a midfield embrace between former Irish players Quinn (Browns QB), Arnaz Battle (49ers WR) and Bryant Young (49ers DT). Young had played the final game of his 14-year career.

Here’s the video of Quinn’s drive.


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  1. Quinn will be the starter in Cleveland next year and will have a big year. Cleveland needs to fix its defense, but their OL was much better this year and if Jamal Lewis has another season like this year in 2008, Browns will make the playoffs behind #10.

  2. frank,

    1. if anyone wants to look at the college football section of the, you will find the usual suspects gloating over omar’s decommitment from nd and pushing usc for the ap national championship.

    2. omar is a fine, honorable young man who was simply victimized with false negative information about notre dame by urban meyer, greg mattison, and pete carroll, and a few other nd bashers at the and at a few other dishonest media outlets.

    3. naturally, all of the nd coach, player, and recruit bashing in the old sbt and at certain so called nd fan sites did not help.

    4. so, on our list of priorities for 2008, the crooked refs and the old sbt and the old come 1st and then some payback, not including bleednd82, who seems to have seen the apology is neceasary.

    5. in the meantime, the recruiting wars continue and, hopefully, notre dame’s other 2008 commits and charlie and corwin and their staffs will be able to bring omar back, along with a number of other key commits.

    6. notre dame’s 2008 commits do keep in close contact. most of them are at the army high school all american bowl.

    7. however, there are 2 others, in addition to omar, at the espn under armour bowl, who can speak with omar and point out exactly how he has been victimized by some very sleazy and dishonest con artists.

    8. there is no question that notre dame is omar’s best choice for football and for life, unless there is some family problem which requires him to stay close to home.

    9. until we got involved in our clean the crooks out of college football and college sports, we had no idea how vicious the recruiting wars were.

    10. this year, we even got to see that viciousness and dishonesty through the eyes and ears of some notre dame 2008 commits and their families and high school coaching staffs and, as we speak, those 2008 nd commits and those who are interested for 2009 continue to get hit with the same false information from the same sources .

    11. charlie and corwin and their staffs and the university of notre dame cannot make the crooks pay in the civil courts and fix the ref and other systems.

    12. however, we can, are, and will continue to fight and win those wars in the civil courts for the benefits of notre dame and for all of the schools that play sports with honesty and integrity and for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

    13. we have a real advantage. we do not represent notre dame. as shareholders in the companies which put up the billions every year for college football and college sports, we can accomplish those goals just by representing ourselves as shareholders.

    14. in the case of the old sbt, we will just purchase it and fix it. in the case of disney, of which the is a subsidiary, we will just go after the crooks within espn, as disney shareholers, including maisel, feldman and schlabach, among others.

    15. they and the other crooks at other media outlets made a deadly error. they did not get permission from the board of directors of disney and the other corporate boards to use disney funds to turn the into their own personal usc recruiting sites and bashing nd and other schools which compete with usc honestly in the recruiting wars.

    16. for engaging in those patterns of civil racketeerring activities, they will each pay dearly in the civil courts.

    again, our sincere thanks for keeping things positive and for the eloquence and inspirations,

    bob gilleran

    ps frank, the 1st article we ever saw from you was entitled ” the, good, the bad,and the espn”, which you wrote and posted before the 2005 nd/pitt game.

    we were as enraged with the espn as you were. however, after throwing a few tvs at walls, we decided to gather evidence and the bring down the crooks behind that nd bashing garbage in the civil courts, using the expertise and experience we had accummulated over decades in wars in the civil courts against crooked banks, big corporations, certain state bar associations,and prosecutors and judges.

    to this day, every one of us has posted all over the place copies of your immortal story and of the many others that have followed.

  3. Urban’s credibility is slowly going down hill. People continue to talk about this guy as a “used car salesmen”. I think he is just a man who knows what to say when it matters. If that means lying then he gets the job done. I think this mentality will catch up with him eventually. I think Hunter is making a HUGE mistake.

  4. frank,

    1. a quick check of the old sbt and various so called notre dame fan sites reveals that the attacks on omar’s character and integrity are still going on now, thereby greatly reducing the chances that omar will reconsider.

    2. we have the highest respect for omar’s character and integrity and we really hope and pray that he does reconsider and come to notre dame.

    3. in the meantime, charlie and corwin and their staffs have lined up replacements in a manner consistent with their you are looking, we are looking policy announced last year.

    4. omar’s situation did not have to come to this point and would not have, but for the negative personal attacks on hunter in the old sbt and at certain so called notre dame fan sites.

    5. our sources are certain notre dame 2008 commits whom we happen to know.

    6. in the meantime, the dishonest attacks on nd to dislodge the 2008 notre dame commits go on from urban meyer and greg mattison at florida, pete carroll at usc, and certsin other coaching staffs who, unlike charlie and corwin and their staffs, use negative recruiting against nd and outright lies and fraud.

    7. we sincerely hope that the next person who starts and keeps alive an nd decommit rumour, along with the personal character and integrity attacks, thinks very carefully before playing right into the hands of the urban meyers, greg mattisons, and pete carrolls of this world.

    again, we thank you for keeping things positive and for your eloquence and inspirations,

    bob gilleran

  5. frank,

    1. well, armed with all of that negative information from the old sbt, including the personal attacks on omar hunter’s character and integrity, and from some so called notre dame fan sites, urban meyer and greg mattison, both formerly assistants at notre dame, and not very good ones, finally did get omar hunter to decommit from notre dame and we have a very good idea what materials they used to do so, in addition to their usual bash nd routines.

    2. put in the place of omar and his family and his high school coaches, we would also be very angry with certain writers at the old sbt and would have serious questions about going off to play for a notre dame team with press and fans, such as those who questioned omar’s character and integrity.

    3. we know that charlie and corwin and their staffs had nothing to do with omar’s decommit, but certain writers at the old sbt and certain so called notre dame fans at notre dame websites certainly did.

    4.on behalf of all real loyal notre dame fans, we apologize to omar and his family and his high school coaches for that atrocious conduct of a very small number of people posinmg as notre dame fans.

    5. we hope that omar reconsiders and does come to notre dame. if not, we wish you the best of luck in your athletic and personal life.

    6. omar is not the 1st notre dame recruit to be driven away from notre dame by these same elements posing to be notre dame fans or to speak for notre dame fans.

    7. when the old sbt is gone, we certainly hope that omar will be the last fine student athlete to be driven away from notre dame by these vicious negative elements, posing to be part of the notre dame community.

    frank, we thank you and your associates for keeping things positive this season and in the future,

    bob gilleran

  6. BQ seemed poised as soon as he came in. BQ’s passes had a lot of velocity and had more zip from his historic days at ND. BQ should have had a TD pass to Winslow JR. He threw it not as hard as he did to Edwards on the previous play. Winslow JR just wasnt ready for it and let it hit him in #’s. Brady hang in there you’ll get it. Brady will be battling Anderson for the starting spot next season. Heres to next season for both Quinn and the Irish.

  7. jeff,

    1. many thanks. the youtube video makes your article even better and makes brady’s 1st appearance look as excellent as it really was, as opposed to the coverage in the regular media. there were 3 passes that the receivers easily should have caught, especially that last td pass.

    2. those things are all a matter of real game chemistry with the receivers.

    3. brady will be right in the hunt to start next season, as he should and he will have a great career in the nfl and a fine life during and after the nfl, with his fine notre dame education.

    4. more of this type of coverage of nd players in the nfl by your website would be really great for the notre dame players in the nfl, for the current notre dame players, and for notre dame recruits.

    5. no one else is providing such coverage right now and there certainly is a big market for it.

    6. this week alone, there were outstanding performances by safety chinedum ndukwe, now of cincinnati, with great d and a td on a fumble recovery, rb ryan grant, now of green bay, who ran for a td before green bay pulled him to avoid any serious injuries before the playoffs,rb darius walker, now of houston, with a td, arnaz battle and bryant young, now of the 49rs, in the game against cleveland,among many other fine performances in the nfl by former notre dame players, each of whom, including brady quinn, got bashed dishonestly by certain nd haters in the media, including ivan maisel of the espn and some of his associates who will not be there much longer.

    7. this is the type of coverage that will be available in the new sbt and we sure hope that you and frank and your associates become part of the new sbt.

    8. with modern tech, you do not even have to move to south bend to be part of the new sbt, unless you want to have places there.

    again, we thank you and your associates for the fine coverage, for the eloquence, and for the inspirations,

    bob gilleran

  8. jeff,

    1. we thank your for your excellent article on brady quinn’s debut in the nfl( his receivers did fail to catch 2 perfectly thrown td passes after he came off the bench and led the offense down to the 6 yard line), with the link, and the poetic and accurate description of the meeting of quinn of cleveland, arnaz battle of the 49ers, and bryant young of the 49ers.

    2. even though they are playing for different nfl teams now, those notre dame ties remain as strong as ever.

    3. for anyone wanting a preview of the future of notre dame football, there is a great video interview of 2008 nd commit qb dayne crist and rb scott in the college football recruiting section of cstv, as part of the before the game activitiesat this annual high school all star game, to be televised on nbc on 1/5/2008 at 1pm est

    4.scott does not have notre dame on his current short list, but may just take a visit to notre dame now.

    5. although charlie and corwin and their staffs are not permitted by ncaa rules to make public comments about recruiting until loi day in february, we can all get a peek at what an outstanding job they have done in the recruiting wars by watching and listening to the video and written comments of qb dayne crist, rb jonas gray, and the other fine notre dame 2008 commits.

    6. after the last day decommits of 2007, charlie and corwin, and their staffs decided to recreate the notre dame recruiting network and to reinvent college football recruiting for the 21st century in order to minimize the chances of those late deommits before loi day.

    7. sure, we have an inside look at what they have done and how thay have done their recruiting miracle since notre dame high school in sherman oaks, previously usc territory only because no previous notre dame coaching staff had bothered to visit and establish relationships, and crespi carmelite in encino, also previously usc territory for the same reasons, are not far from our family’s los angeles residence.

    8. per ncaa rules, we cannot be involved in recruiting for notre dame, nor can anyone not on the notre dame coaching staff.

    9. however, nd’s current 2008 commits can be, and are,enthusiastically involved in recruiting for 2008 and 2009 at the army high school all american game and at other similar high school all star events all over the us.

    10. not only have charlie,and corwin and their staffs established and kept up those close personal relationships with every 2008 notre dame commit and with their families and high school coaching staffs, they have made certain that the commits stayed in contact with one another.

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    12. we are immensely proud of what charlie and corwin and their staffs and the members of notre dame’s 2008 recruiting class and every member of notre dame’s 2007 team have done, and are still doing, in the recruiting wars, much to the dismay and frustration of jerks like urban meyer and pete carroll, who previously considered themselves unbeatable poachers, each with his own nd bashing routine, full of lies and misrepresentations.

    we thank you for the eloquence and the inspirations and for understanding how crucial it is, in the recruiting wars, to keep things positive and to stay the course,

    bob gilleran

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